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How to unblock restricted content?

Websites can be blocked on three levels: Computer level, Network level, or ISP/government level. We will not talk about blocking a website. Instead, we will focus on how you can access a website that is restricted by network administrators and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) on your desktop or other devices. You can use proxy servers for an easy and safe way to unblock restricted content.

Accessing blocked websites

Nowadays, you can easily find a reliable proxy server provider for any of your needs. I would highly recommend using paid services, as they give you more features, are reliable, and provide high-quality services 24/7. Here are the top 3 proxy server providers best suited to help you unblock restricted content.


Smartproxy can provide you with both residential and data center proxies. You can use both of them for social networking, web scraping, sneaker bots, and more. They have over 10 million residential IPs in the pool, an easy-to-use dashboard for checking traffic usage and managing sub-users, and very good geo-targeting: you can target over 195 countries and 8 specific cities. Smartproxy services are easy to use, and accessible to any kind of business, freelancers, and independent users, and they also offer 24/7 support. For more information about this proxy provider, I recommend you visit this page for reviews from real verified users.


GeoSurf gives you a range of 2.5 million IP addresses from each country and 1700 cities worldwide. This provider gives you residential proxies that you can use for social media accounts or ad verification; it also gives you desktop and mobile VPNs that are not so common in the proxy market. In addition, you can choose IPs from different countries depending on the different ports available. They offer the ability to choose proxies between US residential IPs, UK residential IPs, German residential IPs, Japanese residential IPs, and IPs from residential areas in France. Therefore, this provider has one of the most varied selections of proxy locations on the market. Check out this page for real reviews from verified buyers.


Oxylabs provides intelligence data for businesses, premium-level residential proxies, and enterprise-level support. In addition, their team has many years of personal experience collecting and extracting web data, so they know exactly what works best. Oxylabs says they have residential proxies from every country and every city in the world. On their website, you can get an interactive map and find out how many IPs they have in each country. Oxylabs offers its customers both residential proxies and data center proxies. In addition to proxy services, Oxylabs also offers its customers an additional product. A Crawler in real-time for the best possible web crawling experience. Visit this page to find out more about this provider.


Using proxies is the best method of accessing websites or content that is prohibited on your home network, on your company’s local networks, or in your country, and staying safe in the process.

Do you prefer another proxy provider for accessing restricted content and websites? Or are you already using proxy services from a certain provider? Use the comment field below to share your experience with us.