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ProxySampler for Testing and Measuring Proxy Tunnels

Now you can start using ProxySampler for testing and measuring proxy tunnels. This tool checks a proxy’s performance and health. It can test massive lists or one proxy at a time.

The PacketStream team created ProxySampler as a CLI tool. PacketStream is a residential proxy provider with peer-to-peer technology that lets business customers tunnel web traffic through genuine residential IPs from users who opt-in to share their extra bandwidth.

What is a CLI tool?

CLI is an acronym for the command-line interface. It is a mechanism for interacting with a computer, operating system, or software by entering sequential, line-by-line commands. This text-only interface contrasts with the graphical user interface (GUI), which uses mouse-type devices to select options or menus.

For entering commands via CLI, the system waits for the user to enter a command line and confirm it by pressing the enter key on the keyboard. The CLI program receives, parses, and executes the requested command. After execution, the program presents to the user the obtained result, also in the form of lines of text.

The CLI can run in a text terminal or in a client terminal emulator such as PuTTY.

How can I use ProxySampler for testing and measuring proxy tunnels?

You can use ProxySampler to inspect the performance and health of proxy tunnels.

PacketStream clients can use this CLI tool as part of their automation to get statistics on which residential proxy sessions and geolocations are working more reliably and prioritize those accordingly. Also, you can use ProxySampler to monitor the health of your proxy tunnel and get trigger alerts.

You provide the proxy server, port, and authentication information. ProxySampler examines the proxy tunnels and gives output information about the reply codes and response times. It is easy to use and has a few CLI arguments for configuration.

Why choose ProxySampler?

As you may already know, proxy servers are a key element in business automation. Therefore, always check their speed and reliability. There are many other proxy checkers, but they mostly just check if the proxies are working or not. With ProxySampler, you can do much more than that.

The efficient, constant monitoring of multiple proxies at once enables you to get alerts when particular conditions are met. Also, comparing proxies’ reliability can help you find the most successful ones and prioritize them accordingly. Especially home-based proxies. Furthermore, ProxySampler triggers alerts when something seems off regarding the health of your proxy tunnels.


Today, almost all automation software is designed to work with proxies because it is the best way to get value for your business. In our fast-changing online world, companies need to find new and reliable solutions to keep up with change and reach their target audience. You can easily understand why it is important to manage your business efficiently.

The importance and popularity of tools for testing and measuring proxy tunnels have a great tendency to grow in the future. This means that we will see more business automation processes, more software, and more alternative ways to interact through applications. And because of this, it will require some other services to take part in the process. Today’s trend is proxies.