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Unlimited Residential Proxies

Are you using high amounts of bandwidth and discovering proxies that do not have cost-efficient bandwidth like Bright Data or Smartproxy? You then have to take a leap and proceed with unlimited residential proxies.

The proxy providers mentioned above offer unlimited connections! No provider offers unlimited connections with unlimited bandwidth. If a service promises limitless bandwidth, the connections, threads, or speed are restricted. Generally, services that offer unlimited connections or threads charge per bandwidth.

Unlimited Connection vs. Unlimited Bandwidth

With unlimited connection proxies, you will be able to connect to virtually every IP in a proxy network at the same time, allowing you to pay for the bandwidth you use. 

With unlimited bandwidth proxies, you don’t have to worry about exceeding the bandwidth cap. This makes them cheaper than their rivals’ metered proxies. To minimize misuse and maintain maximum performance, the number of concurrent connections is limited. Thus, if the provider gives you unlimited bandwidth, they will provide you with set ports for purchase.

What Are Unlimited Proxies?

To clarify what I mean by unlimited proxies, I must clearly state that they permit limitless use of bandwidth. Occasionally, there is a limit to how many threads can be generated. It is overkill if it adds cost to everything you are trying to accomplish.

Proxies with unlimited bandwidth can be beneficial if a large amount of bandwidth is expected to be consumed. If you are not using this type of proxy, you will pay for more bandwidth before your subscription expires.

For example, the simplest way to automate YouTube views is through unlimited proxies for SoundCloud playback. One thing about them that I find intriguing is that these proxies are rather inexpensive.

Use Cases

The majority of companies that offer residential proxies do so on bandwidth-based pricing. You can use this when you just need residential IP addresses for online shopping or if you want to run a simple web scraper. You will probably have to pay very high prices for many other activities, especially those done on a very large scale.

Many customers have large bandwidth needs, so paying per GB isn’t always an option when crawling gigabytes per month. Because the finest residential proxy services support both HTTP & SOCKS protocols, users may implement the proxy system in minutes into their program.


Video streaming platform content differs from one location to another. These streaming sites are mostly geo-restricted. This implies you can’t evaluate video streaming services on your chosen platform if you live in a geo-restricted zone.

For example, Netflix Australia and other Australian streaming services are the only options available if you reside in Australia. Therefore, you can’t access American video streaming services like the Netflix United States or other US streaming service providers. Therefore, you need proxies to bypass geo-restrictions on video streaming services.

Web Scraping

For the extraction of large sets of data, unlimited proxies are the way to go. Be aware that certain proxy services focus more on anonymous surfing than on the extraction of data.

Incorporating proxy services into APIs is another important element. Using an API can speed things up significantly, as well as be more cost-effective. If that appeals to you, I suggest taking a look at Scraper Api or Apify.

Traffic Bots

One of the most frequent reasons for using traffic bots is to boost a website’s position on search engines. Some website owners employ traffic bots to exaggerate the number of their visitors to sell the website or advertisements on their site. Some even use traffic bots to commit ad fraud. We do not in any way endorse that.

A legit way of using traffic bots is to do website testing. Providing enormous traffic to your website and seeing how it responds is an excellent way to verify its strengths and weaknesses.

Unlimited Residential Proxies Providers

Although the datacenter proxies were once the only unlimited ones, residential proxies also take on that task now. The following section reviews the residential proxy services that grant unlimited proxies.

If limitless bandwidth is important to you, there are at least three providers that present residential proxies with limitless bandwidth. I recommend looking into them. The bulk of their services have unlimited bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about additional fees. They provide a comprehensive variety of modern proxy services and have high IP quality.


Stormproxies is one of the suppliers of unlimited bandwidth residential proxies but limits the number of threads to be established. Its pool of IP addresses is somewhat limited, having around 40.000 IPs

You may receive some of Stormproxies’ most specialized proxies from social media proxies to sneaker proxies. Stormproxy base their prices on the number of ports for the residential proxies.


Before renaming Shifter in 2020, it was once known as Microleaves. At now, Shifter has over 31 million residential IPs in its pool and is one of the market’s largest supplier networks. They employ a mechanism that scans the pool continually to delete poor IPs.

Shifter’s prices depend on the number of ports. Their service is costly as compared with Stormproxies. In comparison with many other suppliers, the cost is still a convenient one.


When compared to other providers on the list, Proxyrack’s popularity is lower. However, it may be in your interest to know that it is one of the top suppliers, particularly regarding providers of residential proxies.

Proxyrack features a residential proxy pool of more than 1 million residential IPs. On price terms, Proxyrack is one of the more generous providers of residential proxies in the industry.


Today, there are numerous proxy providers, all offering different proxies and subscription plans. Each of them can be appropriate for completing some tasks. Not everyone requires unlimited residential proxies. As a result, before deciding on the type of proxy and service, begin by thinking about your needs. It will assist you in determining the most efficient option.

There are indeed occasions when proxy servers with a metered bandwidth may not be suitable, especially when you require large amounts of bandwidth and the provider applies extra charges. In this case, utilize one of the above-mentioned unlimited residential proxies services.