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KocerRoxy Review

KocerRoxy is an over 2-year-old, reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable rotating proxy service suitable for users with any level of experience. Their instant setup service also comes with a convenient dashboard to handle your customization needs.

When taking their stellar customer service into account as well, KocerRoxy is a sound choice for small-to-mid-scale projects. For a larger-scale project that requires numerous simultaneous connecting devices, you’ll need to buy multiple packages. But, with how great their pricing is, KocerRoxy would still be a bargain.

KocerRoxy Alternatives

As a provider that focuses on providing quality proxies at low prices, there are of course still some drawbacks. 

Out of the various types of proxy servers, KocerRoxy only offers the choice of datacenter or residential IPs, no mobile IPs. If you’re looking for mobile IPs, check out other providers like Proxy Empire or Proxy-Cheap.

KocerRoxy also doesn’t provide true static proxies. On their site, they advertise static residential as an option. But, what they’re really offering are 10 minute sticky sessions, as opposed to their default of rotating with every request. If you’re looking for a persistent IP address, check out other providers like Oxylabs or Bright Data

Additionally, if you are planning on a large project where unlimited multithreading is needed, you may want to consider one of the alternatives listed above.


KocerRoxy offers rotating residential and datacenter proxies, with either 10 min sticky sessions or cycling IPs upon every request. Their plans for both IP types support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.

As far as their residential IPs are concerned, they offer a very straightforward pricing plan at 5$ per GB, effective for 60 days upon payment. This plan will rotate through a solid pool of over 11 million IPs across the globe with the option to restrict to one of 14 specific countries. Those countries are; US, UK, DE, JP, ESP, BR, FR, IT, CA, RU, AU, NL, PL, and DK.

Their datacenter plans are based on duration. The fixed options range from 1 day for 4$ up to 1 month for 70$. Regardless of which of these plans you subscribe to; it will come with 500 threads and unlimited data using IP authorization, 1 per sub. As far as their datacenter geo-locations are concerned, you have two options; US or European Mixed. Make sure you know what you want ahead of time though, as you can’t swap regions once you’ve chosen one of the two fixed pools of 15K Proxies.

KocerRoxy Review

KocerRoxy provides the best customer service possible, 24-7. With how reliable their services are and how easy-to-use their dashboard is, you most likely won’t need to reach out to them, though.

Their clear and straightforward dataplans are all highly economical. However, do keep in mind that they have a strict no refund policy. 

In addition to conventional payment methods, they also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH.

If you’re not sure if you want to commit just yet, they even offer a 2$ trial package.

KocerRoxy Customer Support

They offer 24-7 live support on their website with fast response times. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can email them at [email protected].

But, before you reach out to them, be sure to check out their FAQ section. There’s a good chance that it will cover any questions you may have.

KocerRoxy Trial

While their trial isn’t for free, they do at least offer a trial package. For only 2$ you get; 1 day of datacenter proxy access with 250 threads, and 400MB worth of residential proxy service.

KocerRoxy Pricing

As mentioned before, they have very straightforward pricing plans.

For their residential IPs, it is one simple plan of 5$ per GB.

For their datacenter IPs, you’re looking at unlimited bandwidth with 500 threads in the following packages:

  • 1 day for 4$
  • 2 days for 7$
  • 3 days for 10$
  • 1 week for 20$
  • 1 month for 70$

If more threads are needed, you can configure a custom plan with up to 2000 threads available for any number of days of your choosing. A maxed-out 30 days of US or mixed datacenter service with 2000 threads caps at 300$.