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Web Scraping Project Ideas

Web scraping has many applications and may save a lot of time. It has aided in the start-up and operation of numerous industries. Do you want to use it to make extra cash or save money? Here are some actionable web scraping project ideas that you can try right away.

To improve your skills at online scraping, you might consider developing your own web scraper. Python libraries make it easy to get and process data. Requests and Beautiful Soup are lovely Python libraries for doing just that. Scrapy is another option, although it has a higher learning curve.

Price Monitoring

Price monitoring is a simple but effective approach for automating the process of comparing prices on multiple websites. Let’s say, for example, that you want to buy a PC, but you are waiting for the price to fall so that you can afford it. A clever script can notify you when the price drops so that you can buy it.

Amazon sellers frequently utilize price monitoring services to keep track of their competition. Companies that manufacture items use this approach to determine whether or not retailers are selling their products above the minimum advertised price. As a result, you can even monetize this pricing comparison data.

Email Mining

If you scrape email addresses from online directories, websites, or search engines, you can sell them. Email mining is quite widespread in the marketing industry, and people frequently purchase email lists.

Businesses must cultivate an email list for marketing objectives. Marketers may utilize the list to reach out to present and prospective consumers via email. They also do email intelligence and sentiment research to improve their sales email techniques.

Scraping Review Websites

At first glance, only purchasers may be interested in reviews, but this is not the case. This type of user-generated material has the potential to transform enterprises. Customer data is valuable for market research, marketing plans, competitive intelligence, and other purposes. Web scraping services can help entrepreneurs make informed, data-driven decisions that will help them expand their business and win client loyalty.

Reviews are essential for businesses to learn more about their customers. Using Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Trustpilot reviews, it is possible to create a review collection system. Companies will want easy access to reviews, so it makes sense to monetize review-gathering platforms. The platform could only show reviews and provide statistics, and you could offer it to businesses.

Job Search Portal

LinkedIn, for instance, provides an overabundance of job opportunities daily. But have you ever observed that all the platforms have different jobs? What if we scrape the data from these websites and use it to create a job search portal?

You need to scrape famous job portal websites for information such as the date of the job posting, salary data, job industry, business name, and so on. This information may then be saved and displayed on your website.

Lead Generation

Web scraping can help you create new leads in addition to keeping track of existing clients. You may crawl rival websites, social media, business directories, and so on. Thus, you discover people or businesses that meet your ideal lead personality and gather their contact information or any other data you require to target them more effectively with your ad campaign.

There are a whole lot of businesses that pay freelancers for this task. Lead generation is an invaluable tool for many industries and firms. Marketers use these lists of leads for many marketing strategies, from mailing to ad campaigns and targeted content.

Equity Research

Equity studies are the next topic on our list of data scraping project ideas. Putting a monetary figure on our worth is a frightening concept. While discussing shareholder values, however, you must be sure of their worth. A web scraping technology can remove any doubt about how much the proprietors of a firm are deserving.

Checking the internet to see how much ownership the rivals’ shares are worth might help maintain competitiveness. The stock market is a volatile beast. Constant research on stock values and prices can help stabilize an unstable financial institution. This type of research might also advise when purchasing and selling stocks would be profitable.

Financial Statistics

Many businesses would not operate without both investors and customers. Money is a volatile notion. Companies can lose money as quickly as they can make it. Scraping the web for data will help a company become more lucrative, sustainable, and financially responsible.

Financial data analysis will alert you to purchasing trends and what people are weary of seeing on shop shelves and online. It will also make it easier for you to find fresh possibilities to increase the profitability of your organization or commence a start-up.

What Do You Need?

With a residential proxy and a good web scraping tool, you have everything you need and are ready to go. These two are the things you need to start your web scraping project ideas and make or save money.

Scraping the web can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools, one of which is a proxy service. These providers can provide proxies of varying types and quality, as well as at varying costs. Examine our list of service providers to choose one that meets your requirements!

Also, don’t overlook APIs. A scraper API is a web service that enables automated data extraction from websites. We analyzed the Apify and Scraper API to help you get the best API for your needs.


I hope you found this collection of web scraping project ideas interesting and useful. If you have any comments or ideas about this article or topic, please let me know. To learn more, you may check out our blog, where you will find valuable, relevant content.

You can use these web scraping project ideas to start your own business. I attempted to make them actionable, and some of them have real cash potential. Did you find anything that you liked? Grab premium prebuilt web scraping tools and get started!