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Why Use Shared Proxies?

Are you seeking proxies to reach the most remote corners of the internet but are short on cash? If this is the case, shared proxies are the best alternative to explore. The best shared proxies provide all of the benefits of private proxies but at a lower cost. This concept yields a smaller allocation of bandwidth and slower speeds since users share an IP address. Private networks are not necessary for most internet operations, as shared proxies can handle most tasks.

Proxies are helpful for a variety of commercial and personal reasons. However, there are so many different kinds of them that it is easy to become confused. In this post, we will discuss shared proxies. Mainly, what they are, how to use them, and all of their benefits.

What Exactly Are Shared Proxies?

Shared proxies are, as the name implies, proxies that you share with other users. You connect to a proxy server or a device with other people, and as a result, you all have the same IP address. There is a limit to how many people can connect to the same proxy at once, determined by the number of customers and the size of your provider’s address pool

Typically, users utilize shared proxies to access websites anonymously, bypass web filters, or get access to specific web pages. For instance, if you want to seem like a user from the United Kingdom, you may utilize UK proxies.

Shared Proxies Benefits

Although the idea of sharing your proxy address with other users may appear perplexing, it is a frequently utilized method with several benefits. In comparison to dedicated private proxies, people often view shared proxies as less powerful. Despite this, they provide an array of functions and are ideal allies in situations of restricted content.

Very Affordable

The primary benefit of shared proxies is that they are typically less expensive than dedicated proxies. It is for this reason that many people opt to use a shared IP address. It is cheaper to operate shared proxy servers since proxy providers sell the same IPs to several consumers. Costs are shared, allowing them to provide a reduced price.

In certain situations, shared proxies might be a realistic solution for beginners to experiment with until they determine the specific demands for their project while keeping the initial expenditures low.

Highly Anonymous

It is difficult for someone to know your true identity when your IP address is shared with people all over the world. As a result, they are well-suited to data collection as well as most commercial and daily purposes

Despite the popular perception that shared proxies are less effective than private ones, they are just as powerful when used appropriately. Beware that we are talking about proxies from reputable providers and not free shared proxies.


Some argue that utilizing a shared IP address is just as efficient and effective as employing private proxies. It all depends on the demands of the user. Typically, if you purchase shared proxies from a reputable proxy provider, it is guaranteed that the provider will optimize the proxy usage for every client.

Below is a section with a list of our proxy provider suggestions. They investigate each customer to see how they intend to utilize the proxies. Thus, they ensure that none of their clients use proxies for nefarious purposes. It contributes to keeping IPs clean and consumers safe

Best Shared Proxies Providers


With Infatica, you can get residential IP addresses from virtually any nation you need to use as a proxy. It is like having a diplomatic passport that allows you to travel anywhere on the internet. All applications that support HTTP/HTTPS can use their proxies. You may not use this service for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.

The pricing starts from $360/month for 40 GB, or you can choose to pay as you go with $12/GB.

Bright Data

Bright Data offers both shared and private proxy. Additionally, a dedicated proxy solution for less money is available, which ensures you get exclusive access to target websites. You have complete control over the IP rotation or let Bright Data choose a different IP from a nation of your choice for each session.

Choose a pricing strategy that will result in the lowest possible cost and the best possible results. Pay-as-you-go at $0.5/GB, pay $0.5 per IP, or dedicated proxies with unlimited bandwidth are all options for you to consider.


Smartproxy offers access to over 40 million shared residential and data center proxies for a set monthly fee. Send an infinite number of concurrent connection requests to any website on the internet to gain rapid access to data.

Residential proxies plans start at $75/month with a 5 GB traffic limit. Datacenter proxies plans start at $50/month with a 100 GB traffic limit.

Datacenter Vs Residential Shared Proxies

With shared proxies, you can carry out almost any task. Because both datacenter and residential proxies may be shared, you simply need to select the kind that best meets your requirements. For example, datacenter proxies are suitable if you only want to alter your IP address to access a geo-restricted site or see the content as if you were a user from a specific country.

If you need to collect data from the internet, test the functionality or interface of your business, or do research that requires you to Google things, residential proxies are the best choice. They will let you look like a resident of a specific country, making it hard for a destination server to discover that you are utilizing proxies.


Shared proxies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, before you consider acquiring anonymity for your web activity, you should consider a few factors and choose a reputable proxy provider.

It is entirely dependent on your requirements whether you use a shared proxy or a dedicated proxy. Dedicated proxies are faster and offer better performance. Shared proxies are less expensive. Give them a try and browse the offers from the providers on our list above.