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Shifter has been rated as one of the best and most popular providers in the proxy market. Established far back in 2012, Shifter aims to implement the best proxy quality and performance. The market has a ton of providers these days, with new ones popping up almost every day. Even though there are some Shifter cons, it has remained one of the strongest options today.

Shifter is still one of the best providers offering quality proxy services at an affordable cost with a whopping 31M IPs. Though it is one of the best, it is not without fault. This article talks about some of the noticeable flaws of Shifter as well as the technical cons associated with the use of Shifter. It should be noted that this article only aims to bring to your attention the flaws in Shifter; you can choose, however, to ignore these flaws by looking on the brighter side of things.

Limited Proxy Locations

Shifter has a limited number of locations for its proxies. Some clients have complained of receiving non-geo-selected IPs. While they have used the default proxy settings for US access and made no other changes, Mongolia or Hong Kong were displayed when using the proxies.

If you are looking for proxies allowing geo-targeting from multiple locations, check out SmartProxy, which is available in over 195 countries worldwide. If you want more residential IPs, you can also look into Bright Data, which offers a pool of 72M IPs for homes across the world, from top locations like the US, UK, Russia, Asia, and Italy.

No free trial period

Although Shifter offers a trial policy for new users, they have to fully pay for their proxy plan to test the service to see if it matches the standards of their project. This makes it unfavorable for skeptical proxy users. However, Shifter guarantees a full refund within 3 days of purchase except for Bitcoin purchases.

For those who are searching for a proxy for the very first time, proxy providers like NetNut will most certainly be the best option. You can easily work your way around with a proxy plan without having to commit.

Short trial period

The 3 days paid trial period offered by Shifter is not the best. This is why it gets to our Shifter cons list. In the end, 3 days is simply not sufficient time to fully evaluate the proxy’s performance to determine whether it effectively meets the purpose for which the user intends to buy the proxy plan.

NetNut is known for offering free trials for up to an entire week which is very impressive. It offers users up to 7 days of the free trial. It is enough time for you to decide whether their proxies are worth your time and money. ProxyRack also offers a paid trial up to 14 days. Users are guaranteed a full refund if they are not satisfied with their performance after purchasing the proxy plan. 

Not the cheapest

Using Shifter backconnect services, residential and datacenter proxies are available starting at $250 a month, which is not the cheapest you can get on the market. Shifter provides cheaper plans as compared to other providers like Bright Data (formerly Luminati). But users requiring a large number of IP addresses might end up spending more than with another provider.

Premium proxy providers like Oxylabs offer datacenter proxies for as low as $180 per month subscription. This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth as they charge per the number of IPs. ProxyRack, another provider known for providing very cheap proxy plans, offers private residential proxies for just $65.95 per month.

Not very fast

Shifter is fast, but it tends to lag a bit behind other providers. This is especially true when a large number of concurrent connections are being held. Typically, Shifter’s proxies tend to run extremely fast when running a few connections at once, which makes it suitable for projects not requiring multiple connections. According to some users who have reviewed Shifter on Reddit, the proxies perform averagely in terms of speed when a large number of connections is handled simultaneously.

If you are looking for speed, you can check out Bright Data. It is known to guarantee one of the fastest proxy speeds in the market. Despite their advantages, they can be very costly, and come with limited bandwidth, depending on the amount of data transferred per month.

No Live Chat

The Shifter service has an excellent customer support team to assist customers when the need arises, but it lacks a live chat feature, a common tool that most proxy users consider to be mandatory. Shifter makes use of tickets rather than live chat, which is one of the Shifter cons.  Their users who we came across said it will be great to have the ability to communicate and receive help directly from the dashboard.

Live chats make it possible for users to directly and immediately chat with online agents. Thus, you can receive help without the need to create a ticket or send an email. Infatica, another great proxy provider, allows users to chat directly with agents using their live chat, though it is pretty much primitive. In addition to their live chat feature, Oxylabs also offers a very impressive response time. This allows users to directly interact with agents in real-time.


In the proxy business, people consider Shifter as one of the best and leading providers. It highlights some of the best and most interesting features you will ever find. But, like every other provider, Shifter is not flawless. 

The choice as to whether Shifter is suitable for your project is up to you to decide. Before settling down, take a look at Shifter cons mentioned above. Also, check out the alternatives you have in terms of other providers.

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