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In 2020, you can unlock the web without having to go through proxy integration. Now, you can easily target any country and choose between static or rotating proxies with a single click. You can access your residential proxies right from your favorite browser. In this article, we will introduce you to the new NetNut Chrome Extension.

Now, you are just a click away from the solution to hundreds of problems you may face in your business. How many times did you cross a deadline on your data extraction projects, on your SEO analysis or a marketing research project? If you already use Chrome as your main browser, then you are just a step away from the solution. Let’s see how NetNut Chrome Extension can help you.

The road so far…

Certainly, you already know from our previous articles, that NetNut’s proxies are bought directly from the ISP and your traffic is not routed through an end-user’s devices. So, there is no bottleneck in traffic flow. This means faster proxy speed and the ability to provide real static IPs.

You can confidently use NetNut’s residential proxies for filtered content, web development, performance, and confidentiality. All these features make NetNut one of the fastest residential proxies network available.

Other features that help a lot at NetNut are: 24/7 IP availability, full web access including search engines, low prices per gigabyte, city and state selection, IP whitelisting, optimized IP pools.

What is new? NetNut Chrome Extension

NetNut Chrome Extension has a user-friendly interface. This means you do not have to go through the proxy integration. Now you can access and manage your proxies from your browser. From the first view window, you already can select the country and the type of proxy between static and rotating. Also here you can switch the proxy on and off, check the amount of traffic or delete your cookies and cache.

After your account is set up, you can access a very useful dashboard that gives you real-time statistics and graphs about system usage, total bandwidth, bandwidth per country, number of requests, and many more.


These are troubling times and it is imperative to use every new thing that can help you in your business. So, stay ahead of the competition and be the first in your niche to use this new tool: NetNut Chrome Extension. This may be exactly what you need to get an edge on web page testing, SEO analysis, data extraction, geo-based ads, and marketing research.

If you want more information about NetNut and real reviews from verified buyers, check out our page here.

Also, you do not have anything to lose by giving NetNut Chrome Extension a try. You can take a 7 days free trial and see by yourself if this service solves all your needs.

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