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Shifter, which has been rated as the foremost entity in the proxy market, was established back in 2012 with the single goal to implement the best proxy quality. There have been a variety of businesses that have appeared over the years, but Shifter remains one of the strongest. It is still one of the best providers with proxy services at an affordable cost.

Shifter is one of the most prosperous proxy providers in the market. These segments grant an unbiased analysis of its performance, pricing, client support, coupons, and much more important news about Shifter.


There is no service on the market without disadvantages. Nonetheless, how can you enjoy the advantages and adjust to the disadvantages? That is the problem you must solve yourself.

Storm Proxies and Shifter have the most affordable pricing based on the number of ports for residential proxies.

If you are on the market for premium residential proxies, you must check out instead SmartProxy and Bright Data. There you will get premium residential IPs but at a more expensive cost. If this is an issue but you still need premium residential proxies, see more about NetNut and Oxylabs.

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Shifter offers backconnect proxies with real broadband, digital cable, and DSL residential IPs; dedicated proxies with high-speed data center IPs as a dedicated solution; shared proxies with high-speed data center IPs shared between 3 clients. Here you can get backconnect proxies for every purpose and compatible with any software on the market.

The IP addresses are changing every 5 minutes. Moreover, you get high anonymous proxies with near-unlimited bandwidth. Shifter is using innovative cloud services, while continuously upgrading its capabilities. Therefore, you get a high degree of stability and support. Also, geo-targeting is available for any country in the world. The residential proxies given by Shifter may not be the cheapest proxies but the quality is great.

Their dedicated datacenter proxies are used by only one person, while their shared datacenter proxies are normally shared among 5 other users. Note that datacenter proxies are static proxies. They can be changed once a month if there is an issue with them.


By buying residential proxies from Shifter, you get a certain number of ports. Each of them can hold the same IP address for 5-10 minutes. You can adjust the required time on the dashboard. However, you can select up to 5 websites where you want your proxies to run. You can pick a custom time for how many minutes one gateway will operate with the same residential IP address. The lowest period is 5 minutes. The highest interval is not restricted.

Shifter has a user-friendly dashboard. All is simplified so that it provides a proper view of your proxy server. There are many features in this dashboard. Here, you are capable to obtain and view your existing subscription plan, change to another subscription plan, acquire access to your backconnect proxies, follow your traffic, whitelist up to 10 IP addresses, add targeted websites, and so on.

The 24/7 customer support is what gets Shifter ahead of its rivals. The best professionals make certain that the problems of the buyers are impeccably solved. You can rest assured that whenever you contact them, you will get your problem easily and quickly solved. You can talk to them directly live using Skype or fill the contact form. Customer support will make you understand that you are in the right hands.

The response time of Shifter’s proxies is up to the mark and it is regarded as one of the best proxy services in the business. The response time is great and you can distribute ports to precise nations. City-level targeting is not possible.

All proxies come with near-unlimited bandwidth. For residential proxies, the limit is very high, at about 40 GB/port. This indicates that you do not have to fret about big data transfers or streaming when you are using proxies. You can use your proxies as much as you want, granted that you pay for them each month. Shifter supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.

Customer Support

Over the years, Shifter has worked hard to compile a team of experts for users to turn to when they encounter difficulty setting up their proxies. As far as customer relations are concerned, I give Shifter a “B”. This is because aside from offering one of the easiest dashboards. They also provide a ticket system for technical support where users can receive responses within 10 minutes.

As if that wasn’t good enough, Shifter also provides a live chat option. Therefore, users can get direct access to a live online agent to report any challenge they might face while using their service. Additionally, users can access a well-developed FAQ page to find answers to common questions and challenges that arise when using the service for the first time.


Most proxy providers don’t make their refund policies transparent. Shifter is an entirely distinctive matter. The organization reassures its clients that if the proxies will not do the job for which they have been acquired they will receive their funds back. Although, Shifter does not have a free trial option, with this 3-day money-back guarantee you are sure to get the best result while you work with the product.


The pricing varies according to the number of ports. Shifter offers backconnect proxies, private dedicated proxies, and shared dedicated proxies. All of these proxies have different subscription plans, each of them with unlimited bandwidth. Shifter does not limit the data transfer for datacenter proxies, instead restricts usage by the number of ports.

For private backconnect proxies with residential IPs, there are 10 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $249.99/month for 10 proxies and it goes as high as $79 999.98/month for 4000 special backconnect proxies.

For dedicated proxies with datacenter IPs, there are 7 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $25/month for 5 proxies and it goes as high as $2500/month for 500 dedicated proxies.

Finally, for shared proxies with datacenter IPs, there are 7 subscription plans. The cheapest one is at $30/month for 10 proxies and it goes as high as $2000/month for 1000 shared proxies.

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