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Tips for Buying an Unlimited Residential Proxy

Have you decided on buying a residential proxy? Searching the web for reviews and the right proxy provider can be a difficult task. Why? Most of the information is quite confusing. Many services claim they have the means to give you an unlimited residential proxy.

Let me get the facts straight from the start. There is no such thing as an unlimited residential proxy. You can find unlimited bandwidth or unlimited connections, but never unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections. I will go through both of these options. I want to clarify each one and show you how to choose a provider.

Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy

If a supplier provides unlimited bandwidth, the connections or speed are limited. There are no bandwidth restrictions when you use unlimited bandwidth proxies. As a result, they are less expensive than their metered counterparts. 

However, to avoid abuse and maintain optimum performance, the number of concurrent connections is limited. For example, if a provider offers unlimited bandwidth, it will give customers fixed ports to buy. A 10-port plan only gives you 10 IP addresses at once.

Whenever you anticipate consuming a large amount of bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth proxies will come in handy. If you do not use them, you will be charged for additional bandwidth before your membership expires.

Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies‘ residential proxies include multi-threaded tools and high-speed performance as a direct result of optimizing its 1GB network. Users may also obtain unlimited bandwidth without paying extra.

It ensures the user’s total privacy when surfing or streaming online. It is one of the best YouTube proxies, providing complete access to all YouTube material. Following the purchase of a subscription, you can use it immediately without waiting for activation or extensive setup.

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Shifter has been offering high-quality proxy services for many years. They also have a 99.99% uptime and super-fast internet connections. Shifter proxies are built using cutting-edge HTTP/S and Socks protocols and come with a unique Control Panel. These proxy services are accessible in every major city and country.

With Shifter’s proxies, you can compare prices, verify ads, collect sales information, protect brands, test websites and improve search engine rankings. You can use their proxies for online shopping and web scraping. They also have some of the best YouTube proxies, allowing users to view YouTube’s restricted material.

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When compared to the other providers on the list, Proxyrack‘s popularity is debatable. However, you may be interested to know that it is one of the top proxy services, particularly when it comes to unlimited bandwidth.

Proxyrack has over a million residential IPs in its proxy pool from over 140 countries. In terms of cost, it is one of the most affordable residential proxy providers on the market. You can reduce your project completion time with Proxyrack. By using their proxies, you are able to improve the success rate, and you have a wider assortment of thread package choices.

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Unlimited Connections Residential Proxy

Using unlimited connection proxies, you can connect to practically all networks at once, allowing you to use thousands of IP addresses at once. When a service offers limitless connections, they usually charge on a per-gigabyte basis.

An unlimited connection proxy will give you access to multiple ports. The proxy server address consists of an IP address with a port number appended to the end. Port numbers are part of the addressing information that helps identify information senders and receivers, as well as a specific application on the devices.

Some companies reserve well-known port numbers. The range of port numbers available to those who want to register a specific number is limited. Anyone can utilize dynamic or private ports above 49152.

Web servers typically use port 8080. Adding a port number to a domain name directs traffic to the web server. Users cannot, however, reserve port 8080 for supplementary web servers. 


In the realm of rotating proxies, Smartproxy is a reputable name. It completely transforms the automation software business. With the company’s extensive features, competitors are scrambling to catch up. High-quality proxies may easily circumvent location limitations.

Smartproxy’s price differs from those of other providers. If you only need 5 GB of data, you can get a plan that includes that amount. However, the lowest plan has a higher price per GB than the other ones. Alternatively, you can customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

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Infatica is one of the most popular proxy solutions in recent years, with customizable options to meet every company’s need. It provides high-performance proxies with an infinite number of threads.

With it, you can easily detect bogus websites by checking for fake ads and validating ads. Defending your business with Infatica’s rotating proxies is now easier with their threat simulation feature. It has the potential to function as a PPC quality control system.

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Bright Data

Bright Data is the only proxy supplier that supports Fortune 500 companies and maintains strict client compliance standards. Using the price comparison algorithm to scrape rival pricing data without bans will allow retailers to offer highly competitive prices.

Ad networks also utilize this proxy service to see advertisers’ landing sites anonymously. They protect you from unscrupulous advertisers. Furthermore, you will benefit from unrivaled trademark protection, sales intelligence, and the ability to self-test your website from any place on the planet.

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The selection of the best residential proxy provider can be difficult when there are so many options available. Consequently, comparing proxy services will allow you to pick the right one for you by considering its many features. It is also a good idea to compare the pricing of each choice.

There is no doubt: you must choose according to your bandwidth consumption and how many IPs you need at the same time. Thus, depending on what you need most, choose one of the unlimited residential proxy companies above.