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How to use residential proxies for Instagram?

Instagram proxies are private proxies with dedicated IPs. Social media managers use them to handle multiple Instagram accounts on the same device. You should use only residential proxies for Instagram.

How to use residential proxies for Instagram?

If you check out Fiverr and other online freelancer websites, you will notice many people selling social media services. Basically, these guys offer to manage social media accounts on behalf of their clients.

But imagine a social media manager from Fiverr who needs to manage 15 Instagram accounts at the same time. He is unable to do so with a regular internet connection. So the manager needs to get an Instagram proxy.

Ideally, you will seek to obtain 15 IPs (one for each account), thus performing the following:

  • Each account is managed separately
  • Each account is protected against blocks from other accounts (if one of the customers abuses IG and blocks the account, the other accounts have not been blocked).
  • Easier account management transfer. If the social media manager travels abroad, he will still use the same proxy to connect the accounts, so he won’t trigger any phone verification when he arrives abroad because he will continue to connect to the IG through the same proxy IP.

Rotating proxies are fine for Instagram if you make sure the proxies are from the same provider. Otherwise, Instagram is very likely to block you. Only Bright Data gives you the option to filter IPs by provider/ASN.

How to unblock an Instagram account?

When you try to create a new account, the user receives a lock notification and returns to the main page. A violation of one of the basic conditions described on the main page of the social network is causing this. Failure to create an account is associated with suspicious user activity. The system considers it a bot or spammer that creates advertising accounts and bans it.

To resolve this issue, there is a method that uses proxies. It is recommended that you try it on a computer:

  1. Install a proxy. Usually, Instagram blocks the account via IP, and the proxy will change it periodically. You can purchase this on several online services. You should select a country near your location to reduce the page load delay.
  2. Clear your browser history or enter incognito mode so that the system does not recognize the user.
  3. Activate the server. To do this, read the instructions on the provider’s website.
  4. After waiting for authorization on the Internet, create a new email because you can’t attach multiple pages on one address. We recommend using Gmail, as international services trust it more.
  5. Create a new Instagram account by connecting the created email to it.
  6. After registration, use your account as usual: subscribe to friends and celebrities, upload photos, etc. Do not overdo it, because excessive activity causes suspicion.
  7. A few days after registration, you should attach a phone to your account that you haven’t used it for any Instagram accounts. Virtual numbers are good for this, but it’s best to use the real one so you can restore your account in case of loss or temporary lock.
  8. If you have a Facebook account, connect it to Instagram. You should use an old account to carry on your activity. To create a link, go to settings.


Many people believe that using residential proxies for Instagram and other social media accounts involve performing blackhat socializations. But this is not the case. Managers buy social media proxies to handle multiple accounts at the same time. Managers who do not want to risk their customers’ accounts every time they connect.