Infatica is one of the newest proxy providers in the market today. Though relatively new to the business, Infatica has proven to be one of the best proxy providers by offering users quality proxy solutions.

Infatica provides users with residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies with HTTP/HTTPS support with SOCKS5 in trial stages. They offer both dedicated and shared residential proxies that you can use for almost every proxy-related task. Although it hasn’t been in business that long, it boasts over 2.5M residential IP addresses that have been carefully sourced worldwide.

Infatica Alternatives

As a young provider in the business Infatica is not without a few faults. Infatica offers premium proxy solutions at very high prices, which might not be suitable for low-budget projects. Username and password authentication, as well as city-level targeting, must also be requested to be used. However, the final decision as to whether Infatica is worth it is in your hands. 

If you are looking for cheaper proxy solutions for your project, you can check Oxylabs and NetNut for more affordable premium proxies. Proxy-Cheap and StormProxies offer one of the cheapest proxy plans on the internet today.


Infatica provides three types of proxies that can be used for any proxy-related task; data scraping, brand protection, marketing, etc. Infatica offers residential proxies, mobile proxies, and dedicated datacenter proxies.

It offers HTTP/HTTPS supported IPs from a pool of over 10M residential IPs worldwide, with top locations being in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East capped at $2/GB.

They also offer dedicated datacenter proxies with high anonymity and unlimited concurrent connections from a considerable pool of IPs specially selected by the provider to ensure the safety of its users. It also boasts an uptime of up to 99.5%.

Infatica Review

This is one of the newest faces in the world of proxies, fast-rising and building a positive reputation for delivering quality service to its users around the globe.

  • Impressive pool size: Though Infatica is a new provider, it boasts of over 10 million residential IPs and a pool of over 20K mobile IPs across the globe. Because the provider was established just in 2019, this is quite an accomplishment.
  • Complete control of proxies: Infatica allows users to have full control of their proxies. Users can thus utilize their product to its fullest potential, thereby maximizing the results.
  • Data scraping: Infatica performs quite well. Though it lags when compared to premium providers like Bright Data and SmartProxy.
  • Fast connection speed: In terms of speed, Infatica guarantees an outstanding connection speed, though not the fastest in the market. If you are looking for speed then, Infatica is one of the many choices you can pick.
  • Quick response time: Aside from having a fast connection speed, it also boasts one of the fastest response times. However, the residential proxies are a bit slower as compared to their datacenter proxies.
  • Easy to use: Though not the easiest, Infatica is pretty easy to use and suitable for first-time proxy users and people with little or no coding skill.

Although Infatica comes with a lot of cool features, users have to request some features. The software has many advanced features that are not standard for every provider. It includes city-level targeting, username and password authentication, and flexible subscription plans. Requesting for these features takes time as you would have to go through a customer representative. 

Customer Support

No matter how good a product is, a user might find himself or herself in a fix at some point. Infatica provides customer support via ticket submission and email, with responses within four hours, according to their FAQ. I tried opening a ticket and got a response within 5 minutes which was surprisingly good.  They also offer live chat, which is pretty primitive. But for a newbie like Infatica, that should not be a surprise.

Infatica Free Trial

Infatica offers a one-time free trial (no card or payment method required) for users (corporate users as their services are only for corporate users). However, users who request their free trial must provide a corporate email with a business domain name. 

Nevertheless, their team decides whether to approve or deny your application based on the details you submit for review.

Infatica Pricing

Infatica offers residential proxies and datacenter proxies charged per GB. They give users a choice to select from 5 predetermined residential proxy plans and datacenter proxy plans, and a sixth one is a customizable plan capped at a base price of $360.

  • The Start Plan, which is the cheapest residential proxy plan, comes with a base of 40GB at $360 per month and country-level geotargeting. Users can also purchase extra GBs at $9/GB. 
  • The Pro Plan offers users 100GB/month capped at $700 with extra GBs priced at $7/GB for users who might need more GBs to complete their project.
  • The Plus Plan provided allows users to purchase 400GB of bandwidth for a month at $2,400. Users of this plan can also purchase additional GBs at $6/GB, provided they need more GBs.  
  • The High Volume plan offers users 1,000GB/month capped at $3,500/month with extra GBs provided at $3.50/GB and is recommended for bandwidth-demanding projects.
  • The Bulk Volume plan comes with 10,000GB/month at $20,000 per month with additional GBs capped at $2/GB. The Bulk Volume plan, as can be seen, is also suitable for heavy-duty proxy jobs.
  • The Pay As You Go plan is the most customizable residential proxy plan you can get here. The user determines the total amount of GBs needed for his/her project. The Pay As You Go plan starts at $360/month with extra GBs at $12/GB.

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