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Storm Proxies Review

That something that makes Storm Proxies a great proxy provider is that it is conscious of its products. It is really invigorating to recognize a service not seeking to cover its weaknesses behind elaborate marketing strategies.

Rather than promoting itself as an answer to all your proxy shortcomings, Storm Proxies advertises itself for web scrapers, social media marketers, and sneaker addicts. If you are not sure if this provider is the best for you, read this entire page where we are discussing all the important aspects you need to know before purchase.

Storm Proxies is one of the most successful proxy services in the business. These sections present an impartial review of its performance, pricing, customer support, discounts, and much more valuable information about Storm Proxies.


There is no provider in this business without cons. Nevertheless, seeing past the flops, how do they contribute, and can you adjust with these cons for the advantages? That must be the issue you must solve yourself. Without reservations, Storm Proxies does not match the measurements of premium providers.

Storm Proxies and Shifter have the cheapest subscription plans with pricing based on the number of ports for rotating residential proxies.

If you are looking for premium residential IPs, you must take a look instead at SmartProxy and Bright Data. There you will get premium residential proxies at a steeper price. If the price is an issue but you still require premium residential IPs, see more about Oxylabs.

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Storm Proxies proposes 3 kinds of proxies. These are rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies that have datacenter IPs, and backconnect rotating proxies that have both datacenter and residential IPs.

If you are doing web scraping, we suggest services that shift your IP at every request rather than at a fixed interval.  In this case, StormProxies is one of the best providers and it certainly has this feature. You must be aware of the fact that backconnect proxies have more expensive costs than normal proxies. This sort of proxies is much needed by those who do bulk data scraping.

The most excellent characteristic of the provider is that it doesn’t limit the volume of traffic on any of its subscription plans. Actually, you don’t even see any metric on the quantity of bandwidth you have used.

If you have compared residential proxies with datacenter proxies, you would comprehend that their rates aren’t alike. This is because there is a lag created by the rerouting to residential proxies. We should not assume that Storm Proxies residential IPs can beat datacenter proxies in terms of speed, but they are swift enough to make them suitable for most usages.


Storm Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth, with no hidden costs. After payment, you get instant access without any waiting time for account activation or proxies setup. Also, any help or question you may have you can address it by mail and you get a guaranteed response within 24 hours. All proxies found here are HTTP proxies. You can choose between shared rotating IPs or private dedicated proxies.

There are 2 ways of authentication: username and password authentication, or IP authentication. At Storm Proxies, the single way of authentication is IP authentication. Additionally, you can just whitelist 1 device IP address on a single subscription. This is not suitable for persons who favor using usernames and passwords for authentication because of its plainness.

The 2 main benefits of Storm Proxies are pricing and unlimited bandwidth. The greatest thing about this provider is that it has understood its boundaries and openly declares its applications, which are only fit for individuals and tiny projects. If the aforementioned cases apply to you, we strongly advise you to test Storm Proxies.

Customer Support

The majority of proxy providers in the industry today have created a variety of ways through which users can contact them in times of difficulty. With StormProxies, the only way for customers to contact or request help is through email support. For some users, this might be seen as a flop.

StormProxies, however, ensures that users receive a response within 24 hours, and some users receive assistance as soon as an hour after opening their account. StormProxies also has a pretty good FAQ page where users can look up their challenges and find solutions.


You can try out Storm Proxies without any risk because you have 48 hours after purchase to send a mail and get your money back. To keep it short, this money-back guarantee is almost identical to a free trial, except that you have to pay first and get your money back later if you aren’t satisfied.

Therefore, you can examine Storm Proxies unrestricted, without limitations and hazards. If you determine that it is not fit for you throughout these 2 days, you can ask for a reimbursement. This method is uncomplicated.

A helpful hint: buy the most modest subscription plan to analyze the service and, if pleased, you can upgrade it later. Have in mind that the 48 hours money-back guarantee is just for rotating proxies. For any other kind, there are 2 hours of the money-back guarantee.


The pricing varies according to the number of proxy IPs for the private dedicated proxies, the number of threads for the backconnect rotating proxies, or the number of ports for the residential rotating proxies. All of these proxies have various subscription plans, each gives unlimited bandwidth. Rather than limiting the data transfer, Storm Proxies restrict usage by other elements.

For private dedicated proxies, there are 8 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $10/month for 5 proxies; the top offer is at $400/month for 400 proxies; the most popular subscription plan is at $140/month for 100 proxies.

For backconnect rotating proxies, there are 3 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $39/month for 40 threads; the most popular and top offer is at $97/month for 150 threads.

Finally, for rotating residential proxies, there are 4 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $50/month for 5 ports; the priciest is at $300/month for 50 ports; the most popular one is at $160/month for 20 ports.