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The Perfect Setup for a WordPress Website

If you have come here, it means that you have decided to create your first website. Even if you are a beginner or already have basic knowledge, in this article, you will find a complete tutorial that will allow you to have the perfect setup for a WordPress website.

Have you decided that your ambitions can no longer wait? Do you need a website? Whether you want a website for your business or your personal pleasure, you have come to the right place. We will talk about the whole WordPress website creation process and all the things you will need to make an effective site.

Quick WordPress Introduction

Millions of websites all over the world use WordPress as a CMS (content management system). Basically, WordPress is a free tool written in PHP that allows you to build and customize websites. It has become the most popular platform because it is very easy to use, even by the least experienced, but also powerful enough to be customized to create anything from personal blogs to online stores.

To summarize, WordPress contains the files run by the website you want to build and can be customized as an interface, settings, and layout to fit your taste and needs. Although there are several CMS, WordPress is definitely the best choice when it comes to your first website.

The WordPress setup we propose below is exactly the same setup we use for our Affiliate Engine.

Buy a Domain

Firstly, you will need an internet domain for your website. This domain is actually the address that your website visitors see in their browsers. Internet domains use a custom name chosen by the website creator, followed by the desired extension.

Internet domain extensions are those letter combinations that complete the address of a website and are chosen depending on the type of website, the visitors’ country, and other factors. For example, we use the name As you can see, we have a .com extension because our services are addressed to users worldwide. For the United States, you could choose the internet domain .us, but if you can’t find the desired name, you can choose other popular extensions like .org, .net, and so on.

If you have already thought about what name your website should have, it is time to buy the desired domain. Each internet domain is rented annually, and for the first year, you have a promotional price at most providers of such services.

Check now if the desired internet domain is available, and you can order it very easily with straightforward checkout. You can also buy a powerful internet domain with already existing backlinks and SEO value. For this, you will need a SpamZilla account.

Get a Good Host

For your website to be online on the internet, you will need to establish a domain name and hosting. Without a domain name, your website will not be accessible to users, and without hosting, you will not be able to store the files that make up your website.

A website contains a collection of files that are stored on a server. When you access a website, you are actually accessing the files on that server, files that are running in an internet browser. The companies that offer web hosting services have servers to store your website, or more precisely, the files that it contains, from the WordPress platform to the written articles.

Depending on the server parameters, your website loads faster or slower, and that’s why you need to choose the optimal hosting package for your project. You need to use a web hosting service that gives you speed, security, and non-stop support. These are the three great conditions that you should never ignore.

Even when there are not many users accessing it, I would advise a fast-loading host server for a website that is just starting out but wants to grow and expand very quickly. I recommend choosing SiteGround. The starter package has a monthly price of only 6 euros per month and enough storage space. If you choose the Grow Big Package at 10 euros per month, you can add unlimited websites if you come up with ideas for other projects. In addition, you have a daily backup, 24/7 support, and CDN included.

Pick a Good Theme

Once WordPress has been successfully installed on your domain, you will see a simple and clean website; that is the standard WordPress theme. The template, called a theme in WordPress, can be easily changed to get a different design for the website. Here comes the fun part of working with WordPress: There are thousands of different themes from which you can choose and customize a website as close as possible to your preferences.

An optimized WordPress theme is the last step that needs to be achieved in order to get the perfect setup for a WordPress website. In essence, such a theme is a collection of files that determine how your website looks and works. A theme is the foundation and skeleton on which you build a house. It is the basis of the website; it will color your content. You can find a theme for free or buy one.

If you really want quality, top-tier speed, and SEO optimization, then I recommend the GeneratePress Theme. It has both free and paid options. You can start with the free one and upgrade it for further options and optimization. The paid options are $59 per year or $249 per lifetime, and you can use them on 500 websites.

Changing themes will not delete the content of the website(pages, articles, etc.). You can change themes as often as you like without having to worry about losing what you’ve created. However, you need to reconfigure certain things when changing a theme: menus, widgets, etc.


Fortunately, the internet is moving fast enough that you have the chance to read this article right now when everything can be done in one afternoon, even your website. Before the advent of website-building programs or content management software, people had to customize everything using lines of code, which not everyone could do.

Nowadays, things are much simpler; anyone can set up a website in one day. The difficulty has shifted to other aspects. You can easily build a website. But you need to decide on the approach and user experience. If you follow the tips above, you will have the perfect setup for a WordPress website in less than a day.


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