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Proxy-Cheap Review

Users can find proxy solutions with Proxy-cheap’s user-friendly dashboard, making it suitable for both novices and professionals. Just like the name suggests, Proxy-Cheap offers affordable residential and datacenter proxies from a pool of 6M+ IPs worldwide. They offer 3G/4G mobile, datacenter, and residential IPs to help you complete every proxy-related task.  

Proxy-Cheap costs per GB and offers a discount if you buy more than 200 GB per month membership. It offers an infinite number of concurrent connections and better speeds with its unrestricted pool of residential IPs from over 127 locations globally for as little as $3/GB.

Proxy-Cheap Alternatives

There is no provider in this business without flaws, but seeing past the flops to consider the benefits of their product can help you adjust to the cons to enjoy the advantages. Whichever way you choose, it is a decision you must make for yourself.

Proxy-Cheap does not match the measurements of premium providers like Bright Data and SmartProxy, who provide residential and datacenter IPs at higher prices compared to other premium providers like Oxylabs. StormProxies has unlimited bandwidth for each port at very affordable prices.

Proxy-Cheap Proxies

Proxy-Cheap offers three types of proxies packages. These include residential, data center, and 3G/4G mobile proxies for ad verification, brand protection, data scraping, social media management, and any other proxy-related task.

  • Residential proxies: Proxy-Cheap offers upgraded IPv4 rotating and session residential IPs from a pool of over 7 million IPs in over 127 locations worldwide. They provide residential proxies with HTTP protocol support and sessions of up to 30 minutes for as low as $3/GB.
  • Datacenter proxies: Proxy-Cheap offers one of the cheapest data center proxies in the market, starting at $5. They provide dedicated data center IPs with IPv4 and IPv6 support and are great for automation and data mining. Their datacenter proxies also support SOCKS5 protocol and boast of a speed of 4Gbit/s and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Mobile proxies: Proxy-Cheap offers reliable and fast 3G/4G mobile proxies suitable for social media automation, e-commerce, ad verification, and many more. They provide mobile IPs with HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 support in 3 countries and unlimited bandwidth. Proxy-Cheap acquires its mobile IPs from dedicated devices in various locations and therefore can guarantee you faster speeds.

Proxy-Cheap has good coverage with over 127 locations worldwide and over 6 million IPs which is very impressive. However, geo-targeting is slightly limited as Proxy-Cheap does not offer city or state-level targeting.

Unlike their datacenter and mobile proxies, Proxy-Cheap offers residential IPs priced per GB from a pool of nearly 7 million IPs which is quite impressive, though not the largest in the market today.

Proxy-Cheap Review

Proxy-Cheap is one of the most affordable proxy providers in the market today though not the cheapest. They provide proxies that are great for almost every proxy-related task at prices as low as $3, which is reasonable compared to other providers offering the same services. Proxy-Cheap is not breaking or setting any record when it comes to speed but is moderately fast and can help you get your task down with little or no problem at all.

Proxy-Cheap comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to set up and use. The dashboard is so easy to use that a newbie can set it up with little or no help from an expert or customer service. With IP authentication and username/password authentication, you can always access your dashboard easily.

Proxy-Cheap lets you purchase the exact amount of GB you need for your task without paying for excess GBs that will be wasted. Their residential proxies come with no monthly or weekly commitment.

Proxy-Cheap is nothing to write home about regarding their refund policy due to its rather strict refund terms. They only refund your purchase if they fail to deliver the product purchased. You can always read more on the refund policy from their website.

Proxy-Cheap Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Proxy-Cheap has a 24-hour customer support service and live chat. However, I wouldn’t call it that effective considering my encounter with one of their reps.

The indication on the live chat showed that I was chatting with a rep, but I later realized that it was just their chatbot. When the agent came online, he only referred me to send an email to the customer support team, which is quite unfavorable if there is an emergency.   

Proxy-Cheap Free Trial

Proxy-Cheap grants you the chance to test their mobile, datacenter, and Jarvee proxies with unlimited features just like their paid packages for a while. You can try their mobile and datacenter proxies for a maximum of 1 hour. You can test Jarvee proxies for a maximum of 48 hours.

Though the trial period is not quite long enough to conclude whether it’s suitable for your project, at least it is free.  The free trial provided by the company means that refunds are determined by management and may not be offered if proxy servers are abused or used for malicious practices.

Proxy-Cheap Pricing

When it comes to residential proxies, Proxy-Cheap allows you to purchase the exact amount of GB you need for your task without paying for excess GBs which will end up being wasted. They also allow you to make payments using PayPal, Card, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency.

Proxy-Cheap offers 3 plans for residential proxies depending on the amount of GBs required for your project.

  • If you need less than 50 GB, you can purchase the plan at $4.99/GB. It provides access to rotating IPs with up to 30 minutes uptime and IPv4 HTTP(S) support.
  • You can also purchase residential proxies at $4/GB if you need from 50GB to 200GB.
  • If you need more than 200GB for your project, Proxy-Cheap gives you a discount and charges $3/GB.

As said earlier, Proxy-Cheap charges their datacenter proxies per IP. All their datacenter proxies come with unlimited bandwidth.

  • You can buy 50 shared IPv6 proxies at $0.40/IP for $20 for a month with IPv6 HTTP(S) support.
  • The personal IPv4 proxies are at $1.99/IP for a month. This includes IPv4 HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support.
  • The most expensive datacenter plan is priced at $150/month and comes with 500 IPv6 proxies, $0.30/IP, and IPv6 HTTP(S) support.

You can purchase 4G mobile proxies in France. The price is $80/month with IPv4 HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support and rotation within every 1-1440 minutes

Mobile proxies in the USA are priced at $50/month and come with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support.

For $50/month, you can get access to the pool of 4G mobile IPv4 IPs in Lithuania with HTTPS/SOCKS5 support.