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RSocks Cons

RSocks is one of several proxy providers that offer a diverse selection of proxies to meet all of your proxy requirements. Customers can select proxies according to their needs and demands. As one of the best proxy services on the market, they offer proxies from a carefully selected pool of high-quality IP addresses. However, it is not without flaws; therefore, before you buy, consider the following RSocks cons.

RSocks has a total of 8 million residential and datacenter IPs from 68 different countries. Additionally, they offer IPs from 34 mobile carriers as well as VPN services from 10 different countries. They provide proxies that handle SOCKS4/4A/5 protocols in addition to HTTP/HTTPS, as the name implies. Without further ado, let’s look at some of this provider’s drawbacks.

Limited Location Coverage

The main problem with RSocks is their limited coverage. Even though RSocks claims to have proxies in 68 countries, they only provide residential proxies from 4 locations. The countries involved are the United States, Europe, China, and Russia. As predicted, this makes RSock a poor choice if you want to target an area or nation other than these.

The majority of proxy users don’t have a problem with this. Some use cases, such as ad verification and travel fare aggregation, require specific geolocations to access data as authentic users in that region. In this case, I recommend purchasing proxies from SmartProxy, which offers IPs in over 195 countries worldwide.

Unimpressive IP Pool

If you have ever purchased residential proxies from premium providers like Oxylabs, who boast over 100 million IPs, you would realize that RSocks is not breaking any records in terms of pool size. While this might not sound like a con, you should know that sharing IPs from a smaller pool with other users increases the chances of your account getting blocked. As such, with a small pool size, the chances that other users might have caused the IPs to be flagged for suspicious activities increases and might cause your account or IP to get banned.

If the pool size of RSocks is an issue for you, I propose purchasing from Oxylabs or Bright Data, which have 100 million and 72 million IPs, respectively. SmartProxy also sells proxies for $75 a month, giving you access to over 40 million IPs worldwide.

Strict Free Trial and Refund Policy

As far as free trials and return procedures go, the residential proxy market is not as accommodating as one might expect. In any case, I feel that it is preferable not to offer a free trial at all than to offer one that is only a teaser. RSocks only offers a free trial for a limited period. In this case, the users finish their allocations before they understand if what they will pay for is worth it.

Getting a refund from RSocks is also not easy. This is because users have to fulfill very strict refund policies, which to me seem pretty extreme. While some packages offer refunds within 24 hours, others do not offer a refund at all. Their mobile proxy plans, for instance, require less than 20MB of usage for refunds to be made. 

If you find this absurd or unfavorable for your project, you can try ProxyRack and get a 14-day money-back guarantee for all purchases.

Single Authentication Method

Another one of RSocks cons is that it currently provides only a single proxy authorization method, which is IP Authentication. Even so, you can only whitelist a single IP address using this authentication method. To be able to add more than a single IP address to the proxy authentication, you will have to pay some extra cash

When it comes to proxies, there are two primary authentication techniques. You can use IP authentication or username/password authentication. Most proxy users prefer the latter method since it is the easiest and most convenient.

Do you want to buy proxies that enable username and password authentication? I recommend buying IPs from Shifter or Bright Data.

RSocks Pros

RSocks cons make it far from perfect, but what it can accomplish, it does well. And, for the price, it offers a little bit of what you would expect from a proxy service. Take a look at what we believe are the strengths:

  • Unrestricted bandwidth. You can get unlimited bandwidth from various proxy providers. Read Residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth.
  • SOCKS5 compatibility. RSocks probably picked their name based on this feature.
  • Several proxy types available, such as personal proxy, residential proxies, and so on.
  • Fast proxies. Users who tested various shared proxies have discovered that the speed is rather decent. We were unable to evaluate the speed of other types of proxies.
  • A large number of places. The limited coverage is only for residential proxies. If you want another type of proxies, then RSocks can accomodate you with IPs from 68 countries worldwide.
  • Pricing packages that are reasonably priced and can be customized according to your needs.
  • The dashboard is simple to use. It does not keep track of your usage statistics since you have limitless traffic.
  • Up to 500 concurrent threads. You may not change the maximum number of threads during an active plan since you must determine that at plan purchase.
  • Excellent customer service, particularly the 24/7 live chat customer service
  • A variety of different privacy products available. Anyone likes the potential to buy VPN if needed.


Consider whether a service is worth your time and money before settling down or purchasing it. RSocks is one of the top proxy providers on the market. However, it is not without faults.

That notwithstanding, it is up to you, the user, to decide if any of the RSocks cons raised in this article will in any way affect you or your project before purchasing from the provider. You can also check the alternatives provided to help you get the best deal. What are you waiting for? Pick a provider to buy the best proxy now!