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Why Should You Buy a Residential IP?

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Ever wondered why residential proxies are considered the best type of proxy? Do you want to know why you should buy a residential IP for your project? If these are the questions on your mind, then you are in the right place. 

There are different types of proxies. However, they all allow users to route requests through a remote server. Therefore, all proxies are the same, right? The short answer is no. While all proxies do basically the same thing, some are best suited for some tasks compared to others. In this article, I will dive into residential proxies and why you should definitely buy one for your project.

What Is a Residential Proxy?

A residential IP is a real IP address allocated by an ISP to a homeowner. They are IP addresses that are tied to physical devices, such as a desktop, smartphone, or router. To generate residential IPs, providers lease IPs directly from ISPs or through P2P proxy programs. The real owner of the residential IP, the Internet Service Provider, registers the IP addresses in public databases. This lets websites determine a device’s ISP, network, and location and deem them trustworthy.

When you access the web via a residential proxy, your traffic is first sent to a residential proxy server. Once it reaches the server, a new IP address is assigned to the request, and then it is pushed to the intended server itself. This makes the request appear as if it originated from the residential IP rather than the actual user behind it. 

Why Should You Buy Residential Proxies?

So now you know what a residential proxy is, but the question is, why should you buy one? Residential proxies offer a plethora of benefits, which makes them an effective proxy solution.

  • Anonymity: If you are looking for anonymity while browsing the internet, then a residential proxy is your best bet. When used correctly, a residential proxy makes it nearly impossible for websites, advertisers, or malicious actors to know your true identity
  • Legitimacy: Residential IPs are from real internet devices and are registered to ISPs rather than datacenters. Due to this, website owners tend to trust requests coming from residential IP addresses as they appear as real users rather than bots. Hence, using a residential proxy enhances the authenticity of your traffic, as it appears as if it originates from real home users. 
  • Privacy and Security: Using residential proxies significantly enhances your privacy, security, and safety online. These proxies mask your real IP address, making it difficult for websites and potential threats to track your activities. This added layer of security minimizes the risk of encountering security measures or cyberattacks, providing a safer online experience.
  • Reduced Risk of Bans: When you utilize a residential proxy, the likelihood of getting banned or blocked by websites is significantly reduced. Unlike datacenter proxies, which are often flagged as suspicious due to their origin, residential proxies are seen as more trustworthy and less likely to trigger security measures. 
  • Geo-Targeting Ability: Residential proxies also come with the ability to target IPs in any region of the world. This allows you to access content from various geographic locations. This is particularly beneficial for marketing professionals, researchers, and businesses that need to view region-specific content or perform localized market analysis. 

When Should I Buy a Residential IP?

You know that you need to buy a residential IP but when? Residential proxies are arguably the best for every proxy use case. However, there are instances where they become more of a necessity than a choice. 

  • Your target is actively looking to block you: When facing active blocking attempts from websites or services, residential IPs are crucial to appear as legitimate users and bypass anti-bot measures.
  • You need broad location coverage: Residential proxies provide access to various geographic locations, making them essential for tasks requiring region-specific content or market research.
  • You are doing high-volume scraping: For large-scale web scraping and data collection, residential IPs offer the stability and authenticity needed to gather data without raising suspicion.
  • You want to browse anonymously: Residential IPs help protect your online anonymity, making them ideal for privacy-conscious individuals and those seeking to avoid online tracking or conduct sensitive research.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Free Residential Proxies?

At first glance, a free residential proxy might look like a bargain. But they are useless solely because they are too slow. Also, the owner still needs to make money. So, he will embed fake ads, log your internet usage, and infect your device with malware.

  • Slow Performance: If it sounds too good to be true, that is probably because it is. Free residential proxies are often oversubscribed and suffer from limited bandwidth and resources. Consequently, they tend to deliver sluggish and unreliable internet connections. This can severely impact your online activities, making tasks like web scraping, streaming, or online gaming frustrating and inefficient.
  • Privacy and Security Risks: Many providers of free residential proxies need to cover their operational costs and may resort to intrusive practices to generate revenue. This can include injecting fake ads into your browsing experience, logging your internet usage, or even infecting your device with malware. I would rather pay full price for proxies than pay the price of compromising my personal data.
  • Unreliable Availability: Free residential proxies often have unpredictable and inconsistent availability. They can be taken offline or discontinued without notice, leaving you without a reliable proxy solution for your tasks. This unreliability can be especially problematic for businesses or individuals relying on continuous and consistent proxy access for their operations.

How To Get a Residential IP?

You can buy residential IP addresses from any of the providers on our list. Also, here you can find real reviews from verified buyers. Many of the providers offer free trials or money-back guarantees. So, you can try it without any risk.

Can I Buy Static Residential IPs?

More and more proxy companies are now offering static residential proxies. Rather than being obtained from the end-user, these IP addresses are obtained directly from the ISP. We highly recommend Netnut.

Oxylabs is well-known for renting residential IP addresses straight from Internet service providers. This implies that, if desired, you can always use the same residential IP address.


Before buying a residential IP, you must consider your budget, the purpose and use, compatibility with automation tools, and the geolocation. Be sure to verify all of these before making a purchase, according to your needs. For example, if you use automation tools, the first thing to check is their compatibility. Also, some providers may have restrictions, so check and verify the package before payment.
In conclusion, you can get a free residential IP or buy a residential IP. The cost difference pays for anonymity, stability, speed, viability, durability, and technical support availability. As for anonymity, we highly recommend advanced residential proxies.