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Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation

Are you the owner of a travel fare aggregator wanting to expand your business? Or are you considering launching a travel fare aggregator website? Do you require the best proxies for travel fare aggregation? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. We will examine in this article what you must know and what tools you need to develop and market a successful travel price aggregation website.

A travel aggregator is a website that searches the web for the availability and prices of travel packages offered by numerous ventures and compiles them in one place. This allows users to easily find the best packages/plans they can get in the market. Travel fare aggregators do not own data shown to its user and might not even have permission to use this information. This is because most website owners have to give their explicit consent before their contents are used for commercial purposes.  

Why Do You Need Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation?

Aggregators collect data by scraping various websites for information on airline fares, best hotel/motel options, and aircraft departure times that are publicly available on the web. However, this is not possible without the use of proxies. Why? This is because website owners invest thousands of dollars in integrating various technologies that impact the proper operation of aggregators.

This includes anti-bot algorithms, geographical barriers, and blockages, which I will discuss in more detail later. These impediments, although put in place to safeguard the website, its data, and users, make scraping the required data difficult, if not impossible.

Geo-Targeting And Geo Restriction

Usually, airlines, travel agencies, and hotels display content to users based on their geo-location. Therefore, using your local IP address to scrape their data will only give you access to content made for users from your location. This will not be enough to run a travel fare website, especially if you want a global coverage of travel information for your users.

It is also conceivable that certain airlines would restrict access to their material for users in specific regions, possibly due to a lack of service in that area. You will require residential proxies if you are at such a place and wish to scrape their info. They also allow you to view promotions and unique deals that are only available in certain areas.

Anti-Bot/Spam Systems

In most situations, airlines and other organizations whose data is scraped use highly severe anti-spam/bot algorithms to detect and block artificial traffic. The anti-spam technique limits the number of requests issued from one IP address within a given time frame. In most situations, users are permitted to submit up to 600 requests per hour and are limited after this.

The solution to this problem, as you can tell by now, is proxies. Proxies allow you to constantly change your IP address to stay anonymous and scrape data unsuspected to evade bans and restrictions.

Scraping Real-Time Data

If you operate a flight search engine or aggregate travel/hotel fares, you will realize that you will need to have access to data from all your sources in real-time. This is because feeding outdated information to your viewers/users will cause them to make bad decisions. In the long run, this will affect the credibility of your aggregator website.

Also, as your customer base grows, so will the need to get data in real-time. As such, you will need to get your hands on fast proxies with higher uptime to scrape without getting detected, which is just impossible with your local computer.

Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation

You can use three main types of proxies to scrape or extract information from the web: residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies. However, when it comes to scraping travel fare data, residential and mobile proxies are the best options you can choose.  

Datacenter proxies are usually registered to an organization and are therefore easily detected and blocked. Also, most datacenter proxies, unlike their residential and mobile counterparts, offer just a few proxy locations. Therefore, they might not be that useful in accessing geo-restricted content.

While you can use both residential and mobile proxies to scrape any sort of website, you should utilize mobile proxies for scraping mobile websites. You may also buy rotating residential proxies to reduce your chances of being discovered.

Best Proxy Providers For Travel Fare Aggregation

Although there are many providers on the market, not every proxy service is worthwhile. You may find that some providers initially work well for you. But they may quickly fall apart as you continue to use their services.

Fortunately for you, we continuously analyze some of the finest proxy providers. This is so you can learn about the pros and cons before making any financial commitment. Shifter and Oxylabs sell high-quality premium proxies. If you are on a tight budget, Stormproxies and RSocks both provide high-quality, low-cost proxy solutions.


Travel fare aggregation websites help travelers a lot and have grown to be an essential component of the internet. It is an undeniable fact that proxies play an important role in establishing a successful travel fare aggregator website. To ensure optimal performance, it is advisable to choose an appropriate proxy and purchase proxies from reputable providers.

Now you understand why you need proxies to run your existing or new travel aggregation website properly. Why not buy proxies from one of the top suppliers on the market? We have created a list of quality proxy solutions for your business to assist you in selecting the correct supplier. What exactly are you waiting for? Choose one and purchase the finest proxies for travel fare aggregation!