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Making the Most of Your Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy

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Making the Most of Your Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy

Many people spend money buying things they don’t need. Others purchase things without knowing how to use them effectively. Unlimited bandwidth residential proxies are a common example of something people don’t utilize well. Making the most of your unlimited bandwidth residential proxy requires understanding all of the functions it is capable of.

Proxies aren’t limited to basic functions like providing unlimited internet or helping you access websites anonymously.

This article will discuss unlimited bandwidth residential proxies and some of the best ways to utilize them.

Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy: An Overview

In simple terms, a residential proxy is a tool that allows you to access the internet while concealing your real identity and location. It hides your IP address from site owners and third parties.

Instead of your actual IP address, these sites see the proxy’s IP and header information. The replacement IP masking yours can even look like it’s coming from a completely different geo-location.

Furthermore, there are three types of residential proxies, namely:

  1. Rotating residential proxies, which cycle through IPs with every new request.
  2. Sticky session residential proxies, which cycle to the next IP after a predetermined length of time.
  3. Static residential proxies, which keep one persistent IP for the entire contract duration.

Why Do You Need a Residential Proxy?

Not all proxies are created equal. Sometimes, there are reasons to avoid unlimited residential proxies.

However, let’s go over some of their advantages.


Notably, the results you get during your analysis with the help of a residential proxy usually have higher accuracy. 

Websites may set traps when they suspect malicious activities from an IP. Once you take the bait, they feed your dataset with false data, effectively corrupting it. 

Alternatively, they may simply block your request. Those incomplete results can impact your accuracy, even if only a few intermittent calls are blocked.

Using a residential proxy can help you circumvent these issues. This results in complete, accurate results.

Enhanced Security

Someone else may be monitoring your internet activities and seeing the keywords you’re querying. But you can prevent this by using a residential proxy. 

That way, hackers cannot intercept any data you send or receive during your tasks. Whether you’re data scraping, optimizing your site, or conducting SEO monitoring, it doesn’t matter.

There Are No Limits to the Bandwidth You Can Access

This is particularly important to website owners with several domains to monitor or pages to crawl. 

You would have to spend more with conventional proxy providers. Or your connection may slow down after you’ve exceeded your bandwidth limit.

Stable and Reliable

With a residential proxy, you have little reason to worry about SERPs loading slowly or network interruptions while you’re at work. Also, it’s difficult for a hacker to track and monitor you, even when using the same proxy as yourself.

What Can You Use Your Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy For?

With your residential proxy, you can achieve several tasks beyond the basics, like masking your IP location and protecting personal data. Among the other notable functions of residential proxies are:

  1. Web scraping is, in simple terms, the process of extracting data from websites with a bot.
  2. Market research: residential proxies are a supplemental tool for checking retailer pricing and availability.
  3. Tracing public information: You can safely track customers’ reviews, demographics, locations, and similar data.
  4. Business automation: Residential proxies can help you automate repetitive tasks, freeing your employees’ time for other tasks.

Making the Most of Your Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy

You didn’t spend all that money to purchase something with no intention of using it. Below are some advanced applications for unlimited bandwidth residential proxies.

1. Access Social Media Platforms with No Restrictions

Twitter users complain a lot about growing an account following only to have their accounts suspended or banned. Also, some social media platforms are not accessible in certain locations. 

All of these can be a thing of the past by using a residential proxy.

Sometimes access to a particular social media platform may be banned for users in your region or country. In that case, you have to select a proxy location where the platform is accessible, and you’re good to go. 

For instance, it looks suspicious when too many accounts are associated with a single IP address. Luckily, a residential proxy can help you bypass this, allowing you to create and manage multiple accounts.

2. Scrape Data Without Getting Blocked

Search engines and websites have various methods of tracking and blocking bots used to scrape the internet. Luckily, you can equally outmaneuver their techniques

If you have a project that requires web scraping, a rotating residential proxy can help shield you from getting blocked.

The proxy assigns you a new IP address for every request. With your new anonymous IP, it then forwards your request to the target site. Since residential proxy IPs look like real web traffic, websites can’t tag you as a bot, as is unfortunately common with data center IPs.

You can send several requests simultaneously. However, we advise you to allow some time between requests. Also, it’s wise to make your timeout high, say around 10–20 seconds.

3. Track Real-Time Market Data

You need access to updated market data to improve your company’s services and modify your price to fit your market. 

With residential proxies, you can retrieve relevant data from retail, airline, hotel, and other websites regardless of the machine’s geolocation.

Otherwise, this wouldn’t be possible since these organizations make their websites highly dynamic using JavaScript-based rendering. 

Moreover, websites monitor inbound requests and block untrusted IPs. So, if you try to scrape data from such sites using obvious bots, you’ll simply get an IP ban.

4. SEO Monitoring

Many website owners go to great lengths to assess the performance of their websites. They spend time doing that, not knowing that a residential proxy can make the job easier for them. 

SEO monitoring tasks like rank tracking, keyword research, backlink checking, and many others are easily automated while using a residential proxy.


With unlimited bandwidth residential proxies, the possibilities are limitless.

A significant application for these tools is SEO monitoring and optimization. Additionally, you can access updated market and travel data irrespective of your location. 

If you’re after other scraping projects, an unlimited bandwidth residential proxy can help you escape bans or corrupted data.

Of course, making the most of your unlimited bandwidth residential proxy requires actually having one. You should consider these tips when buying an unlimited proxy for your home or office. 

If you already know what style of proxy you need but haven’t decided on a provider, we also have a list of tips for buying an unlimited residential proxy.