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Sneaker Proxies for Copping

Most consumers and businesses buy sneakers in bulk using sneaker proxies and bots. The competition from bots is fierce, especially for those looking to create a company and collect shoes. 

In general, shoe retailers IP block users who engage in questionable behavior, such as buying large quantities of a product in a short period. While sneaker bots can automate the process so that you can buy what you want ahead of the competition, proxies are necessary to keep you from getting banned. 

You can stay on top of the sneaker game by employing your own sneaker proxies and bots for copping. So, before you go out and buy all those hot new shoes you have been eyeing, it is a good idea to look into some reputable sneaker proxy services. Here are the sneaker proxy providers who will assist you in winning.


Smartproxy is a favorite among sneakerheads. Residential proxies are available that cover all of the major shopping centers. With any subscription, you get access to 40 million IPs for a month. So you won’t have to wait for restocks or have your proxies expire after a single release. You may quickly begin utilizing the service, and there are several tutorials available to assist you.

Monthly plans at Smartproxy start at $75, which is more expensive than most sneaker proxy services. However, the price per gigabyte is reasonable given what you get. Smartproxy is also reseller-friendly, with tailored plans for them.

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Bright Data

A list of these companies would be incomplete without listing Bright Data. It is a top provider of proxies for any use case, including footwear. You can choose from a variety of residential and ISP proxy servers. They have a lot of great features, excellent performance, and exceptional proxy management tools. Also, they have a nice addition: credit-based pricing.

Still, Bright Data has several flaws. The service is not user-friendly, requiring additional software to configure features such as proxy rotation. Second, it costs a lot. Lastly, there are a lot of usage guidelines, like KYC and no reselling. In contrast, Bright Data is a strong choice if you know what you are doing.

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If you want to buy or resell sneakers in bulk, Oxylabs is the company for you. It provides 100 million premium residential IPs globally. You may target them by city and set up sticky periods lasting up to 30 minutes for long lines. The proxy server is one of the finest. It is quick, stable, and has a high success rate. Oxylabs also provides ISP proxies, mainly from the United States.

Oxylabs, being a premium proxy provider, has a starting price of $300 and is not the cheapest. Many sneakerheads, however, still view it as a top pick for any release. Maybe a reason for that is the 7-day trial for businesses and 3-day refund time.

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Shifter has been around for about a decade under several names such as ReverseProxies and Microleaves. In addition to backconnect residential proxy solutions, the firm also offers dedicated and shared proxy services. Shifter does not sell sneaker proxies directly, but its residential variations are said to work for every imaginable use case, including shoe copping on websites like Nike, Supreme, Adidas, OVO, and Footsites.

Shifter has built up a sizable proxy network over the years, with well over 31 million IP addresses as of 2021. Because the firm charges for proxy ports rather than bandwidth, you won’t be slowed down by any limits. When you purchase a batch of sneaker proxies, you have complete control over them. In addition, each port will cycle every 5 minutes or so, reducing the likelihood that your IP addresses will be restricted or banned while you shop.

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Although you may use Stormproxy’s rotating residential proxies for this purpose, they recommend one of the sneaker-specific packages. These plans are more costly, but they are guaranteed to work with Yeezy, Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Eastbay, Footlocker, and many more shoe retailers.

All Stormproxies services include unlimited bandwidth and access to over 40.000 residential IP addresses. They rotate the proxies every 5 minutes, and you may pick between IP addresses residing in the United States or the European Union. All products have a single access IP limit, meaning you can only use the service from a single computer.

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Extra Tips for Choosing a Provider

  • Residential or ISP proxies. Datacenter proxies used to be a suitable choice for sneaker collecting. Not any longer. Many shoe sites have rigorous security precautions in place. Identifying an IP address and blacklisting it is what they do. Sometimes they shut down the whole subnet.
  • Location. For example, if the vendor is in the United States, you will need proxies from the US, preferably closer to the seller as possible. By doing so, your connection will be faster.
  • Sticky sessions. Because of the way they function, residential proxies must rotate. Since many shoe retailers use queue-based systems, be sure that your proxy server maintains the same IP for 10 minutes at a minimum.
  • Speed. When sneakers are selling out quickly, having speed is essential. Obtain as many fast proxies as feasible.


Sneaker websites are among the most restricted sites available, and they will not hesitate to ban your IP address if they detect any suspicious behavior. You can, of course, shop for shoes on your computer without getting in trouble. If you try to buy them in high quantities, you will quickly find that most big-name sneaker websites don’t like it.

In the sneaker copping game, the only way to defeat the competition is to employ better tools than the other players. Unfortunately, there is no universal approach to this game, so you will need to do some research before you begin.

What you can do is find reliable services for sneaker proxies that can give you an upper hand. Check out the above-mentioned providers and get started today!