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Shopify Proxies for Bots

Make your Shopify bot appear to be a genuine human and purchase items swiftly. Use the genuine IP addresses of desktop and mobile devices for this. Geo-targeting may be used to find proxies close to the servers of your Shopify site. Let’s find out everything there is to know about Shopify proxies for bots.

If you want your Shopify bot to remain undetected, you must use the best proxies available. Real residential IP addresses will disguise your bot as a desktop or mobile device, making it extremely hard to be caught. Do you need speed? Then set up cheaper, faster Shopify datacenter proxies.

What Are Shopify Bots?

Shopify bots are automated programs that can add items to a shopping cart and automatically check them out. People utilize these schemes to purchase limited-edition products, such as shoes, ahead of the competition. 

Shopify auto-checkout bots can perform a wide range of tasks, so proxies are needed to conceal the bot’s IP address. For performance, you should consider purchasing the best Shopify proxies from a reliable provider.

Why Auto Checkout Fails?

Shopify has become quite proficient at spotting auto-checkout bots. It faces a lot of pressure to ban bots and proxies since they drive so much of the online shopping sector. This is why, in most cases, you can’t buy numerous things via data center proxies since they are prohibited in bulk.

Worse, most Shopify bots have poor fingerprints. This allows sites to spot and ban them even when using residential proxies. Talk to experts in your industry to ensure your Shopify auto-checkout bot has a decent fingerprint. To stay ahead of the game, keep your bots updated at all times.

The Best Proxies for Shopify

Residential proxies are the finest Shopify proxies. They are the IPs of actual desktop or mobile devices that are registered with ISPs. Shopify detects bots well. Therefore, you will need the most legitimate IP addresses and the finest software with unique fingerprints to cop effectively.

Datacenter proxies are quicker, but Shopify can easily detect them and rapidly block most datacenter proxies. We advocate utilizing residential Shopify proxies, but first, make sure your bot has a decent method for avoiding fingerprint detection.

Our Recommendations


Smartproxy advanced network works with all bots. It has an easy setup and 24/7 support. They offer residential and datacenter proxies, both with above-average speed. Also, you can test Smartproxy with a 3-day money-back guarantee

Smartproxy’s 40+ million proxy pool is unbeatable when it comes to hiding your Shopify bot. It also has the highest success rate on the market. Target Shopify with unlimited concurrent connections and achieve over a 95% success rate. Smartproxy sells the best Shopify proxies in the world, with a track record of performance.


IcedOutProxies is one of the top Shopify proxies available if you are seeking the best proxies for your Shopify bot. These proxies are entirely from the United States. They come with unlimited bandwidth and the price starts at $10 per week.

One feature you will appreciate about these proxies is that their servers are in the New York, Virginia, and Chicago areas, where many Shopify stores are housed. They designed these data center proxies to be both quick and safe. With IcedOutProxies, you get nearly 100% uptime.

However, you can’t utilize them for YezzySupply since YeezySupply is one of the most stringent sneaker shops out there. While it is a Shopify site, it is extremely tight due to its relationship with Adidas. For these, you must utilize residential proxies.


Stormproxies is a service that can give decent Shopify proxies. While it does not offer substantially different functionality from its competitors, it is certainly more affordable. The most significant disadvantage of this provider is the limited number of available proxies. It is the smallest number we have seen in many years, with only 40 thousand in their IP pool.

Another major disappointment for most is the lack of information on the location of the proxies. The only information provided is that they are from the United States and the European Union. Having an automatic rotation function is a wonderful addition, and the fact that everything in the dashboard is well organized makes it ideal for first-time users.

This Shopify proxy provider shines at pricing. The low cost, combined with the variety of packages, draws multiple customers. All prices include unlimited bandwidth, so you are just paying for the proxies you will need. Because it is so inexpensive, there is no trial period. Also, you get a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

Other Tips

Security. Except for specified Shopify proxies, do not use any other form of proxy. You are using a proxy to submit credit card information. If you rely on a free proxy for this, you may wind up paying a high price.

Close location. A server in one country and proxies in another is the equivalent of going one step forward and two steps backward. Make sure your proxies are near your server and the servers of the business.

Credit card. Set each Shopify proxy to auto-fill with a different payment card. This is the one factor that actually restricts your capacity to use an infinite number of proxies. Shopify sites see multiple requests using the same credit card details as a red signal, and they ban you as a result.


We do not advocate utilizing any of the free Shopify solutions accessible on the internet. In the case of a free proxy, your sensitive information will transit through an untrusted node, putting your data at risk.

Regardless of whatever Shopify bot you use, combining it with proxies is the best way to use it. Our list of providers that offer Shopify proxies for bots includes a wide range with varying prices and performance. Pick the best ISP proxies provider for sneaker bots right now!