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Residential Proxies Use Cases

Residential proxy networks use real residential IP addresses. The proxy providers lease these IPs from end-users or purchase them directly from Internet service providers. By using these IP addresses, your requests will appear to be coming from real residences, making them highly efficient and almost undetectable. There are many residential proxies use cases, many of which we will discover in this article.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you must know that there are some very important factors for the growth of your company. For example, accurate data regarding the competition, brand protection, price and ad verification, etc. If you are interested in using residential proxies to uncover new business opportunities and make a profit on the Internet, then read further to find out everything you can do with them.

Data Extraction

To remain competitive and provide consumers with the best products and prices, companies need broad data sets. Data collection is a common practice for most companies. A key part of their business growth strategy is collecting accurate data. For example, you can scrape social media sites for people’s data or collect pricing intelligence by collecting data from e-commerce websites. 

Increasingly sophisticated technologies based on personalized services make it impossible for consumers to gather the necessary data. A website will block you from scraping information when it identifies you. Some of these methods block IP addresses, while others block bots. 

Making the web transparent again, meaning looking at websites as the average consumer would, is crucial for collecting the kind of data that suits your business. It is possible to overcome these blockades with a transparent, truthful view of a city- or country-targeted residential proxy through the use of the right settings, which will allow you to collect the most accurate data possible.

Comparing Prices

One of the most common uses of residential proxies is comparing prices. Online retailers, travel sites, and e-commerce companies understand the importance of price comparison. Keeping up with competitors’ prices is how companies keep an edge in the market. When their competition tries to access their site, these websites know and feed them inaccurate and useless information to help keep prices competitive.

You can collect the most accurate data by simulating a real customer. A real-user IP address will allow you to be seen as a customer as opposed to a competitor, so that you can collect accurate pricing information in any country or city throughout the world.

Ads Verification

As part of the advertising landscape of today, affiliate marketers verify their inventory and supply. Ensure the effectiveness of online campaigns by verifying affiliate links, inspecting publisher websites for ad placement, and making sure no malware is present. It is common for fraudsters to be aware when their partners are accessing their site and to provide them with inaccurate information.

Your campaign data can be verified for accuracy by simulating real users in the country and/or city your campaign is targeting. When using real user IP addresses, you will be considered a customer rather than an affiliate and will be able to collect relevant advertising data across the globe to verify the authenticity of affiliate links and ads.

Brand Protection

Protecting your brand is a crucial aspect of your daily operations. Despite being intangible, logos, ideas, innovations, and brands take time to develop and even longer to establish recognition. This hard work could be ruined if another individual or company misrepresented, misused, reproduced, or resold these copyrighted materials. Copyright infringers track IP addresses to be able to change their images, wording, and website content according to the user’s preferences.

A whole industry has been developed to track down pirates, but pirates are adept at hiding their tracks. You can appear as a regular customer when you use a residential IP address. Thus, you can stop copyright squatters from misusing your materials. You can determine accurate geographic locations based on the IP address of a real customer. Also, you can see any misused or copied content.

SEO Purposes

Accuracy is critical, whether tracking rank, looking at translations, checking local listings, or reviewing Google’s mobile-first index. You can greatly improve your results by using country, city, ISP, and ASN-specific IP addresses. 

One of the most important residential proxies use cases is SEO. Finding out how you rank, in what location, and in which language is critical to determining whether your marketing efforts are successful. Using premium proxy networks you can see your results in real-time instead of relying on trial and error.

Market Research

Almost all companies nowadays operate internationally, taking advantage of the variety of market opportunities. No matter whether you are entering a new market or retaining a competitive advantage in an existing one, understanding the economic climate is important. Indeed, borders do not exist online. This is why accuracy is crucial when evaluating a new location, its competitors, and its customers.

There are multiple residential proxies use cases for market research. By routing your requests through local IP addresses in the geolocation you are interested in, a residential proxy network will give you the most accurate data. The right proxy network can ensure unbiased, reliable research data collection. This is a fact regardless of whether you are collecting product data, e-commerce research, or public opinion research.

Website Testing

Websites adapt their content as well as ads and third-party data based on where a user is located. It can be challenging to test on your local desktop. Engineers, developers, and quality analysts who generate and maintain websites need to conduct tests on them. The success of a website depends on ensuring that its code, ads, and web applications are functioning correctly. Getting the right parameters and environment is the first step to conducting accurate testing.

Analysts need to simulate real users when creating an ideal testing environment. To achieve this, you must use the right types of software, capture the proper device fingerprints, and assign geolocated IP addresses. Combining a proxy network service with any automation tool will allow you to easily test website performance. You want to test from a variety of geographic locations. Also, if your adaptive content requires it, you will need to test it on different IP types. This means using residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies.


As you have already seen, residential proxies use cases are numerous. Also, most of them are useful for any business or entrepreneur. Do you want to keep up with the competition? Then read this before you buy residential proxies.