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When Do You Need Rotating Residential Proxies?

Proxy servers have become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to take full advantage of the web’s potential. While there are many kinds of proxies, we will focus on rotating residential proxies in this post. What exactly are they, are they worthwhile, and when do you need rotating residential proxies?

Rotating residential proxies are a type of residential proxy that allows you to anonymously access the web behind a pool of continuously changing IPs from a single port. Unlike static residential proxies, these proxies switch between IPs in the pool at regular intervals or after each session. This means that your internet identity continuously changes, giving you the chance to make as many requests as you need without getting flagged or blocked.

Why Do You Need Rotating Residential Proxies?

“Why do I need rotating residential proxies when I can just buy ordinary residential proxies?” you may have wondered. Backconnect proxies, on the other hand, are ideal for a variety of causes and circumstances. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of using backconnect proxies.

Avoid Blocking And Geo-Restrictions 

Proxy servers are primarily used to circumvent geo-restrictions and avoid being blocked/banned for sending too many requests. When your IP address sends too many requests in a short period of time, it is usually reported for suspicious behavior or banned.

Rotating proxies, however, change your IP address within a certain timeframe or after each session, making it difficult for websites to track your activities. Therefore, each batch of requests is seen as a request from a new device or user.

Higher Anonymity 

Proxies, in general, allow you to anonymously access the internet by masking your true IP address. Backconnect proxies, on the other hand, provide a higher degree of anonymity.

How? Since your IP is swapped after each session or after some time, it becomes nearly impossible for website owners to trace your identity or your online activity. 

When Do You Need Rotating Residential Proxies?

Rotating residential proxies are very powerful and can help you get around a lot of hindrances in the course of your work on the internet. However, they would be more appropriate for data extraction than many other proxy-related tasks.

This is because proxies that rotate the IP address every time may not be good for tasks that require users to have a longer session, like sneaker copping or social media automation. However, some providers allow you to decide when you want your proxies to rotate. Shifter, for instance, allows users to set their rotation time between 5 and 60 minutes

You can also buy backconnect proxies that rotate after every session. SmartProxy is a good example. In this case, they offer sticky IP sections that allow users to use the same IP for a session for up to 30 minutes.

Use Cases

Rotating or backconnect proxies are very useful in several ways. Backconnect proxies, like their non-rotating counterparts, can serve most proxy needs. Due to their rotating nature, they are recommended for tasks requiring users to make a bunch of requests within a short period, usually above the maximum allowed.

Most websites limit users’ requests to 600 per hour and require them to pass a CAPTCHA if they exceed the limit. Let’s take a look at some proxy use cases where you need backconnect proxies.

Web Scraping 

Rotating residential proxies are very useful and the right type of proxy to go for if you intend to scrape the internet for data. This allows you to continuously scrape data without getting flagged or banned for suspicious activity by anti-bot mechanisms placed by website owners.

However, it is advisable to assign each IP with a unique user agent. Read our detailed article on the best tips for web scraping with proxies.

Web Crawling

Most people associate crawling with scraping. However, it might interest you to know that web crawling is a different technology. Crawlers, sometimes called spiders, are bots that automatically visit websites on the internet to index them or collect information about them.

The problem is that they are vulnerable to anti-bot systems, just as scrapers. This is where rotating residential proxies come in. The continuous IP rotation feature of backconnect proxies makes it nearly impossible for these anti-bot systems to detect or spot any kind of suspicious activity from your crawler. 

Ad verification

The marketer needs to verify the quality and number of impressions per the ad settings when placing advertisements on the internet. Furthermore, most websites and ad companies serve advertising to users based on their location. As a result, your advertising may seem different when visited from a different region or nation. As a result, advertising must be verified.

Ad fraudsters usually oppose ad verification by constantly blocking their IP addresses. Luckily, you can anonymously check your ads just as real users will see them using rotating proxies and spot fraudulent links, copyright infringements, pricing policy violations, and more. 

Website performance testing

Websites show information, advertisements, and other pertinent data based on the viewer’s or user’s location. Analyzing and testing for quality, responsiveness, and scalability with a single IP address is thus a time-consuming process.

If your website or your client’s website requires optimal testing conditions, rotating proxies are an ideal solution. Test your website’s performance from various geo-locations using backconnect proxies and an automated tool. You can find more information about website performance testing by clicking here.

Best Rotating Residential Proxy Providers

While there are a ton of providers who offer backconnect proxies, not every one of them is worth your cash. It is an evitable fact that every provider on the market has a few cons.

However, some providers ensure that their users get the most out of their purchases. If you are looking for rotating residential proxies for your project, then I recommend you check our reviews on Oxylabs, Bright Data, RSocks, Shifter to help you choose the best one for your needs.


Rotating residential proxies are very useful and offer great performance, anonymity, security, and reliability. Since your IPs are constantly changing, it is nearly impossible for websites to track your activity and block your traffic. 

While many proxy services provide rotating residential proxies, you should always seek the finest. Money is scarce, and as a result, each dollar spent must provide at least an equal value. What are you waiting for now that I have addressed the question, “When do you require rotating residential proxies?” Purchase the finest rotating residential proxies right now!