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Nimble Review

Nimble is a data collection platform, that aims to simplify and optimize open web data collection through various web scraping tools such as a stable API, headless browser, and proxies.
Nimble’s focus on data gathering has made them a master in their field. In addition to their expertise, Nimble also utilizes AI models to achieve maximum results. Despite being a newer provider compared to others, Nimble’s services are valuable for those seeking hassle-free and effective data collection.

Nimble Alternatives

Nimble uses AI models for its solutions and has excellent scraping and proxy services that are well-known in the market. But like any other provider, Nimble has some problems. Although their service is excellent, it might not be affordable for small-budget projects. However, this doesn’t mean Nimble is bad.

Luckily, there’s a solution. If you need a great proxy that’s affordable, check out KocerRoxy. They offer premium datacenter and residential proxies for $4/day and $5/GB, respectively.

Nimble Proxies

Nimble, a provider that employs AI models in their solutions, offers high-quality dedicated and rotating residential proxy, mobile, and residential proxies. Their infrastructure is always improving and remains simple to use, with a back-connect gateway that manages the IPs for the user. This removes the need for manual IP list management and ensures a seamless connection to the proxy server. 

In addition to this, Nimble’s proxies provide geotargeting features that allow users to purchase proxies based on their target location(country, state, city). They also offer a full-featured user-friendly dashboard that allows users to monitor their usage.

With Nimble’s IPs you can between the option of rotating IPs, or you have the option of starting sticky sessions to hold on to their IPs for a more extended period of time.

Nimble Review

Nimble provides users with a convenient solution that combines both data scraping and proxy services in all their plans, eliminating the need to purchase them separately.

Although the base price of $300/month may seem steep at first, the value proposition of access to top-notch scraping technology and proxies makes it worth considering.

Nimble’s credit-based pricing system allows users to allocate credits to proxies, APIs, and a web-scraping-focused browser, providing flexibility depending on their specific needs.

Their proxies are both fast and reliable, and their APIs are intuitive and efficient, making data scraping simple and effective. Additionally, Nimble uses AI models in their solutions to further enhance their scraping capabilities.

Customer Support

In the world of online purchasing, it is important for users to have someone ready to answer their questions. Nimble comes with a very intuitive dashboard, detailed documentation and FAQ to solve the majority of problems a user may face. Yet, Nimble still offers 24/7 around-the-clock support via email. To this, I give Nimble a ‘B+’.

Nimble Trial

Experience the game-changing technology of Nimble – the leader in the proxy and web scraping industry! With our commitment to providing unparalleled services, we are proud to offer a free trial to ensure that our users receive the ultimate value for their investment. Enjoy our free limited-time trial of up to 22GB and discover how our powerful solutions can help you achieve your goals.
New users can contact their sales department or register with their business emails to get access to their network for a limited time.

Nimble Pricing

Looking for the best web scraping solution? Look no further than Nimbleway! While some may find their plans a bit pricier than other options out there, the benefits are well worth it.

Nimbleway offers four different pricing plans to fit any project and budget, ranging from the Basic plan at $300/month to the Enterprise plan at $4000/month.Each plan comes with dedicated and rotating IPs, full API functionality, and pipelines, all of which can be purchased with credits that come with each plan.

The basic plan provides users with all the Essentials for their web project with 300 credits, dedicated and rotating IPs, full API functionality, and 10 pipelines capped at $300/month. The Essential plan offers users access to dedicated and rotating IPs at 2.6 credits per datacenter IP and 14 credits per GB for residential IPs.

Nimble offers an Advanced plan which comes with all the benefits of the Essential plan plus 40 pipelines, a technical account manager and 700 credits for $700/month. The Advanced plan offers users access to dedicated and rotating IPs at 2.4 credits per datacenter IP and 11 credits per GB for residential IPs.

They also offer users a Professional plan which comes with unlimited concurrent requests, real-time alerts, 80 pipelines, 1100 credits, and all the benefits of the essential and advanced plan for $1100. The Professional plan offers dedicated and rotating IPs at 2.2 credits per datacenter IP and 9 credits per GB for residential IPs.

Nimble offers an Enterprise package for businesses and individuals who want to unleash the full capacity of their system for $4000/month. The Enterprise plan offers users 150 pipelines, 4000 credits as well as all the benefits of the three plans.
The Enterprise plan gives users datacenter and residential proxies at 1.8 credits per datacenter IP and 7 credits per GB for residential IPs.