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IcedOutProxies Cons

As a proxy user, you will become acquainted with IcedOutProxies, one of the market’s best-known proxy providers. Although this supplier may be modest compared to large brands such as Bright Data and Oxylabs, it is doing its part to guarantee uninterrupted internet connections and productivity. However, we must acknowledge that, like any other supplier, IcedOutProxies is not without flaws. In this post, I will walk you through some of the most obvious IcedOutProxies cons.

They are known for offering one of the best sneaker proxies in the business. They have HTTP protocol support, IPv4 technology, and amazing discounts. IcedOutProxies offers their users a variety of proxy types to choose from in their private and shared proxy packs. Before we lose track, let’s discuss some flaws of IcedOutProxies, and then, like we always do here at, I will mention some alternatives to try if you are not impressed with this provider.

Poor Geo-Targeting

The first of the IcedOutProxies cons I would like to touch on is how limited it is in terms of geo-targeting. Though the provider claims to have up to 500 servers in its possession, its geo-targeting feature is nothing to write home about. This is because all of its servers and proxies are located in the United States. As if that wasn’t bad enough, IcedOutProxies does not even have coverage in all parts of the United States. It only offers IPs from Virginia, Chicago, and New York, limiting users to proxies from just these 3 locations.

Some proxy use cases, like ad verification and travel fare aggregation, require users to target specific geolocations in order to get access to data as real users in that location see it. If your current project falls under this requirement, then I suggest you try your hands on SmartProxy. It gives you access to proxies in over 195 locations worldwide.

Unimpressive Pool Size

If you have used proxies from IT behemoths such as Bright Data or Oxylabs, which maintain millions of IP addresses, you will find this service is no match for those services. IcedOutProxies would be expected to have a pool of IPs totaling a million or more for a supplier regarded as one of the finest in the industry. Sorry to burst your bubble, but IcedOutproxies has just 110,000 IPs in its pool of dedicated and shared proxies combined. This isn’t all that remarkable when you think about it.

I recommend you look at Oxylabs if this is a serious concern for you. It boasts a global IP count of 200 million residential IPs. However, keep in mind that Oxylabs’ proxy plans are somewhat more expensive than IcedOutProxies’.

No Trial Period And Refund Policy

Many times, you would want to try your hands on a service that actually lets you try it before deciding whether you would want to continue using it or not. Sadly, that is not the case with this provider. It offers neither free nor paid trial periods for users to test their proxies. 

You might be thinking, “I can return the proxies and get a refund for the remaining bandwidth not used after making a purchase.” Sorry but no. That is also not possible, according to their terms and conditions. What they sell “is a non-physical good,” and as such, it comes with a no refund policy.

If you are skeptical like me and want to know exactly what you are paying for, you can buy proxies from ProxyRack and get up to 14 days of paid trial with a money-back guarantee. 

Support Only By Email

Customer support is another vital field that most proxy users like to consider when making purchases. This is because you might find yourself facing some challenges while using a service or product. And when this happens, you would want a rapid, responsive, and knowledge-endowed support team to assist you in dealing with these setbacks.

It’s unfortunate that IcedOutProxies only provides customer support to users via email. While this might not be a con for most users, you should imagine how long you would have to wait to receive help when faced with an error during the course of using their proxies. 

Before writing this article, I took a quick peek at their website. I noticed that they now have a live chat option. Therefore, users could easily contact the support team for information and assistance. That solves the problem, right? No! It would interest you to know that though it was supposed to be a live chat, I waited for ‘eternity’ and still got no response, which is not the case with a provider like Oxylabs

IcedOutProxies Live Chat
IcedOutProxies Live Chat

No SOCKS Protocol

The last of the IcedOutProxies cons I am touching on in this article is their lack of SOCKS protocol. We all know that SOCKS proxies are the best for use on the internet now. Unfortunately, you can not get proxies that support SOCKS4/4A/5 protocols from this provider. They currently only provide HTTP(S) supported proxies.

If you want to buy SOCKS proxies, which are unquestionably quicker and more secure than HTTP or HTTPS proxies, you may check out RSocks for IPs that can be utilized for practically any use case with in-house rotation.


IcedOutProxies is recognized as one of the best proxy providers on the market. It offers relatively cheap proxy solutions, boasting up to 500 servers and 110,000 IPs located in the United States. They are also known for offering one of the best proxy solutions for sneakerheads to cop sneakers online.

That notwithstanding, some of IcedOutproxies cons might not make it the right choice for your project. It is up to you to decide if IcedOutProxies is the right choice for you. Check out our carefully selected alternatives if this provider is not the right choice for your project.