We no longer recommmend packetstream.

Packetstream is the first residential proxy network that is powered by peer-to-peer technology, making a reliable service and bringing you innovative tools to help you achieve business success through automation. The IPs are legally obtained and the owners are getting paid for their unutilized bandwidth so everyone is happy.

Now you can test the performance of your site from any location in the world or use web automation tools without getting throttled. Also, you can specify which country to tunnel your traffic through. Packetstream does NOT offer a free trial( Here’s a list of providers who do) .

But to access the network, you pay for traffic and Packetstream accepts payments through Stripe or PayPal for a minimum of 50 dollars for 50GB of bandwidth. At this price range, Packetstream’s proxy service is almost comparable to the providers offering unlimited bandwidth. Packetstream is also compatible with any browser, operating system or automation tool which supports HTTP proxies.

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