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Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy is one of the best proxy providers which offers premium proxy services at competitively cheaper prices. In the industry today, it is one of the most trusted residential proxy providers. 

Smartproxy provides high-quality proxy tools, 24-hour customer service, and a user-friendly dashboard to enable users to manage their proxies effectively and with ease. It provides users with a wide variety of proxies, such as rotating proxies, backconnect proxies, unlimited proxies, shared proxies, anonymous proxies, HTTP proxies, IPv4 proxies for any purpose. 

With their flexible subscription plans,  you will certainly find a package that fulfills all your requirements. Smartproxy provides IPs that can be used for almost anything; scraping, affiliate testing, ad verification and runs on almost every social media network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.).

Smartproxy Alternatives

Smartproxy is one of the best proxy providers in the world. However, no organization is without flaws. Even though it boasts availability in over 195 locations worldwide, it is still restricted in some cities. SmartProxy also doesn’t support the SOCKS protocol. The important question to ask is whether the benefits of Smartproxy outweigh the flops? Well, that is a conclusion you must draw for yourself.

If you want premium proxies for any task you can always check Luminati for proxies though at higher rates. If you’re looking for cheaper proxy solutions for any task, you can always check StormProxies and Shifter. Oxylabs is also known for providing quality premium proxies at quite affordable prices.

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Smartproxy Proxies

SmartProxy offers users 2 main proxy types, that is residential and datacenter IPs. Residential IPs are comparably stable as compared to datacenter IPs. SmartProxies offers rotating residential proxies from a pool of 40 million IPs worldwide. They also offer data center IPs and backconnect proxies with both data center and residential IPs.

Smartproxy’s main offering is the rotating residential proxy. The service constantly adds to its pool of IPs and now offers over 40 million IPs from over 195 locations around the world. This includes 50 geolocations in the United States alone. 

SmartProxy provides both mobile and desktop IP addresses. It does not restrict the number of proxies you can use. Users get shared access to the entire pool. 

They advertise their proxies use cases for market research (i.e. web scraping,  ad verification, affiliate testing, SEO, travel fares, etc), social media (i.e. Instagram proxies, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc), and retail (i.e. sneaker proxies, eBay, Shopify, Craiglist, etc).

Smartproxy Review

SmartProxy comes with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly dashboard that allows users to customize proxy settings to suit their needs. It is perhaps the easiest proxy to set up and use. Especially for non-technical entrepreneurs and business owners. It has a simple dashboard where users can keep track of their traffic usage and more.

SmartProxy offers over 40 million rotating IP addresses worldwide. It offers unlimited concurrent connections as their service is charged on traffic per GB, meaning you’ll pay a monthly fixed sum and, in exchange, you get a monthly quota of bytes that you can use.

SmartProxy offers 24-hour service customer support to help users when the need arises. It boasts up to 30 minutes of sticky sessions. SmartProxy has an average response time of 3.1 seconds, however, it does not support the SOCKS protocol.

You can purchase Smartproxy plans directly from your dashboard without going through a sales representative. it accepts payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoins.

Customer Support

Aside from being one of the best providers in the market, SmartProxy also provides one of the best customer support services you can ever get. They offer live chat where users can get help and assistance from their team of professionals around the clock. SmartProxy also gives the users the option of reaching their customer support team via email. 

SmartProxy is also known for its detailed FAQ page, which covers most proxy-related challenges that a first-time or less experienced user will most likely face while using their proxies. My interactions with the live chat resulted in responses being delivered within a span of 2 minutes, sometimes even in seconds. I will score SmartProxy an ‘A’ for quality and effective customer support.

Live Chat with Smartproxy
Live Chat with Smartproxy

Smartproxy Free Trial

You can use and explore all the features of Smartproxy to figure out if it satisfies all your requirements. Though it does not have a traditional free trial, you can get your funds back with their 3 days guaranteed money-back policy.

With that in mind, you can explore every aspect of their service without restrictions (you would have to first purchase a plan) to see if it provides the services you need. However, payments made with Bitcoins are not refundable.

Smartproxy Pricing

It offers multiple plans for both residential and data center proxies that vary based on the traffic allowance. 

It provides users with three 3 flexible monthly subscription plans and an extra customizable for your needs. The Micro plan for small projects and tasks, Starter for any other project, and the Regular plan best for freelancers as recommended by the provider.

Smartproxy offers 4 monthly subscription plans with limited GB included, ranging from 75 dollars to 400 dollars. You get an unlimited number of connections and countries because the pricing is based on traffic limits. 

The residential proxies start at $75/month and give you 5 GB of traffic. The regular plan costs $400/month. While its regular plans cater to average proxy users, the service also offers plans for demanding projects. So you can get 1 TB of traffic for $4000/month which is one of the cheapest offers you can find today.

Residential Proxies Plans
Residential Proxies

One interesting thing about SmartProxy is that you can always buy an extra GB at the cost/GB of your current plan. You can purchase an extra GB for $15/GB if you are signed up on the $75/month plan. Users signed on the $400/month plan can purchase extra GB at only $8/GB additional traffic.

Datacenter Proxies Plans
Datacenter Proxies

The data center proxies start at $50/month with 100 GB and additional traffic at $1/GB. It goes up to $500/month with 1000 GB and an additional $0.7/GB.

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