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Integromat Review

Today, automation is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a wide variety of benefits for its users. While some automation tools will help you achieve your goal as an entrepreneur, some are just not worth your time or money. This Integromat review is going to touch on most of its pros and cons.

The popularity of Integromat doesn’t only stem from the fact that it is an automation tool that enables users to perform recursive tasks. With Integromat, you can automate and integrate apps, APIs and automatically perform various tasks. This allows you to utilize the extra time that would have been used to perform these tasks for other equally important aspects of their business. 

Integromat has built a reputation for itself ahead of its competitors for delivering quality automation solutions to users. With Integromat, you can automate processes, connect your apps, and transfer data. This automation process allows you to utilize the time for other tasks. So, let’s dive into Integromat review.

Integromat Review

Integromat’s user interface is one of the main reasons it is so popular. A very impressive GUI makes it easy to access tools for creating workflows and scenarios.

Integromat enables users to automate and integrate their workflows across APIs and over 650 apps, including Trello, Zoom, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Google. Additionally, they offer HTTP, SOAP, and JSON modules, allowing users to connect seamlessly to web services.

Even though Integromat has a very straightforward interface, beginners to the platform may find it a bit difficult at first. If you still need assistance, you can try submitting a support ticket or taking advantage of their video tutorials.

There is no need to spend more money when there is a cheaper alternative offering similar or sometimes even better results. In this regard, Integromat stands out among competitors such as Zapier. The latter offers almost identical functionality, with Integromat being superior in more ways than one. While Zapier’s cheapest plan is capped at $19 for 750 tasks, Integromat gives you 10,000 operations for just $9. You can read the full Zapier Vs Integromat comparison.

Another fascinating aspect of Integromat is that they continuously add new features right up until the present day. Though this can overwhelm some users, it is quite good because you can actually get more out of your purchases. Users can also request that new features be added right from their website.

Customer Support

Integromat’s customer support is largely dependent on the type of plan purchased. The more expensive your plan is, the better the customer service. However, each and every user is entitled to one of the best customer support services you can think of. They offer video tutorials and extensive documentation, as well as a support ticketing system for technical assistance

Yet, I believe there is room for improvement. Live chats have proven to provide better and faster assistance to users as compared to support tickets. Looking at how fast Integromat can adapt to changes, it will definitely implement this development in the near future.

Free Trial

Though Integromat has quality service delivery, it offers limited operations and bandwidth according to the purchased package. Using the free plan, you can test the efficacy of what you intend to buy, create workflows, and then decide on what plan to purchase depending on your needs. 

The free trial includes up to 1,000 operations with 100MB of bandwidth and an interval of 5 minutes minimum. Even though 100MB might not be enough for one to experiment and analyze its performance, the fact that it is free merits a big thumbs up from me.


An Integromat review wouldn’t be complete without the pricing options. It allows users to purchase plans based on the needs and requirements of their task or project. They offer a free plan, four low-priced packages, and a customizable plan for users who want more than the predetermined plans.

  • Free Plan – This plan gives users a maximum of 1,000 operations, a bandwidth of 100MB, and a 15-minute minimum interval between operations without monetary commitment.
  • Basic Plan – The basic plan offers a bandwidth of up to 1GB, 5 minutes minimum intervals, and up to 10,000 operations for $9/month.
  • Standard Plan – For just $29/month, the standard plan allows users to perform up to 40,000 operations with a 1-minute minimum interval and a whopping 20GB bandwidth.
  • Business Plan – Businesses and corporations would take great benefits from this plan. This plan provides a maximum of 150,000 operations, 70 GB of bandwidth, a minimum interval of 1 minute for each operation, and a monthly cap of $99 per month.
  • Platinum Plan – This plan is by far the most expensive. The plan has 800,000 operations, 220GB of bandwidth, and a one-minute minimum interval. With all the goodies packed into the platinum plan, it still costs a cheap $299/month.
  • Custom Plan – A user can determine and customize his or her desired plans based on the needs and requirements they have.

How To Use Integromat?

Integromat can perform recursive tasks with less or no supervision. You don’t always need to oversee or supervise your automated processes. Integromat takes care of your workflow once the you have configured the task. To do this, users have to create a scenario

On Integromat, scenarios are a collection of modules. A scenario determines how data is handled and whether it is transferred or transformed between the user’s apps and services. You can learn how to create and use scenarios in the help section on their website.


Integromat is one of the best online automation and integration platforms available, offering intangible solutions to users across the internet. Though they may have some downsides for some users, they offer excellent performance and efficiency, and what more, Integromat is relatively cheap.

If you are looking for the most reliable and effective automation tool for your business or project, Integromat is the right choice for you. Click here to join the train and buy a cheaper and better integration tool from Integromat. If you are in doubt, I recommend you use the free plan before making purchases.