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Proxy Services for Surveys

Everyone wants to make some more money in their spare time. You can make some extra money by taking paid internet surveys. However, many online survey sites ensure that only qualified users can use their platform. They scrutinize the nationalities of users before hiring them. Due to this, most high-paying survey companies will prevent you from enrolling on their website based on your location. That is why you need the best proxy services for surveys.

Have you ever received the dreaded notice, “We are presently not accepting employees from your region?” You may blame it on your Internet Protocol address. An IP address identifies your location when you connect to the internet. In most cases, survey sites use this information to identify your location and prevent you from accessing their survey board if you come from a specific region.

How to Circumvent Restrictions?

Online surveying is a delicate profession, and as previously mentioned, some organizations are rather picky about the nationalities of their recruits. If you reside in one of the limited areas but still want to generate some extra money, don’t give up just yet! The only way to get around the restrictions is to hide your IP address by using the best proxy services for surveys to access your targeted sites.

However, understanding the various proxy alternatives for your survey objectives is critical. Not all kinds of proxies can provide the amount of protection you seek. If a site detects that you are using a proxy, they will revoke your privileges. In the following section, we will guide you through the many types of survey proxies available to you.

Types of Proxies for Surveys

Residential proxies are perfect for doing online surveys without the risk of getting censored. You may sign up to work for any firm on the globe, no matter where you are. This type of proxy has one-of-a-kind IP addresses assigned to a city of your choosing. Furthermore, you may run many worker accounts with various IP addresses.

When you use rotating residential proxies, you may change your IP address whenever you wish to switch to another location. Depending on your demands, you choose a different address to access your various survey accounts. However, to avoid bans, you must purchase your proxy from the best proxy services for surveys.

Unlike residential proxies, datacenter proxies do not use residential IP addresses. It uses IP addresses generated artificially and is not associated with any Internet Service Provider. Cloud service providers offer them to many people at once. Although datacenter proxies are less expensive, they have several drawbacks and are easily detected.

How to Select the Best Proxy Services for Surveys?

A typical user might have difficulty grasping the concept of a proxy. If anything goes wrong with your connection, you could be at a loss for what to do. As a result, excellent support is an important consideration when selecting the best proxy service. Choose a proxy service provider that offers 24/7 assistance. It should be easy to reach customer service in case of problems.

Several internet users will advise you that using a proxy to access a survey site is dangerous. They are not incorrect, so you need a fast proxy to do the job quickly. You should not spend more than 30 minutes on a survey that should take no more than 5 minutes.

Cybersecurity is essential, especially when it comes to private information. You won’t have to worry about websites knowing your real location if you use a proxy server. However, the proxy provider can store logs and caches. In consequence, they may have access to some of your personal information. For this reason, you should only use reliable proxy providers.

The danger is that if they catch you using a proxy, they will ban your accounts. The risk of losing your entire investment is very high if you have not received all your profits and awards. Fortunately, the best proxy services for surveys listed below provide high-speed proxies.

3 Best Proxy Services for Surveys

Some providers might refer to their proxies as survey proxies. The term “survey proxy” is only used for marketing purposes since there is no specific requirement for accessing survey sites. Consequently, many of the providers on the list would not even use the name, yet they function just as well, if not better, than some branded survey proxy services.

Smartproxy is a supplier of rotating residential IP proxies. The company provides affordable and reliable residential proxy services. Every subscription includes access to the entire proxy pool, and the price is dependent on traffic volume.

  • 40 million residential IPs
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • 195+ countries (including 50 USA states)
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • 3-day money-back guarantee

ProxyRack is compatible with a wide range of devices and applications. It is easy to use for both new and existing users. The installation procedure is quite simple. The design is basic enough that even inexperienced people may use them.

  • 108,000+ unique private residential IP addresses
  • 40+ different countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, and so on
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy to set up

ProxyEmpire offers over 3 million ethically sourced residential proxies with extensive filtering that enables you to target nations, regions, localities, and ISPs. With each residential proxy package, you will get VIP integration help within minutes.

  • 3,000,000+ worldwide clean IP addresses
  • Over 150+ countries
  • Up to 1000 concurrent connections
  • Target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs
  • 10% bonus bandwidth on any purchase if you tell them you read about them on Affiliate Engine


You can increase your income by taking online surveys. To mask your location and identity, you will require a reliable survey proxy if you operate outside the area that your chosen platform permits. Choose your proxy provider and proxy type intelligently if you want to reap long-term rewards from your paid online surveys.

Thankfully, the best proxy services for surveys on our list provide quality proxies at affordable prices. Take your pick or read our in-depth review about them first, only here on Affiliate Engine.