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IP address and anonymity

IP address masking is important nowadays, especially if you have a low tolerance for spam, targeted ads, geo-restrictions, or other similar things and want to protect your privacy. In this article, we will present quick and easy methods that will hide your IP from curious eyes, ensuring your anonymity.

What is an IP address?

Think of the IP address as an identity card in the digital space, an important and instrumental part of existence on the Internet. Typically, your ISP gives them to you. This is due to the finite number of addresses available, 4 294 967 296 of type IPv4, to be exact.

Just as you do not send your social security number to anyone who requests it, you do not want your IP address to be displayed either. Today, more and more users find themselves in situations where they prefer to hide their addresses for one reason or another.

Why hide your IP address?

There are some good reasons to hide your IP address. The first three are:

Confidentiality. By far the greatest motivation and often a necessity, anonymity gives you privacy on the Internet. Users often like to make the argument that “I have nothing to hide”, but that’s not the point. The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of people who can and will use your IP address for their purposes, from annoying, targeted ads to less orthodox activities. Like contracting a flu virus, attacks on digital privacy can happen to anyone. By hiding the IP you will make it much more difficult to track the geographical location of those “interested”. Here’s an example of super annoying and abusive ad targeting that not even hiding your IP can protect you from.

Access to geo-restricted content. Some may argue that copyright laws are outdated. It still does not change that certain content is blocked due to geographical restrictions. If you hide your IP address and select one that allows you to bypass such a restriction, you’ll be able to enjoy premium content such as the US version of Netflix or the BBC’s iPlayer, regardless of your current location.

Preventing digital fingerprints. In simple terms, a digital fingerprint represents all the data you use during any activity on the Internet. This can be passive or active. The latter is when you knowingly publish personal information either on websites or through social networks. IP masking mainly helps you with passive fingerprinting, as it makes it almost impossible to collect data.

The easy method of hiding the IP address

If you want a simple, reliable, and capable way to hide your IP address, a good proxy server is the most natural choice. Choosing a reputable proxy service provider will give you all the benefits you are looking for. For example, you get complete privacy, anonymity, and access.

Although you can use a free proxy, it is better to pay for it. As a general rule, try to stay away from free proxies. Using a free proxy, you may end up in the very difficult situation that you are trying to avoid in the first place.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure proxy, you are in the right place. Our list of the best proxies has reviews from real users and can easily hide your IP address.

To change your IP address, it’s good for you to first learn which proxy provider is best for your needs.