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Smartproxy Advertorial

Disclaimer: This is an advertorial and does not reflect the opinion of our site or our visitors

Smartproxy is a rapidly growing proxy solution for scraping high-value websites. It has a simple but efficient interface and countless high-quality IP addresses in every country and major city. Smartproxy has disrupted the proxy industry due to its professional 24/7 customer service people and product performance, gaining customer trust. 

There are several reasons why Smartproxy is so good at what it does: 

  • Millions of residential proxies in any country or major city around the globe. 
  • Name any tool you use – they have a guide for it. 
  • In case you run into trouble, you only need to get into their GitHub to get everything you need. 
  • For pro proxy users: the best API. 
  • A vast residential IP address network for data access. 
  • Highly advanced 24/7 live customer service. 
  • Offers unlimited concurrent connections. 
  • Free IP rotation, Chrome extension, and proxy generator. 

Rotating proxies for scraping and analyzing competitors

 Professionals we’ve talked to buy Smartproxy to take advantage of web scraping tools. As Smartproxy can shuffle your IP address with every connection request, you are never blocked from accessing a target data source. If you don’t need advanced proxy rotation and must use static IPs, there is an option for ‘Sticky’ proxy servers, which lets you use the same proxy for 10 minutes.

Sneaker proxies

Any solid sneaker bot needs solid proxies. Smartproxy offers both residential and data center proxies, therefore all sneaker fans can use it to get in front of the line for new limited edition shoes. Smartproxy has the best guides for proxy settings in sneaker bots. 

Smartproxy prices 

 Smartproxy definitely has the best price tags when you consider that it offers more than 40M real proxies. With residential subscriptions for the low price of $75/month, you can access data and websites in any location. If you are an enterprise user, you can pay only $4 per gigabyte of proxy traffic. Datacenter proxies are even cheaper: their lowest subscription tier costs just $50. 

Free apps to manage proxies 

Smartproxy gives everyone access to quite a few proxy management apps for desktop clients. Things to look out for: the Chrome extension for proxies, the proxy generator, and various other software that will help you use proxies in under a minute.

Using Smartproxy

Smartproxy is perhaps the easiest proxy network to use for new clients: there is a beautiful and functional dashboard where proxy users can track their traffic usage, and quickly use each proxy setup setting. In case users want proxies from a specific country, you can just follow the FAQ or the Quick Start guide that Smartproxy sends you as soon as a client orders a subscription. 

Smartproxy trial

Smartproxy does not have a free trial, but it does give its users a 3-day money-back option. This is quite enough time to run tests and figure out if you enjoy how it does what you need it to do. Notice: Do not use over 20% of your traffic before asking for a refund.

Smartproxy is fun

Smartproxy is the only fun proxy network in the world. It has great customer service but is not afraid to have a laugh every so often. This is a new attitude in the proxy market, where old-timers are focused on old-fashioned relationships. Smartproxy caters to top companies and hustlers alike, it is brave enough to speak frankly. If you don’t believe us – go to Smartproxy and start chatting with them right now.