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Proxies for Affiliate Testing

To detect affiliate fraud, poor affiliate links, and how affiliate firms treat consumers based on their location, testing links is the way to go. While URL verification may be done manually, it is usually done automatically to improve the process and save time. Thus, you might need proxies for affiliate testing.

URL testing is a critical activity for any affiliate marketing program, advertiser, or website proprietor. It exposes information that can help you optimize your workflow, discover poor affiliate links, dead URLs, expose dangerous websites, and test for geo-location targeting, site language, and website stability.

Websites lose traffic as a result of dead links, which impacts revenue. This is why testing is such an important aspect of the performance marketing business. Trying connections in different places, ensuring that destination sites exist, and ensuring that the entire flow is operational is not simple. 

Link testing helps to ensure that your links are active and that your traffic is not wasted. Fortunately, there are tools available today that simplify the process of testing affiliate links, such as proxies.

Are Proxies Necessary?

Is the use of proxies required for affiliate testing? Depending on the circumstances, the answer is both yes and no. However, if you want to test a URL and there are no locational requirements in your test, and you will not be sending too many queries to the web server, you do not need proxies.

Is your affiliate program reliable? Do you lose clients and reputation due to broken links, unreliable affiliates, and harmful websites? Do you test affiliate links to see how they perform for individuals all around the world? When you ask yourself these questions, you realize how vital it is to use a dependable, quick, and high-quality proxy network for affiliate link checking.

Free Proxies Vs Paid Proxies

It is important to be aware that high-quality proxies for use in your work do not come cheap. Most free proxies have already been banned by social networks and a variety of other sites. As a result, your accounts will be banned anyway, and you will have to purchase new accounts, which means more time and, perhaps, money.

Prices vary by area, and purchasing a proxy in India is less expensive than in the UK. Other considerations include your provider’s price plans, as well as the quantity and type of proxies necessary. 

The Best Proxies for Affiliate Testing

It is not difficult to find proxies on the market, regardless of whether you are searching for proxies to test an affiliate link or website URL. However, if you don’t know what you are doing, you may wind up with a terrible supplier. 

We are well-versed in the proxy provider industry and know who is the finest for link testing. The following is a list of proxy providers from whom you may purchase URL testing proxies.

Bright Data

Bright Data is widely recognized as the industry leader in the proxy business, with Fortune 500 corporations among its clients. Link testing can be achieved using this service since it has all of the necessary capabilities. It has the biggest proxy pool on the market, with over 72 million IPs.

Its rotating proxies change IP addresses after each request or after a set period of time. Bright Data residential proxies allow you to keep sessions open for up to 30 minutes. With support for all countries, states, and significant cities worldwide, it provides the best coverage in the industry. However, they are a bit pricey for small marketers.


Smartproxy gives you access to over 40 million unique IP addresses for link testing. It allows you to target any of their 195+ regions and major cities to test affiliate links, verify advertising, test localization, and more.

Except for BTC payments, they provide a 3-day money-back guarantee. Simply order any package, test it for three days, and if you are not happy with their product, they will return your money.


All of the above providers offer packages with restricted bandwidth consumption. When looking for a provider that gives you unlimited bandwidth while testing affiliate links, Shifter should be at the top of your list.

It is now the market’s finest unlimited bandwidth residential proxies service. Additionally, it offers one of the largest proxy pools in the industry, with over 31 million IPs collected from around the world. Their proxies are rotating proxies with IP addresses that change every 5 minutes. Pricing is reasonable and cheap. The proxies that they provide may also be used for other purposes besides link testing.


ProxyRack stands out from the crowd among proxy services because it is the only one that lets you use unlimited bandwidth, and you can use as many IP addresses as you like from their pool. The pricing of this service depends on the number of threads you may create, and you just need $80 to start.

You may use their proxies for link testing because they are pretty good at it. They provide a proxy pool with over 2 million IPs available for usage. Proxyrack offers both rotating proxies and session proxies in terms of rotation.

Residential Proxies Vs Datacenter Proxies

Most businesses use residential proxies for affiliate testing. The proxy providers rent these proxy IP addresses directly from an internet service provider or the end-user. As a result, you can refer to their IP addresses as genuine. Residential proxies are particularly useful for geo-targeting a specific place. Because their IPs are genuine, websites do not readily detect them. Therefore, the odds of you being blacklisted are quite minimal.

Even though datacenter proxies are more easily discovered, they can still be used for affiliate link testing. This sort of proxy is quick and would be great if you just wanted to do an A/B test on different affiliate URLs.


Controlling affiliate traffic and preventing dead links is becoming a simpler, less time-consuming procedure that may assist you in increasing your return on investment and focusing more on your most valued relationships.

To test websites and links using proxies, you can use the providers mentioned above because they have demonstrated the capability of giving proxies that meet your needs. Choose now the best proxies for affiliate testing!