The New Next-Gen Residential Proxies

The new next-gen residential proxies are coming as a hot deal from Oxylabs. They launched a new platform allowing you to collect data without detection using machine learning technology. Technology is an important factor in the development of future business. Those who take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies will have competitive advantages through innovation and productivity.

New technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and smart data, bring massive and continuous changes, not only in terms of products but also in the business model and even trends in industries, including proxies. At the same time, they will change the requirements and expectations of customers in the next two decades.

What is new?

The new next-gen residential proxies are an AI-powered scraping proxy solution. It is the combination of 3 important parts:

  1. Artificial intelligence can browse like a normal user with a 100% success rate.
  2. Machine learning based adaptive HTML parser with exceptional block avoidance.
  3. A pool of over 100 million proxies with IPs from any city and country.

We must mention other important features like auto-retry system, CAPTCHA handling, device-specific requests, IP blocks handling, proxy pool management, 24/7 support, and JavaScript rendering.

The innovative features

Based on machine learning, this parser is a unique solution currently in beta. Mainly, it can help you parsing e-commerce websites while adapting to any HTML code found on product pages.

Browse like a normal user with a normal behavior using the AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting. This solution can easily overcome IP bans and CAPTCHAs. Therefore, your web data extraction project will easily get done with this effective block-free scraping solution.

The next-gen residential proxies have the highest success rate using various scraping techniques. Also, the auto-retry feature assures you will get even the most complex data. It is doing continuous attempts to obtain the information until is successful.

The integration is as easy as ever. It is done through a backconnect proxy. Your resources will not be wasted and there is no need for proxy management. Oxylabs handle IP rotation and user agents and you get data from multiple targets. Most importantly, you pay only if the retrieval is successful and you get the needed data.


The central principle of AI is to reproduce and then overcome the way people perceive and interact with the world. This is fast becoming the foundation of innovation. Supported by various forms of machine learning that recognize data models to allow predictions, AI can add value to your business. It is rendering a more thorough comprehension of the abundance of available data. Also, AI relies on predictions to automate overly complex or routine activities.

The reluctance of a company to new technologies can make it no longer align with the times we live in. Also, the refusal to introduce state-of-the-art innovations can make it no longer cope with market demands. If it does not align with the standards at which the competition operates, an organization may lose opportunities and business partners. Thus, remaining isolated, or even disappearing.

Therefore, we expect that in the next period, more and more proxy providers worldwide will adapt to the new generations of consumers. There is a need of more innovations and services based on technology.

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