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The Best Google Proxy Providers

There is no questioning the importance of having good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is true whether you’re a business owner, influencer, or freelancer of any sort. Since Google is the search engine of choice for the vast majority of internet users, it only stands to reason that you should focus your SEO efforts on it specifically. The best Google proxy providers will help you do so.

Sure, you could hire a consultant to work on your SEO. But, by doing it yourself you save money, have complete control, and have limitless flexibility. However, any SEO tool you are going to use will require a proxy. The only exceptions are premium advanced services that provide the necessary rotating IPs in the package, like Oxylabs’ SERP Scraper API.

Why Do You Need Google Proxies?

In order to improve your SEO yourself, you will need a ton of data. You could try to manually harvest that necessary data one search at a time, copy-pasting what you find by hand. Then, by the time you finish, all those metrics would have already changed and potentially invalidate what you gathered. This is why automation tools are necessary.

Whether you use a premade automation tool or program your own web scraper from scratch, you can’t send all of those requests from one IP. It would be blocked within seconds. This is why Google proxies are essential. Let’s go over the main things you’d be doing that require them.

Rank Monitoring

The search rankings on Google are constantly updating in real-time. You could be the top spot one time you check. Then, a few hours later, you could find that you dropped several ranks. Google’s SEO algorithm is complex with several important elements and they regularly update how it works. 

On top of that, your results are biased towards sites you’ve visited before and your preferences courtesy of your digital fingerprint. To view the unbiased rankings, you need the anonymity granted by using a proxy service. 

Once all of your tools are properly configured, you can reliably track your competitors’ rankings on top of your own with unbiased results.

Google and the majority of websites all have anti-bot protections in place, wary of any malicious bots. But, they are unable to differentiate them from benign ones and try to prevent all bot activity they detect. Trying to pull numerous rankings checks in a short timespan is enough to trigger these protective measures when done from a single IP.

Running an SEO audit to check the breakdown of how and why you have your current rankings and what you can do to improve them will need a proxy, too. 

In the same vein as running an audit, you can use a web crawler to go through relevant websites looking for any mentions of your content that don’t include links. You can then reach out to the site admins and request that they add links to those mentions, forming an SEO-increasing backlink.

Scraping Google SERPs

In addition to rankings and audits, digging through Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can reveal a great deal of data. One of the main reasons to scrape SERPs is to extract crucial information on trending keywords. Not only that, but you can also find expired domains with desirable names to claim before someone else does, among other things.

Apart from using an API service that already has a pool of IPs to draw from, you’ll need to use a Google proxy when scraping SERPs.

What Makes a Proxy a Google Proxy?

The main difference between Google proxies and SEO proxies is fairly straightforward. SEO proxies need to be compatible with several engines, while Google proxies only need to be suitable for Google.

There aren’t any proxies that are exclusively for use with Google, they still apply to all the other normal proxy use cases. Most of the best Google proxy providers don’t even advertise themselves as such.

What makes a proxy good for Google is its IP type and session style. The optimal configuration is using residential IPs with rotating sessions.

Datacenter proxies are detectable by Google, and they can block off the whole IP range once they notice any bot activity. 

Residential IPs look like normal people scattered around the available geo-locations in the service’s IP pool. The only way they’d trigger bot detection is with improper configurations or the wrong session type.

A static session would send out too many requests from a single IP, getting it banned in short order. Similarly, a sticky session that lasts too long may trip anti-bot measures. Having the IPs rotate with every single request that the bot sends out is therefore optimal.

Mobile proxies could still work as Google proxies, but they are more expensive than necessary in this use case. 

The bandwidth you anticipate needing combined with the amount of money you’re willing to spend for faster results determines if you should consider certain unlimited residential proxies.

Free web proxies pose a host of unnecessary risks. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, you should then test out some free trials from reliable service providers.

The Best Google Proxy Providers

There are a lot of great Google proxies on the market with even more not-so-great ones. Since we’ve already covered the perks of using Smartproxy, Stormproxies, and Bright Data in the previous best SEO proxies article, let’s go over a few other solid choices that cover a diverse array of pricing ranges.


Just like you’d expect from their name, Proxy-Cheap offers low-cost services with flexible plans. They even offer a 1 GB plan so you don’t have to buy any more than necessary. Their user-friendly dashboard is equally useful for first-time users and long-time customers.

Proxy types available: Residential, datacenter, and 3G/4G mobile proxies.

Unlimited Bandwidth: No.

Locations: 127 locations worldwide.

Cheapest Plan: $4.99/GB, price per GB decreasing at larger volumes.

For more information, read the in-depth Proxy-Cheap review.

Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire is unique in that they offer rollover data, so anything leftover carries into the next month. Their users can use up to 1000 concurrent connections with granular geo-targeting, all completely unthrottled. With a reliable 99.6% uptime and regular quality testing on their pool of IPs, they are a great balance between economically priced and premium services.

Proxy types available: Residential and mobile proxies.

Unlimited Bandwidth: No, but give rollover on unused data.

Locations: Over 150 countries worldwide.

Cheapest Plan: $45/month for 3GB.

For more information, read the in-depth Proxy Empire review.


Oxylabs are one of the fastest services on the market with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. They’re a premium service with an impressive pool of over 100 million IPs across 195 countries. They even offer unlimited concurrent sessions.

They also provide a free proxy manager to their clients with a wide range of customization options. If you want to go even further, they offer an enterprise tier for services custom-tailored for your company’s needs.

Proxies: Residential, datacenter, 4G mobile.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Only Datacenter proxies.

Locations: Over 195 countries worldwide.

Cheapest Plan: Datacenter -$180/month, residential – $300/month.

For more information, read the in-depth Oxylabs review.


Google search results influence millions of people’s decisions daily. If you want your brand to be on people’s minds, you need to strive to be on the first page of results of searches for keywords relevant to your field. Considering it takes 4-6 months to see the rewards of your SEO improvements, you better get started right away!

Proxy-Cheap, Proxy Empire, and Oxylabs are some of the best Google proxy providers available. The three of them offer a range of reliable rotating residential proxies for any budget, optimized for your SEO web scraping needs.