We no longer recommend NetNut because of their extensive onboarding process that absolutely none of our visitors have yet passed. You can check out SmartProxy, Oxylabs, or Bright Data if you are looking for the best proxies. Also, we suggest Stormproxies, Shifter, or Proxyrackif you are looking for the best ratio of value for money.

NetNut is one of the best premium proxy providers that offer premium proxy solutions at very affordable prices. They provide direct ISP connectivity with no dependency on an end-user, bringing faster proxy speeds. You can also target any country and set a static or rotating residential proxy directly from your browser using the NetNut Chrome Extension

The NetNut comes with a dashboard that provides users with real-time statistics updates. These include total usage, usage per country, and the number of requests. The pricing plans are monthly and can be changed anytime based on your needs. This proxy provider is faster, stable, and secure. 

NetNut Alternatives

Just like every other provider in the market, NetNut has a few cons. This provider offers premium proxy solutions though not quite expensive as compared to other premium proxy providers. However, NetNut does not support the SOCKS5 protocol. You can check Oxylabs and ProxyRack if you are looking for IPs that support SOCKS4/SOCKS5.

 If you are looking for a cheaper proxy solution, you can check Shifter or StormProxy. Bright Data and SmartProxy also offer premium proxy solutions but at higher prices. However, the choice is yours. 

NetNut Proxies

NetNut offers static and rotating residential proxies that come with a lot of cool features. Though NetNut does not have a large pool of IPs than other premium providers like Luminati, proxies offered by this provider are relatively fast.

NetNut offers one of the fastest and stable residential IPs in the business today. This is because they do not depend on P2P (peer-to-peer) networks like most proxy providers. This provider works with DiViNetworks, which operates with over 100 ISPs. They offer residential IPs with direct ISP connectivity. Thus, you will use one-hop connectivity rather than an end-user’s device. This means that you will have better security and, most importantly, a faster proxy speed.

NetNut Review

NetNut offers premium proxies at comparable lower prices starting at $300 per month. There is little to complain about when it comes to this provider because its residential proxies are the best for any task.

NetNut comes with a 24-hour customer support service that will help you configure and fix any problem that you might face while using their service. It offers unlimited concurrent connections. This is because their plans are charged on bandwidth. 

You can also use their Chrome extension to switch your IP addresses as you browse the internet. The extension is simple to use and allows you easily select your target country from a pull-down menu. 

NetNut is easy to set up and use. They have an easy-to-use dashboard which makes everything simple. You can analyze your usage statistics and renew your subscription right from the dashboard, though it doesn’t come with a live chat. You can also set up sub-users and monitor their usage as NetNut supports reselling.

NetNut doesn’t support SOCKS5 just like many of its peers; it only supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Also, the IP whitelisting function is only available in its top-tier plans.

Customer Support

NetNut goes about its customer support very differently as compared to most of its competitors in the business. They do not offer live chat on their website. The company provides each customer with an account manager alongside a live Skype chat to facilitate communication between the account manager and the client.

The account managers reply to messages as soon as they see them. Users can also get support through email if their account manager is not helpful. 

NetNut Free Trial

Another cool thing about this provider is its 7-day free trial policy that gives you the chance to experience their service and decide if it fulfills your requirements. This is to give you a feel of what they offer.

The free offer that lasts for 7 days comes with all the basic features. The free trial helps you to decide if it is worth your while. Because of this, there is no refund policy.

NetNut Pricing

NetNut has two main packages: subscription plans based on bandwidth and request-based packages.

The bandwidth-based package comes with six subscription plans, from which you can choose according to your budget and need.

  • Starter Plan offers a total of 20GB for $300 for a month, thus you will pay $15/GB. This plan comes with static residential IPs, email support, and a Chrome Extension.
  • Advanced Plan offers a total of  50GB for $600 per month, rendering a price of $12.5/GB. Like the Starter plan, the Advanced plan comes with email support, a Chrome extension, and static residential IPs.
  • Production Plan offers 100GB for an $800 monthly subscription, at $8/GB. This offer comes with an IP whitelisting feature, Chrome extension, static residential IPs, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Semi-Pro Plan offers 250 GB for $1625 per month, thus you will pay $6.5/GB. It comes with City/State selection, API access, IP whitelisting, and all the basic features of this proxy provider, including the Chrome extension.
  • Professional Plan offers 500 GB for $2500 per month, rendering a price of $5/GB. It comes with all the features and benefits as the previous plan.
  • Master Plan is the most expensive plan at $4000 per month for 1 TB. It comes with all the benefits and features mentioned above, and, on top of that, it has a competitive price of $4/GB.

NetNut also has three plans based on the number of requests. All plans include API access, IP whitelist, the Chrome extension, city/state selection, static residential IPs, and dedicated account manager.

  • Plus Plan comes with 50M requests for $7500.  
  • Pro Plan gives you 100M requests for $12500.
  • Enterprise Plan includes 150M requests for $25000.

As said earlier, NetNut does not have a refund policy as it allows users to test its basic features for up to a week.

NetNut Chrome Extension

NetNut Chrome Extension has a user-friendly interface. This means you do not have to go through the proxy integration process. Now you can immediately access and work with your proxies from Google Chrome. You can already choose the country from the main window and the kind of proxy you will use: static or rotating. You can also shift the proxy on and off, review the amount of traffic or remove your cookies and cache.

After your account is set up, you can connect to a handy dashboard that gives you real-time stats and graphs about system usage, total bandwidth, bandwidth per country, number of requests, and many more.

Unlock the web now with NetNut, the fastest residential proxy network.

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