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Why Join the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge will lead you through the process of starting your first funnel or modifying your current funnels to become more targeted.  However, you must keep in mind that it takes 30 days to finish and that the training is fairly intense. The challenges are the SEAL training programs of online marketing. 

If well-designed and structured, a sales funnel facilitates an automated process to pull traffic, nurture leads, and make sales. This allows you to divert your attention to other activities that help develop your business. In its simplest form, a sales funnel is the step-by-step process of guiding your leads, prospects, and customers toward your offer.

Why Should You Care About Sales Funnels? 

A sales funnel is a sequence of landing pages or website pages that are designed for one specific action at each step. The reason it is called a funnel is that people go from top to bottom through it. The more steps they go through, the fewer people there are, and the more value those customers bring.

As a savvy company owner, you should know tips on how to improve your funnels to get extra clicks, leads, and eventually, sales. Regrettably, sales funnels may be complicated, and if you have no idea what an appropriate funnel looks like, it might end up doing more damage than good. 

For digital advertising right now, gross sales funnels make the world go around. If your business is struggling with funnel building and changing prospects into loyal customers, then there could be an issue. In the case of an online business, the primary level of interaction is often your website or landing page. The one factor that often holds most individuals back from diving into funnel building is a false perception that they will get visitors.

Simply put, a sales funnel is the journey that guides your customer in the direction of your deal, whether or not that is an item, service, or affiliate sale. Finding website visitors is already hard, but changing traffic into gross sales is even tougher. Developing a sales funnel is important for any online business because funnels increase sales.

I could blab on and on about why your business needs a sales funnel, but I would be deviating from the main purpose of the article: providing an unbiased review of the One Funnel Away Challenge.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge? 

The Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge is a program originally created by Russell Brunson to teach individuals the means to create their very own profitable funnel design and to do it in 30 days. The OFA Challenge may be by far the most affordable and highest-value training program Russell Brunson has ever put together. Its sole purpose is to assist online businesses in driving rapid gross sales. 

Do you want to promote and sell your services or products using clickfunnels? Then one funnel away challenge resolves your greatest problem. But what if you have no services or merchandise to promote? You can use clickfunnels to promote affiliate services, so the one funnel away challenge still has a bearing. 

For one month, you are going to be receiving different goals from Russell that may streamline the funnel-constructing procedure. Julie Stoian, another seven-figure company owner, will show you the practical approach to what Russell teaches. Not only that, but your fear of not getting additional targeted traffic will disappear when Russell, Julie, and Stephen reveal the secrets and techniques for getting thousands of free visitors to your offer.

This course was created to assist both newbies and skilled online entrepreneurs in improving their sales funnels following this step-by-step guide and coaching. If you undertake the challenge, you will find yourself with a fully functioning business by the conclusion of the 30-day program. You will be all setup and able to earn a profit.

How Does The One Funnel Away Challenge Work? 

Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen, and Russell Brunson are the instructors of this comprehensive course. These are the 3 gurus that will supervise you during the whole 30 days of the one funnel away challenge. All three coaches are multi-millionaires in the advertising business and have a great status online. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to build your funnel from scratch. Russell starts off by explaining the core funnel strategy so that you understand how it all works. You will learn how to do your logo and eCovers to make your products look really professional. Also, you will get guidance on how to set up your greatest sales funnel and begin earning money out of it. You can turn to Julie for professional advice during your daily challenges.

The One Funnel Away Challenge calls for at least an hour a day for 30 days straight. You won’t be able to keep up if you don’t stay consistent. Are you willing to invest a small fee of $100 for one of the most value-packed funnel-building programs ever created? Or maybe you don’t have a product, but you want to start promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses 

It includes a checklist of tasks that you must complete daily and a space to brainstorm new ideas. This is quite handy, as it gives you the ability to re-visit what you have learned before. The MP3 player contains over 50 recordings and almost 48 hours of coaching to keep you motivated at all times. The best part is that you will be able to re-listen to them at your own leisure.

You will obtain a package with the challenge guide, the one funnel away workbook, and a preloaded funnel training MP3 player, among other different supplies.  With the complete package deal valued at $3126, the price is a supreme steal, and you are assured to get your money’s worth. Imagine yourself having the ability to find that important thing for your success for just $100! 

You can access all the materials in the online member’s area. Therefore, you have what to read until the OFA box gets shipped out to you.  But if you want the OFA Challenge Kit, you need to pay for shipping, which is $19 if you reside in the US or $29 otherwise.

OFA vs Other Courses

The one factor that often holds most people back from diving into funnel building is a false perception that they can’t get visitors. You can purchase an Udemy course or an e-book. Those can educate you on everything you need to know about sales online. But they are all lacking some particular tips that you can only get with OFA. 

Of course, you can say that Udemy courses or e-books are cheaper than the One Funnel Away Challenge, and you will be right. But going for cheap items doesn’t always mean that you will save money. To learn everything that you need to know, you will have to buy tons of courses and e-books, and for sure you will spend more than $100.

Conclusion: Is OFA Worth Trying? 

The One Funnel Away Challenge is unquestionably worth your time and money. If you need help making a worthwhile sales funnel, managing successful marketing campaigns, or scaling your small triumphs to develop a sustainable business, then this program is for you. Get the OFA challenge and it will be the most effective $100 you will ever spend.