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Affiliate Engine is dedicated to providing readers with high-quality material that is rich in information. We cover every angle to present readers with the most beneficial and impactful articles on anything that will increase their inner level of knowledge and happiness. You may also look through our website’s articles to see what kind of content we are completely into. Come to write for us!

We have an enthusiastic and committed team that works tirelessly to research and create compelling material. Nonetheless, we are constantly open to fresh ideas and talents. Our team would be thrilled if you were to join Affiliate Engine. However, please read the following rules to ensure that you understand them.

Content Matters

The topic is important, and the material a contributor delivers should reflect Affiliate Engine’s fundamental perspective. The contributor can read the articles that have already been published to learn more about what we provide.

  • Length. The length of the material is quite essential. We only accept articles with a word count of 1000 or more.
  • Categories and tags. A featured contributor should select the appropriate categories and tags for the article.
  • Title. The title of the material or piece should pique the reader’s interest and compel them to pay attention. The title should be between 30 and 60 characters long.
  • Images. The usage of pictures in any material is critical. You should choose an image that captures the essence of your text. It should be taken from a free website. Not every Google image will suffice. The copyright problem and the risk of picture usage should be taken seriously. The pictures should be no larger than 200 kb.
  • Fluency. There must be no errors in the content, and it must be written with fluency and accuracy. Make your content more visually appealing by using eye-catching headers and subheadings.

Publishing Process

As previously said, the publication process includes a few stages to follow and a few items to consider. When the editorial review board examines the piece of material to ensure that Affiliate Engine’s ethical standards have been followed, then it will be published.

Our featured authors must produce high-quality content. For SEO purposes, there should be at least one internal link. The use of external links is acceptable when they point to content that the reader finds useful. Direct advertising is forbidden and may only be done after paying a fee. The use of abusive or bad spam links is unethical, and we strongly ban it at Affiliate Engine.

Review Board

The content should be relevant and not send the reader to unethical websites. The material should not be biased in any way, nor should it advocate anything. Spam and offending articles are immediately rejected.

The article submitted by a contributor must pass a plagiarism test conducted by the review board. Affiliate Engine may reject your article if it is discovered to be duplicated or if it does not receive a copy score that qualifies for publication.

Affiliate Engine has exclusive rights to change standards and modify your material without notifying contributors beforehand.

SEO and Readability Score

For the article to be reviewed when you write for us, the SEO and Readability Score indications in the WordPress menu must be green.


  • Passive voice. No more than 10%.
  • Flesch reading ease. To increase readability, try to make your sentences shorter.
  • Subheading distribution. The content that follows a subheading should not be more than 250-350 words long.
  • Paragraph length. We recommend that you keep your paragraphs around 150 words in length to achieve optimum understanding when reading.
  • Consecutive sentences. The consecutive sentences check determines if your text contains three or more consecutive sentences that begin with the same word. This includes headers that begin with the same word as the phrase before or after it.
  • Sentence length. If more than 25% of your sentences are longer than 20 words, you might consider shortening some of them.
  • Transition words. Transition words should appear in at least 30% of your text’s sentences.


After you have checked your copy’s readability, it is time to look at its SEO-friendliness. Set a focus keyphrase and get started.

Optimize your snippet. Yoast SEO’s Google preview allows you to see how your page could appear in search results. Set a  meta description. By doing so, you may make your search result more appealing and get people to click on it.

Check out the SEO bullets in the analysis results. Similarly, green shows which elements of your SEO approach are working well, while orange and red indicate areas for improvement.

Your content should also mention the focus key several times. We urge you to use it at least in the main title, first paragraph, and last paragraph.

Other Tips

  • Summary/Excerpt. The summary provides the reader with further information about what to expect from the content. It should be brief. Aim to keep it under 280 characters, which is the maximum length for a Tweet.
  • Introduction. The opening establishes the tone and context for the rest of your piece. Explain the pain and what the reader will find in the article. It must be about 2 paragraphs long.
  • Conclusion. Summarize what you have said at the end of your post. Remind the reader why it is important and what it implies for the future. This is also your opportunity to issue a call to action!


Don’t simply pitch us an idea! Write it! While excellent ideas are important, great writing is much more so. We need to know right away that you can write well and that you aren’t merely an idea generator.

So, we invite you to write for us! Sign up and submit your article in draft. Don’t forget to press the submit/publish button when it is ready so that our team can move on to the review stage.