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Why Do Social Media Managers Need Residential Proxies?

There are many reasons why social media managers need residential proxies. Firstly, it adds a security layer between your online activity and third parties. This is done by rerouting your traffic through the proxy server, which assigns it a genuine residential IP from an ISP. Thus, you can browse anonymously without any risk of de-anonymization.

You probably don’t think you have many reasons to use a residential proxy. But, after reading the following list, you may change your mind and want to sail from now on under the shelter of an invisible shield. Why use a residential proxy?

Residential Proxies for Social Media Management

Social media managers generate a lot of accounts to develop a brand. However, social media platforms are not affectionate with those users who have multiple accounts. The system identifies that there is only one person on all those profiles by IP address.  

Attempting to generate different accounts from a single IP address, will be busted almost instantly, and they will ban all the accounts. Nonetheless, if you work with proxies rotating from one server to another when logging into multiple profiles, the system will assume that those really are separate people entering their social media accounts from distinct locations.

Residential proxies are pricier, but they can give more authenticity. Such a proxy is an actual device with a genuine IP address originating from a real ISP. Since the IP is residential, the social media platform has no possibility to see that the user is using a proxy.

The Benefits of Residential Proxies for Social Media Managers

Going around social media’s IP limitations is only one of the various advantages that proxy services can offer. Social media platforms actively strive to discourage their users from utilizing proxies to enter the platform, even when there are valid reasons. They will block IP addresses that are recognized or assumed to be part of a proxy network. To go around this, users can switch to residential proxies.

Residential proxies route your traffic through a normal person’s IP address. This will make you look like a regular, organic user. Some providers can additionally grant you fresh IP addresses that no one else has managed before. Thus, the social media platform wouldn’t have had the possibility to ban it before.

Furthermore, you can work with residential proxies to allow various individuals to maintain the same profile using the same IP address. In doing so, you will circumvent many of the normal problems generated by attempting to have a single account operated from various distinctive locations.

Social Media Marketing Tools

The existence of many platforms and social networks is a great joy when we have several ways to promote our business. The hardship comes only when you have to manage social media content and communicate with the community. To streamline this process and to make the work of marketing managers easier, social media marketing tools are constantly being developed to increase your productivity.

Each platform comes with its own features and specifics, so each tool is specially created to meet all the requirements you may have. Most of the time, you will find tools that will help you with a single activity, like programming, content creation, community management, or even automation or analysis of results.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools like Sprout Social, Buffer, or Hootsuite are those applications that make our lives easier, especially when we deal with many accounts and we must be present on various channels, from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn. These applications allow us to schedule posts in advance, organizing ourselves with the help of specially created calendars.

Facebook comes with Creator Studio, an integrated post-scheduling tool that works smoothly, for Instagram as well. However, platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have not developed such a feature. Therefore, the scheduling tools are many and different, each with its specifics and its extra-options.

Content Creation Tools

Content creation tools like Canva, Unfold or BEE help you edit visual content. This you will use for a post, marketing campaign, or anything else, both in video and photo format. In the world we live in, visual content is consumed with great speed.

Therefore, to always stay in people’s minds, it is important to be up to date with the latest applications, and the latest content trends and keep up with the competition. Even if you don’t have advanced design skills, it must not scare you. All these tools are intuitive and easy to use, and the result will always be outstanding.

Community Management Tools

If you want your business to stand out, the first step is to know your product very well. And then get to know your audience to decide the right communication method. After you have set certain objectives and you have chosen the communication channels, you must organize your tasks for the best results.

Community management applications like Audiense or SocialBee help you get to know your audience better and be able to interact with it effectively. Whether you need to target a certain category or you want to increase your community, these applications are specially created to help you find the right people at the right time and think of the right campaigns for these audiences.

Analytics Tools

It is very important that when we start a campaign or make certain posts, to follow the results, in order to make the best decisions. Social media analytics applications will help you better measure your results and efforts. Therefore, you can easily notice which posts work best, so you can draw conclusions.

Besides Google Analytics, many other tools like Fanpage Karma, Ubermetrics, or Iconosquare have emerged from the need to have the most conclusive results specialized for each platform. For example, with the development of the Instagram Stories function, there was a need to follow the results from this environment. So the developers did not sit idly by and competed in comprehensive and efficient tools.

Automation Tools

You have probably heard of social media automation quite often. But what does it mean? In short, it refers to the automation of day-to-day tasks to streamline the process. Therefore, you will have more time for more important tasks, such as strategy or developing interesting campaigns.

For example, automation tools like Meet Edgar or Agora pulse will make posts, distribute articles, and help you interact more easily with your fans. Meanwhile, you can search for new content, and analyze and report the results of posts for greater efficiency. However, don’t forget the need to interact with a person. Sometimes you will need to intervene and follow the activity of your page.


With so many choices, picking the best social media tool can be difficult. There is a lot of overlap in terms of features. Therefore, you must get the instruments that are most comfortable to work with.

If you have more than one profile, you definitely must work with an automation tool combined with proxies. The best social media marketing tools for you and your goals will depend completely upon your circumstances. Determine precisely what you want to use automation for before you choose what product to acquire. Then you can move on to buy proxies for social media.

With so many uses for residential proxies, the true question is: Why don’t people analyze proxy providers more thoroughly? Social media platforms can still ban your accounts if you pick a shady proxy provider. So be certain and take your time to consider all the factors.

As you can notice, there are many reasons why social media managers need residential proxies. That is why picking the right provider is an essential action that every company, marketer, or internet user should consider. Before settling on a proxy service, it’s best to check reviews from real verified buyers.