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Top Cheapest Residential Proxy Starter Packages

Residential proxies are used for market research, web scraping, ad verification, affiliate testing, SEO, travel, social networks, and retail. If you are a business owner or a freelancer, you may find yourself in dire need of residential proxies. During this article, you will find out what the top cheapest residential proxy starter packages are and why they are necessary.

A residential proxy is a regular IP address that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to its customers. Also, residential proxies are reliable IP addresses connected to a physical location. The biggest advantage of residential proxies is their extraordinary anonymity level and below-average block rate.

Keep this in mind! While you are getting a residential proxy for the cheapest price, you are sometimes compromising on other factors like performance. If you are looking for performance as well, you can check out Cheap Premium Residential Proxies or The Best Residential Proxies.

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Limited Bandwidth Proxies Best Price per Gigabyte

In case you are planning on using residential proxies for ad verification, price comparison, brand protection, or social media marketing, then you should look into limited bandwidth proxies. In these cases, when you don’t need to transfer big data or streaming, it is best to pay per gigabyte.

StormProxies is offering residential rotating proxies with unlimited bandwidth. Some may argue why I have included StormProxies here in the list for limited bandwidth proxies. Well, the pricing is based on the number of ports (IPs). And paying $50 for unlimited bandwidth and 5 ports seems pretty good—almost better than any limited bandwidth pricing.

Shifter has a nice starter package at $250 for 10 backconnect proxies ports. Also, the math is simple. For an average of 400 GB/month, you will pay $0.6/GB. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Proxy-cheap is offering a $5/GB plan starting at 1 GB. You can get an even better offer at $3/GB, but only if you purchase at least 200 GB.

Lowest Total Cost for Limited Bandwidth Proxies

There may be situations when you want the cheapest total cost and not precisely the cheapest price per gigabyte. Let’s see what are the cheapest residential proxy starter packages by total cost for the same uses mentioned above.

Proxy-cheap takes first place here if you acquire the subscription plan of $3/GB for at least 200 GB.

PacketStream deserves its place here, but the total cost will depend on your bandwidth needs. The $1/GB subscription plan comes with unlimited ports and connections at a minimum of $50.

SmartProxy has a starter package of $75 for 5 GB. That means $15/GB with unlimited ports and connections. Even if SmartProxy didn’t make it on the first list, it is still one of the cheapest total cost limited bandwidth proxies.

Cheap Total Price for Near Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies

If your business requires transferring big data files or you have an online streaming project, then you need unlimited bandwidth proxies. These proxy services are usually charged for the number of IPs or by the number of simultaneous connections.

StormProxies has the package of unlimited bandwidth at $50 for 5 ports. This is the best price you can get for unlimited bandwidth proxies.

Shifter has the second-best package value at $250 for 10 ports. In conclusion, StormProxies and Shifter have the cheapest subscription plans with pricing based on the number of ports.

PacketStream has the best offer if you also require unlimited ports and connections. At $1/GB you can get unlimited bandwidth as much as your wallet can take it.

Premium Residential Proxies Cheapest Per Gigabyte

Many proxy providers brag that they have premium residential IPs and that they sell only premium residential proxies. Some of these are just marketing mottos or overestimations of their products. Let’s talk about the cheapest real premium residential proxies per gigabyte.

GeoSurf takes first place on our premium residential proxies list. The package of 38 GB at $450 is rendering a price of $12/GB.

Bright Data gets second place on our list. The $500/month package gets you a price of $12/GB. It is worth mentioning that you can scale up or down your subscription plan and still have an unlimited amount of simultaneous threads.

SmartProxy and Oxylabs come in on the third spot with a price of $15/GB. I must mention that SmartProxy comes on top with the cheapest overall package of $75 for 5 GB. Also, Oxylabs has subscription plans at $300 for 20 GB.

Cheapest Total Cost for Premium Residential Proxy Services

The price for real premium residential proxies may be steep, but if you do your homework, you can find out that some premium proxy services are offering cheap packages. Here is a list of the best and cheapest you can find now on the market.

SmartProxy takes first place with a 5 GB package at $75 with unlimited ports and connections. Also, you can enjoy the 3-day money-back guarantee and see if this starter package is good for your project.

Oxylabs occupies second place on this list. They provide a 20 GB package at $300.

Bright Data comes last, but it still makes the list. Its premium residential proxies package of 40 GB has a price of $500. Certainly, a plus worth mentioning is the extensive coverage. Bright Data provides rotating residential IPs from every country, city, carrier, and ASN in the world.


These are the cheapest residential proxy starter packages. If you want to play around with the data regarding packages and sort them out according to your needs, you can click here. You can choose the right one for your project or business. Also, if you have further questions, get in touch with us and we will do our best to find the provider that will accommodate your needs. Check out the best residential proxy services.