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IcedOutProxies is one of the best proxy providers to look out for whenever you need to get your hands on proxies for your task. It boasts up to 500 servers and over 100,000 proxies in the United States of America

IcedOutProxies comes with many cool features, including HTTP protocol support, IPv4 technology, and fantastic user discounts. They also offer higher anonymity for sneakers.  A variety of proxy types are available in the provider’s private and shared proxy offerings. This provider has gained popularity over its sneaker proxies and service delivery.

IcedOutProxies Alternatives

IcedOutProxies comes with many cool features that make it worth each dollar. However, no proxy provider in the business today is without cons. IcedOutProxies offers just a tiny pool of IPs and does not support SOCKS5, making it a bit lousy compared to providers like Bright Data and SmartProxy. They provide premium residential and datacenter proxies though at a higher rate.

Oxylabs also offer premium proxies at cheaper rates. You can also check Shifter and StormProxies if you have a smaller budget.


IcedOutProxies proxies has a pool of 110,000 IPs consisting of residential and data center IPs that you can use for various proxy-related tasks. They offer cheap residential proxies, including accessing geo-restricted websites limited to the United States and the United Kingdom. Though relatively new, IcedOutProxies boasts one of the fastest speeds in the business today and offers unlimited bandwidth for all proxies submitted.

IcedOutProxies also provides users with high-quality datacenter proxies from a pool of 110,000 HTTP IPs located in Virginia, New York, and Chicago. Their datacenter proxies work perfectly on all sneaker websites, though most customers recommend using them on Shopify to prevent banning. It has up to 100% uptime and faster connection speed, and unlimited bandwidth.

IcedOutProxies Review

IcedOutProxies is new in the business and would have a few cons compared to other providers who have been in the industry for a more extended period. That notwithstanding, IcedOutProxies has many excellent features that make it one of the best in the business today.

  • Affordable proxy solutions that can fit almost any budget and still guarantee quality service to help you accomplish your tasks.
  • One of the fastest internet connections in the proxy business today, with 500 servers located at vantage points to ensure maximum uptime.
  • 24-hour customer support service to help users deal with any issue they might face using their products. However, their live chat is nothing to write home about and will hopefully get better as the provider grows.
  • Excellent performance on sneaker websites which some proxy users describe as ‘stubborn.’ They perform flawlessly on foot sites with little or no problems.
  • Unlimited bandwidth policy. All proxies purchased from IcedOutProxies come with unlimited bandwidth as subscriptions are billed based on the number of ports.
  • Pricing. IcedOutProxies offers one of the affordable plans you can get on the internet today, though not the cheapest in the market.

IcedOutProxies offers proxies from a tiny pool of IPs located in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is good. However, geo-targeting is limited because all of its servers are located in only two countries.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, IcedOutProxies is one of the providers in the market doing a great job to satisfy customers. Unlike most providers, IcedOutProxies only offer support via tickets. Support team members are available around the clock to make sure that users receive timely and accurate assistance with problems they might encounter.

Their response times are not the best in the market but sometimes delayed accurate information or assistance is better than getting your hands on information that might not solve the problem at hand. In my opinion, I believe IcedOutProxies will fall under grade ‘C’ in terms of customer support, which is not bad but not the best.

IcedOutProxies Free Trial

IcedOutProxies also does not offer a free trial period or refund for plans purchased which makes it a bit difficult for first-time users to try out their proxies before making a purchase or getting back their funds if they are unsatisfied after making a purchase.

Users have to purchase a plan to be able to utilize the dashboard and the pool of IPs. Also, once you pay for a product, you can not get a refund if you are dissatisfied with the plan or the service as a whole, as IcedOutProxies has no refund policy.

IcedOutProxies Pricing

Payment for plans purchased from IcedOutProxies is limited to PayPal. What this means is that users cannot pay with credit cards or other payment methods like cryptocurrency.

As said earlier, IcedOutProxies offers one of the cheapest proxies solutions you can find on the market today. IcedOutProxies offers proxies at very affordable prices that can fit into almost every budget no matter how tight it is. This provider offers residential and datacenter proxies to users, with pricing based on the location and number of ports.

Datacenter Proxies

IcedOutProxies offer datacenter proxies in Chicago for IP address, username & password authentication, and instant activation starting from as low as $20 every month.

  • 10 Chicago datacenter proxies capped at $20/month with IP address, username, password authentication, and instant activation.
  • 25 datacenter IPs located in Chicago cost $50 every month. It comes with IP addresses, username and password authentication, instant activation, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • 50 data center proxies at $95 per monthly subscription
  • 100 data center proxies at $190/month.
  • 200 Chicago datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth is the most expensive datacenter plan capped at $370 per month.

Residential Proxies

This proxy provider also offers affordable residential proxy plans starting at a $10 per month subscription. As said earlier, it is one of the cheapest proxy providers on the market.

  • 10 1GB network port residential proxies in the United States and the United Kingdom for $10/month.
  • 25 residential proxies in the United States and the UK for only $25 every month.
  • 50 residential IPs in the US and UK with a 1 GB network port for the $45 monthly plan.
  • 100 residential IPs from the United States is the most expensive residential proxy plan at IcedOutProxies. It costs $90 per month.

Get some of the fastest and smartest proxies at IcedOutProxies.