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RSocks is one of several proxy providers that offer a diverse selection of proxies to meet all of your proxy requirements. Rsocks provides a large pool of IPs created for a variety of purposes. However, they mostly provide residential proxies.

They also provide VPN services that can be used just as residential proxies but with other great features and improved security. It is one of the best providers in the market and comes with several interesting features.

RSocks Alternatives

There is no provider in the market that has no flaws. Though RSocks comes with lots of cool features, it isn’t without fault. They only offer proxies for a limited number of locations. You can check Stormproxies and Shifter if you want proxies from locations worldwide. Luminati and SmartProxy also offer quality premium proxy solutions though at higher rates but trust me; every dollar counts with the services they provide. 

RSocks Proxies

RSocks is known for providing datacenter proxies and rotating residential proxies from 68 countries and VPNs from servers in 26 countries and 40 mobile operators. Their proxies come with cool features that can make their use worthwhile; this includes unlimited data and SOCKS5 support.

  • Rsocks offers residential proxies from a pool of over 8 million IPs in 68 different countries, including the USA, Russia, and China. They also provide IPs in several locations in Europe.
  • They also offer data center proxies with uptimes of up to 99.9% and maximum speeds. RSocks dedicated proxies are suitable for all types of tasks, especially tasks that require fast data transfer and network stability.
  • Aside from residential and datacenter proxies, RSocks also provide private mobile proxies with unlimited data and in-house rotation (IPs change automatically after every 5 minutes). Their mobile proxies also support all protocols and come with a 24-hour customer support service. 

Though RSocks comes with many cool features, it has a smaller pool compared to other competitors. Their IPs are also located in only a few countries hence limiting geo-targeting.

RSocks Review

RSocks provides proxy solutions for all your proxy needs. You can use their proxies for almost any proxy-related task. This includes data mining/scraping, ad verification, social media, and more. With RSocks, you don’t need to worry about data caps or limits. This is because they offer proxy packages that come with unlimited bandwidth as you pay per the number of ports or connections, except for the Exclusive package they have recently introduced.

RSocks supports all protocols making it one of the best proxy providers in the market. It supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4/4A/5, making them more efficient for almost any proxy-related task. 

Their products come with in-house rotation functionality, which automatically rotates IPs after every 5 minutes. This helps in ensuring that no IP is blacklisted. RSocks also perform periodic checks to remove no performing and blacklisted IPs from the pool while adding new ones.

Another cool feature is their mobile IPs which are great for a ton of proxy uses. The private mobile IPs also change after every 5 minutes making your browsing safe and secured.

RSocks comes with an easy-to-use dashboard though not highly customizable. The dashboard provides information on usage, active connections, and other important statistics.

They offer a wide number of payment methods that users can use in purchasing their preferred plans. This includes cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and ethereum), Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, etc.

RSocks also allows users to purchase proxies depending on the length or duration of the project at hand. This prevents wasting extra cash if you only need the proxies for just a short period of time. You can purchase proxies for an hour, a day, week, or month depending on your schedule.

RSocks Customer Support

In terms of customer support, I can testify that RSocks is doing great, even better than some of the big names in the industry. For starters, it offers a very detailed FAQ to aid users. In addition, the company offers customer support through email, where users receive a response within a few hours of submitting their complaints.

Aside from these options, RSocks also offers a very nice and effective live chat service with agents online 24/7 to assist users around the clock. The customer support was very responsive. I contacted them through the live chat and received feedback in just a minute, which I thought was pretty fast. See the screenshot below.

RSocks live chat
RSocks live chat

RSocks Free Trial

The trial and refund policies are also a bit weird as compared to other providers. Their free trials come with a limited number of features and can be used for an hour at most which aren’t very sufficient in deciding if their products satisfy your needs. You can only request a refund for purchases from $50 and above within 24 hours. They can only refund datacenter plans within an hour after purchase. 

RSocks grants its users the opportunity to test their products with limited features for a limited time. The trial period depends mainly on the type of plan purchased.  According to a customer support representative, the trial period usually lasts for an hour. 

Unlike most providers, RSocks also offers a list of free proxies servers for anonymous browsing from different locations worldwide.

RSocks Pricing

It offers a ton of affordable proxy plans based on the type of proxy, the number of IPs, and the location. Unlike most providers, it gives you the chance to purchase proxy plans for a day, week, or month depending on the duration of your project. The subscriptions come with unlimited bandwidth and up to 20% update every 2 hours.

  • Over 7000 United States residential IPs at $30/day, $150/week, and $600 monthly.
  • More than 4500 Russian residential IPs at the same rates.
  • Over 7000 European residential IPs at the same rates.
  • More than 20,000 Chinese residential IPs with up to 500 threads at $50/day, $200/week, and $700/month. 
RSocks subscriptions plans
RSocks subscriptions plans

You can purchase the World Mix plan for heavy and demanding tasks, which comes with many locations worldwide, with over 54,000 IPs at $120/day, $600/week, $2400/month. 

  • 1000 IPs with up to 500 threads and unlimited bandwidth in Austria, Belgium, and other locations in Europe at $9/day, $29/week, and $99/month.
  • 5000 IPs with up to 500 threads in the United States at $29/day, $89/week, and $329/month.
 World Mix plan
World Mix plan

RSocks gives users access to mobile IPs from 40 mobile operators.

  • $5 for mobile IPs in Switzerland, New Zealand, or the UK.
  • $10/day, $30/week (that is $4/day), and $100 every month for USA mobile IPs.
RSocks Mobile Plans
RSocks Mobile Plans

It offers two VPN packages that you can purchase for a day, week, or month just as their residential and datacenter proxies.

  • Single VPN package for a day at $9.9, $43.2 for a week and $56.4 for a month.
  • Double VPN package offers connection to two VPN servers at $19.8 for a day, $86.4 for a week, and $112.8 for a monthly subscription.
RSocks VPN Packages
RSocks VPN Packages