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The Best Residential Proxies for Instagram

Before thinking about the best residential proxies for Instagram, you must first choose an Instagram Bot. If you don’t already have an Instagram bot, then read The Best Instagram Bots.

Instagram is one of the most stable platforms for Social Media Marketing. If you wish to get more targeted likes, comments, and followers on your Instagram accounts and are operating multiple accounts, top residential proxies for Instagram are highly recommended.

Utilizing Instagram proxies can be both safe and risky. It matters which proxy you use and how you use it. If you are using a free proxy, it might be dangerous, as most of them don’t have high-end protection technologies, making you exposed to hacking.

Since Instagram doesn’t permit multiple profiles, you can’t avoid the need for proxies. Besides, without Instagram proxies, there is a high probability that you will get all of your client’s social handles banned because it is against Instagram’s policies.

Table of Contents

What are Instagram Proxies?

Why should you use Residential Proxies for Instagram?

The best Residential Proxies for Instagram

Why do Instagram automation tools require proxies?

Tips & Tricks


What are Instagram Proxies?

Proxy servers were originally used primarily as privacy and anonymity tools. However, as the Internet became more widespread, marketers began to employ proxy servers for research and advertising. Instagram proxies come into play at this point. They exist for social media marketing, allowing marketers to automate several Instagram profiles at the same time.

Because social networks are so restricted, there are only a few proxy providers that supply Instagram proxies. The majority of standard proxies are blocked on these platforms. This is why Instagram proxies must have fresh IPs that have never been misused. This is a key issue, and it is the main reason why excellent proxies are among the most expensive and scarce products. Their capacity to safely connect to numerous accounts appears to come at a cost that most professionals are willing to pay.

Why should you use Residential Proxies for Instagram?

Residential proxies work much better than datacenter proxies because they operate on a home IP address, creating a more authentic connection. However, they do come at a higher cost than datacenter proxies. Moreover, datacenter proxies have IP addresses given by a corporation that isn’t a home internet service provider.

You can additionally obtain 4G residential proxies, which are IP addresses a mobile user would have. This offers your automation more human traits, as most Instagram connections come from a phone.

4G proxies are the favorite approach at the moment. They help you experience fewer blocks, as a 4G connection seems like a regular phone activity. They are even more expensive, so I’d suggest using them only if managing Instagram accounts is your business and you also know how to automate them securely.

But remember that if you are spamming Instagram or you already have low-level trust in your profile, the proxies won’t instantly fix that. You can get a hint of your account’s level of trust if you get a lot of phone verifications and blocks.

The best Residential Proxies for Instagram Professionals

SmartProxy works excellently with Instagram. There are no issues with this provider, and the setup process is even easier than with datacenter proxies. Moreover, you can use static or rotating residential proxies. Using a static residential proxy for each of your accounts makes it easier to look like a normal and different person on every account.

Many users run Instagram automation tools on Bright Data’s residential proxies. It comes at a higher price, but remember that keeping your accounts safe with fewer blocks and smooth automation is the key to a successful business.

Another option for Instagram proxies is GeoSurf. This provider offers a great alternative with reliable residential proxies for Instagram at an excellent quality-price ratio.

NetNut has over 5 million static residential proxies with special gateways for Instagram. The dedicated pool of IPs is great and has excellent performance. It has some expensive plans, but you can first try out the 7-day free trial.

Why do Instagram automation tools require proxies?

Boost engagement: Post engagement is paramount for a successful social media account. However, if you look like a bot, Instagram will ban your IP and your profiles. With a residential proxy, you won’t have to trouble yourself about the Instagram IP ban.

Localization: Social media managers understand the significance of using geolocation tags to get more publicity and action on their posts. If you target Instagram profiles in another country, you need a proxy in that location to have localized posts.

Multiple account management: Instagram dislikes bots and automation tools because they replicate actual humans’ actions. It implies that if Instagram knows you are using automation bots, your profiles are extremely likely to be blocked. With residential proxies, social media managers can handle multiple Instagram profiles without increasing doubt.

Tips and Tricks

Choose your automation tool. There are many Instagram bots. Jarvee is always a popular pick, but you can also get FollowLiker, StoryVoter, NinjaGram, Instato, Follow Adder, Gramdominator, Gramista, or Instmacro. And those are just a few. The Instagram automation tool you choose is as vital as the proxies.

Begin slowly. If you’re developing Instagram accounts, let them be for a while before you do any automation. Then, start building the number of followers step by step.

Pay attention to your actions. Use your Instagram profile within a set timeframe, not 24/7, because that’s what real human beings do; they need to sleep, eat, and so on. In addition, don’t follow, unfollow, or comment at the same time every day.

Never quit the education process. If you’ve been managing various Instagram profiles with no problems so far, it doesn’t mean something bad won’t happen. Instagram regularly renews its methods, and you need to stay up-to-date with the platform’s automation.


It is not simple, but Instagram automation is still extremely viable. Take your social media presence to the next level with NinjaGram or Follow Adder and pick one of the best residential proxies for Instagram: SmartProxy, Bright Data, or GeoSurf.