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Want To Be A Grinch Bot User?

Previously, I went over a surface-level introduction to shopping bots. Now ask yourself, do you want to be a grinch bot user? If you’re looking for sneaker copping bots specifically, feel free to check out The Best Bot for Sneakers and Sneaker Proxies for Copping

Yes, they are also known as e-commerce bots or grinch bot. Also, last time I referred to them as automated purchase bots. However, ‘tis the season, so let’s embrace that nickname for now. Besides, chances are high that part of the reason you’re here is due to you embracing the ol’ adage, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’. Or you’re here out of sheer curiosity, which is equally valid.


I won’t be covering cook group or virtual server recommendations in this article. For those unaware; a cook group is a botter community, often on Discord, that shares information with each other for a membership fee. They’ll provide pointers on what bots to use, how to set them up, information on upcoming hot product releases, and so on.

Similarly, virtual servers are cloud-based computing systems that will run your bot faster than any normal physical machine. They have no excess processes running to slow things down. Also, they have better latency due to their location, assuming you shopped accordingly. They work hand in hand with your proxies to ensure your anonymity while operating at lightning-fast speeds.

In regards to proxies, the overlap regarding optimal proxies with this article makes repetition unnecessary. While cook groups and virtual servers are optional, but highly recommended, a proxy is mandatory. 

Like, you need a parachute so you can jump out of an airplane at a high altitude more than once is kind of mandatory. You can also benefit from having multiple proxies, much like having a reserve parachute. You should typically have one proxy per task for optimal results. Unless you want to crash, I mean get banned.

Grinch bots are technically legal. However, they are often against the ToS of many retailers. If they discover/suspect bot usage, they have the right to cancel and block your order. The US Congress made two attempts in the past to make grinch bots illegal, which didn’t pass. A third bill was submitted on cyber Monday 2021. This is only one of the many reasons why proxies are essential to botting.

Getting Started

The basics are the same regardless of your goal. You might just be looking to buy a few things for yourself and/or those close to you. You might be trying to make some money. You could have already been doing small-scale flipping, and wish to expand. Regardless of what your case is, there are a few things to consider before you start shopping for a grinch bot.

Knowledge Is Power 

If you were hoping to make bulk purchases to flip for sick profits, you have to know the market. Otherwise, you’ll buy enough bricks to build a house, and all you’ll flip is your credit score. 

Oh, right, ‘brick’ is the common slang for an item that isn’t profitable. A regular brick would probably be more useful. If you aren’t part of a market’s culture, a cook group can help, but only so much.

Figure Out Your Budget

The bot will buy what you tell it to. It doesn’t have a gut feeling of when to stop. Nor does it stop to double-check your bank account before continuing. Also, the bot itself costs money, the proxies cost money, and you need to actually afford the things you’re buying.

On top of those obvious costs, there’s still extra overhead on top of it. The cook groups and virtual servers I briefly mentioned have their own costs. One-click Gmail accounts, raffle accounts, tools for circumventing captchas, and everything else for simulating multiple people simultaneously all add up. You’ll have a hard minimum of 100$ a month in overhead, but most likely multiple hundreds of dollars instead.


Bots aren’t solving those captchas anytime soon. That’s why they’re there, after all. So, you need captcha harvesters, which require lots of email accounts. Like an entire bot just dedicated to Gmail lots. Being set up for one-clicks will be the difference between successfully landing a transaction over someone else that didn’t. Every second that you can save counts.

You’ll need Virtual Credit Cards for all the bots to use. There are many great options out there, such as Capital One Eno, or Citibank

You’ll need to spend a great deal of time ‘j1gging’ your profile addresses and phone numbers correctly. You need to adjust them so that they pass validity checks, but seem unique enough that the vendor’s website doesn’t realize it’s the same source. This isn’t always necessary, it depends on the site you’re buying from.

J1gging, which is the term for slightly adjusting your info for botting purposes, has four main types. 

  • 4 letter jig. Adding 4 random letters in front of your address.
  • Numbers jig. Adding random numbers at the end of your address.
  • Apartment jig. Adding a random apartment number for line 2, but you can’t use this method if you live in an apartment.
  • On/At jig. Adding on/at between the street number and street name.

Bot Time!

Think back to your budget and your planned scale of operations. Accordingly, you should contemplate outright buying a grinch bot vs renting one. Though, even if you have the intent to buy eventually, you can rent one first to test it out. 

You should keep in mind, there are a bunch of bot types out there, such as AIO (All In One), raffle bots, bots for specific sites, and Shopify bots. Here are a few examples of high-performing bots with Shopify in mind: Cyber, Wrath, NSB, Balko, Kodai, and Sole AIO.

And now is where your real work begins. Haha, you thought it was a lot of effort getting to this point? 


It’s important to be familiar with how proxies protect you, and what sort of anti-bot measures are in place on the sites you plan on purchasing from. It’s also important to have a good understanding of the exact bot you plan on using. Depending on what you’re going to shop for, you’ll need to choose the right bot for their checkout processes. 

You need to understand the different modes of the bots you intend to use, and how each one works. Figure out the delays you’ll set up, as each major release of product operates differently, whether it’s Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, or others. If your finances allow it, diversify as much as you feasibly can. Having multiple bots each doing different tasks at varied speeds increases your chances of success.

Once you’ve decided what kind of bot you’re looking to rent/buy, it’s time to go to the market. A few notable sites are Botmart, Tidal, and When doing a transaction outside, use a middleman to make sure you don’t get scammed. Keep in mind, some bots aren’t authorized for resale. By saying you want to buy one of those is just advertising your cluelessness to scammers.


Being well researched and knowing what you’re getting into is a key aspect of success when botting. But, even if you’ve done everything perfectly, from planning to setting up and maximizing your diversity, luck is always a factor. It’s a competitive field. As the public’s awareness of grinch bots grows, so too does the number of people running their own bots.

So, ask yourself again. Do you want to be a grinch bot user? Now that you know what it all entails, whether you’re just looking to bag some sweet kicks or more, go get your proxies ready! That next limited release can be yours!