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Why do we need a proxy server?

Proxy servers provide an easy method for masking Internet browsing and networking by assuming the role of an intermediary between your device and the website, files, or other data requested when you are connected to a network. In particular, it is advantageous to use a proxy server if you want to surf the Internet anonymously or if you want to pass over certain restrictions.

Proxy servers also in some cases enhance the performance of the network. Also, it provides web developers with a tool for testing the functionality of a website in a specific region.

What are the advantages of a proxy server?


The first proxy servers advantage that one thinks about is that it severely limits a server’s ability to precisely identify your activity because proxy servers are located between the device and the requested content. That is to say, if you access a website through a proxy, the website will record traffic as coming from the IP address of the proxy server, rather than the personal IP address. This anonymization prevents cookies from being tracked by changing your browsing experience on certain websites. Also, it defends your device from malware threats on the Internet.

Filtered content

The second advantage of a proxy server is that it helps you pass over content restrictions for a specific region. Chinese Internet users generally use proxy servers to access sites such as Facebook and Google Docs. These sites are blocked by their government. Usually, passing over content restrictions is harmless. If you find completely genuine content blocked by a corporate web filter, you can use proxies to work around this restriction. You may also have to use a proxy server to access protected files on a corporate network from a remote location.

Web development

Websites that focus on a specific region with features and language localization offer visitors many great improvements. But before implementing such a website, it is important to test that the features work. Another proxy’s advantage is that it can provide a way to view a website as if you were in a completely different country. This way you are sure that your site visitors will receive the site you intended. Here you can get more information about proxies for SEO.


Proxy servers offer yet another advantage: network performance enhancements by using file caches and compression tools. For proxies that cache content, this method only works if the proxy is local. Let’s say you install a proxy in a workplace setting and direct all computers through it. These users will be able to connect faster to any content that has already been requested by someone else in the office. As for proxies that compress content, they are especially useful for slow connections. In this scenario, the proxy adjusts the requested content to greatly reduce the size of the file. One such example of compression is the Opera Mini browser for mobile phones. This browser traces all connections through a proxy that discards unnecessary data from the file. Thus, it provides a way to serve them faster.