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Scraper API

Scraper API is a proxy API that allows you to scrape web pages. This service is among the finest on the market now for proxy APIs. This API can handle proxies and CAPTCHAs automatically. With a single API call, you can access the HTML of any website. The Scraper API provides customers with a massive 40 million+ residential IPs to select from, as well as limitless bandwidth, making it one of the most popular brands for online scraping.

Scraper API’s pool of residential proxy servers lets users target over 50 geolocations from over 12 countries worldwide. Another interesting thing about the Scraper API that has made it so popular among web scrapers is its ability to rotate the IP addresses with each request. Thus, it prevents IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. 


When it comes to web scraping, Scraper API is one of the best options available. Yet, like every other provider on the market, Scraper API has a few flaws that might not make it the best choice for you. 

In the first place, the provider does not offer live chat support, which makes it somewhat harder to get real-time support when it is required. I recommend you purchase web scraping solutions from Apify if this is something you are concerned about.


Just like the name suggests, Scraper API focuses only on web scraping. However, unlike some scraping tools in the market, this provider takes care of the proxy aspect all on its own. Thus, it gives you the time to work on the data scraped. Scraper API lets you access a pool of over 40 million IPs from 12 countries around the world. These IPs are carefully selected from some of the best proxy providers on the market. 

Mobile 3G/4G proxies, static and rotating residential proxies, and datacenter proxy servers are included here. Scraper API boasts of over 20 million mobile proxies, thousands of static and rotating residential proxies, as well as datacenter proxies, which you can use for your web scraping tasks on any website with just a simple API call.


Scraper API allows users to test their service with no limit on their basic features for free for up to 7 days with no card requirement. This allows first-time users to determine whether the service delivered is worth it before making real purchases. 

Users can make purchases using a variety of methods. These include wire transfers, PayPal, and popular cards like VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. However, the provider does not accept payment from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Scraper API charges per number of concurrent threads and successful API requests. As such, it offers users unlimited bandwidth, making it a good choice for bandwidth-demanding projects.

The API comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it very suitable for first-time users. This is because most of the technical aspects of the API are automated. Yet, you can make changes and customize certain aspects like sticky sessions and rotation time to suit your project.

The pool size for Scraper API is quite large. However, it only covers 12 nations globally. Because users may only pick from 50 areas, its geo-targeting feature is limited.

Customer Support

As far as customer support goes, Scraper API’s not doing much, according to my assessment. Why? Unlike most of its competitors on the market today, this provider only offers tickets and email support. It has no live chat feature. It might not be a concern for every customer, but the live chat has proven to be a very useful tool for clients looking for real-time help when using their purchased products.

Aside from the lack of live chat, their email support response time is nothing to write home about. Though it isn’t the worst you can imagine, Scraper API’s support team guarantees a response to emails within 48 hours, which isn’t as good as it could be.


Scraper API is one of the most important names you can’t afford to overlook when it comes to free trials. The provider allows first-time users to access up to 1,000 API requests for free with no down payment or commitment required for 7 days which is very impressive. 

Using this feature, both first-time, as well as experienced web scrapers, can assess whether the provided performance matches their needs for scraping. 


Scraper API is one of the cheapest scraping solutions you can get your hands on. Their cheapest plan is capped at just $29 per month. They provide 3 predetermined monthly plans and a fourth one that can be customized based on your needs. 

  • Hobby – This is the cheapest plan you can get your hands on from this provider. It gives you up to 250,000 API requests, 10 concurrent threads, and email support access for only $29 every month
  • Startup – Users can take advantage of this uber-efficient plan. It allows for a maximum of 1M API calls as well as 25 concurrent threads. It allows users to target IPs from the United States using their geotargeting functionality with $99 per month.
  • Business – At $249 per month, the Business plan is the most expensive package. It allows users to request up to 3 million API calls, target over 12 IP locations, access to their pool of residential proxies, JS rendering, and automatic JSON parsing. The users who choose this plan will also get priority email support, which means a faster response compared to those who pick the Startup or Hobby plans.
  • Enterprise – With the Enterprise plan, you can make purchases based on your requirements, not having to buy more than you need for your project. Users have access to over 50 IP locations, a dedicated support channel, residential proxies, auto JSON parsing, and custom anti-bot bypass features.


Scraper API through quality service delivery has made a name for itself as one of the leading brands when it comes to web scraping for businesses or projects of all kinds. Among its awesome features, the API eases the work of the user by handling proxies and CAPTCHA automatically, which makes it a good choice for newbies and experienced users at large.

Scraper API may have a few flaws, yet it is one of the best options you can ever get. Well, do you have a web scraping task to complete? Enjoy up to 1000 free API requests without monetary commitment. Click here to buy the best scraping API from Scraper API.