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Advantages of using static residential proxies

There are two types of IP addresses that you can use for your network connection. An IP address is either static or dynamic. This is the same when using a residential proxy, as it can provide both static and dynamic IPs.

Static IP is the IP address that is constantly assigned to you. This way, you use the same IP address no matter how many times you refresh your connection. On the other hand, a dynamic IP is an IP address that keeps changing every time you make a new request. Let’s see the advantages of using static residential proxies.

Not blacklisted

Many different types of people have used dynamic or shared IP addresses on various proxy servers. Some users of these proxy services may use their connection for legitimate online activities, while others may use it for illegal activities. As a result, many online services blacklisted those shared IP addresses. Therefore, you can’t access their content. With static residential proxies, this problem will not happen because you are the only one using that IP.

It appears to be a legitimate IP for services with geo-blocking

Many online services will refuse to process your requests if you use a blacklisted IP address, as it may pose a threat to their online services. This is because people use many of those shared addresses to launch DDoS attacks on these services as well as to send different types of threats to disrupt services.

You know exactly how you use your IP address

When you use a static residential proxy, you know exactly how to use the IP. You are the only user assigned to it. If certain services blacklist the IP, it is certainly because you used it for bad purposes. Using a dedicated IP, you can control and manage your connection even better. Mainly because you operate it yourself and don’t share it with anyone else. Unlike using a shared IP address, where you have no control over its use.

You can use static residential proxies to bypass any censorship or blocking

There are many cases where users cannot bypass certain censorship in their countries, even if they use a proxy connection to access censored websites. This is usually because the IP address is banned. Thus, it prevents them from accessing that content. Regardless of whether you use a proxy connection, you can’t access restricted or censored content if that site bans your IP address. This is why you should prefer a dedicated IP, as it is free of any kind of ban or blacklisting. This makes it possible to access censored or restricted websites.

You can use static residential proxies for security reasons

With static residential proxies, you will have a permanent IP address for your connection. This allows you to do various online activities that require greater security protection. Websites will consider you a legitimate and trusted user who belongs to your destination country. Therefore, you will have no problem accessing various security websites, such as banking and shopping, using this IP. There will be no risk of websites blocking your IP address or any other security risks. Check out the best residential proxy free trials and test them for free.