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How to save money on flights using proxies?

Why should you save money on flights using proxies? Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, finding flight deals that do not affect your wallet can be very challenging. Going through many travel sites just to find a good deal can be a time-consuming task. The worst part is that prices continue to fluctuate upward.

The reason why you may not always be able to establish a good offer in terms of flight prices is that comparative websites usually track your location and offer you prices based on where you are and demand the rate from that specific location. The best way to avoid all this hassle and save money on flights is by using proxies.

Why are the prices different?

Booking sites see your location, the currency you are using, the point of sale, and other important things. It is typical that buyers in different countries see different prices for the same airline, destination, and date of travel.

It goes without saying that if you want to save on airline tickets without wasting too much time looking for a good deal on different sites, then the best bet is to simply hide your location and browsing history using a proxy.

Navigate from a low-income country

Use a proxy to set your IP address in a low-income country and track the price difference. For example, if you set up a proxy with an IP address from India, you will see lower prices than if you booked your flight from the US.

Even if the calendar and the airlines are the same, the prices change. Switching your location to a lower-income country can make a big difference if you are on a budget.

Clear browsing history

Booking sites can get your location and browsing history based on cookies and adjust prices accordingly. Deleting cookies and browsing history can help you reset prices, allowing you to see your initial airfare.

However, there is no assurance that you will be able to get cheaper prices than if you were browsing anonymously using a proxy. Some travelers say that browsing the international version of a travel site could allow you to see different price quotes for airline tickets.

Mix and match flights

If you have all the time in the world but are more concerned with saving money, consider mixing your flight choices. For example, you can select a one-stop flight. These are often much cheaper, regardless of your destination.

You could also achieve considerable savings by flying back and forth from other airports or with different airlines.


If you are concerned about the legitimacy of using a proxy to book flights, you can be at ease knowing that travel sites and airlines do not have a problem with this. These sites actually mention different prices for customers in different geographic locations. Anonymous browsing using a proxy can help you take advantage of these differences and make significant savings.

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