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Premium Prebuilt Web Scraping Tools

When you’re planning on doing a web scraping project, the first step is to decide on what tool you’re going to use to harvest all of that information. If you have an in-house team capable of building a scraper of your own, as well as the time to build and test it, great! However, this isn’t always a viable option. This is when you should turn to premium prebuilt web scraping tools.

If you’re coding-savvy and are looking for a solution to help you skip past research and development, but are still willing to put in some elbow grease, check out the best web scraping API providers

If you’re looking for a service to scrape through SERPs for you and neatly parse out the results, check out advanced residential proxies.

Otherwise, read on for services with little-to-no coding requirements that are focused on scraping web pages directly.

Full-Service Web Scraping Tools

Full-service web scraping services are a worthwhile investment. They’ll give you 100% guaranteed results, and save you time. This is all while being nice and easy to use with little effort required. 

The services I’m about to cover all provide the following:

  • The necessary proxy IP addresses, which are already integrated into the tool without any extra effort on your part.
  • Rotating those IPs as needed.
  • Smart retry systems for 100% accuracy.
  • CAPTCHA solving and IP ban prevention.
  • The necessary bandwidth for all of the requests.
  • Neatly parsed results.

Also, they all only charge based on successful collections. Now, let’s go over some quality web scraping service providers across a few different price points.


Unlike the following providers, Infatica starts with the cheaper option of handling the scraper process on your end with their supplied prebuilt web scraping tools and proxy service. Then, for the full hands-off experience, you could alternately contact them for an adjusted plan where they’ll do everything for you.

The features of their web scraping service are:

  • Over 35M IP addresses from across dozens of global ISPs.
  • Over 100 global geo-location options are available, with the option to randomize between them.
  • Free plan available for small projects or as a trial run before you invest.

The tool when run locally still handles multiple concurrent API requests, solves CAPTCHAs, has browser support, and handles JavaScript rendering like any of the full-service options.

Their pricing plans for the self-handled version are:

  • Small Project – $25/month for 150k requests with 10 simultaneous requests.
  • Medium Project – $90/month for 1M requests with 50 simultaneous requests.
  • Large Project – $240/month for 3M requests with 100 simultaneous requests.

Note that all of their plans include unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support, and anything over ‘Small Project’ allows custom user agents.

They also offer a custom-tailored enterprise plan depending on your needs. To find out price differences due to wanting them to handle 100% of the work, you’ll need to contact them and discuss the details, as that adjusts the pricing.


Oxylabs also offers a SERP Scraper API, an E-Commerce Scraper API, and their top-of-the-line Next-Gen Residential Proxy services in addition to their Web Scraper API.

The features of their Web Scraper API are:

  • Over 102M IP addresses across the globe. 
  • Tailored requests at the country and city-level for geo-targeting.
  • Up to 1000 URLs per batch.
  • Support GET and POST requests.
  • Large-scale collection can deliver data to your preferred storage solution of AWS, S3, or GCS.
  • Can receive your data through the API or straight to the cloud.
  • Free trial for 3 weeks with up to 5k results.

Their pricing plans are:

  • Starter – $99/month for 76k requests.
  • Business  – $399/month for 399k requests.
  • Corporate – $999/month for 1.6M requests.
  • Enterprise – $10k/month for 14M requests, or customized per your individual business’ needs.

In addition to their monthly plans, Oxylabs offers a 10% discount if you opt to go for yearly billing.


Smartproxy’s web scraping package is an add-on to their Search Engine Proxy. They offer a Smart Scraper extension, and you get automatic access to their Smart Scraper Manager through their dashboard for codeless collection.

You can try out their Smart Scraper Chrome extension independent of their other services. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t give dashboard access on its own, which means you lose the ability to schedule tasks or to get your results via email or webhook.

The features of their Smart Scraper are:

  • Over 40M IPs worldwide.
  • Dashboard management allows flexible advance scheduling.
  • No-code required tool with easy data sorting functionality.
  • View data in a table with renamable columns.
  • Export results in JSON or CSV.
  • 7-day free trial with up to 1k results.
  • 3-day money-back option, except for BTC payments.

Their pricing plans are:

  • Lite – $100+VAT for 35k requests.
  • Basic – $250+VAT for 100k requests.
  • Standard – $500+VAT for 250k requests.

Bright Data

On top of offering scraping services, Bright Data also offers pre-collected datasets of commonly scraped targets. These are constantly updated in real-time. You can buy either the whole data set or customized subsets as per your needs. There are free samples available for these datasets, but you need to contact them to determine pricing.

Thanks to offering the pre-collected info, they have data collection templates you can choose from, or design your own within minutes.

The features of their custom data collector are:

  • Over 72M IPs worldwide.
  • No coding is required.
  • Ability to choose between real-time or scheduled requests.
  • Numerous parsed results export options: JSON, CSV, HTML, or XSLS.
  • Numerous results delivery options: API, webhook, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or email.
  • Free sample data is available, and the first collector is free apart from its bandwidth usage.

Their pricing plans are:

  • $350/month for 100k page loads.
  • $750/month for 250k page loads.
  • $1,250/month for 500k page loads.
  • $2,000/month for 1M page loads.

In addition to their monthly plans, Bright Data offers a 10% discount if you opt to go for yearly billing. They also offer a pay-as-you-go feature if you don’t need a full month’s plan.


These providers all offer premium proxy services at their base. Their web scrapers are additional services that they offer that utilize their existing networks. Thanks to this, you know that their IP pools are high-speed and well-maintained

Infatica, Oxylabs, Smartproxy, or Bright Data can all reliably collect the information you request within mere moments. Their premium prebuilt web scraping tools will get you the data you need, hassle-free. Get started now, and you can see results within just a few minutes of account creation.