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How to use Whoer to cover your tracks when using proxies?

Is it your objective to remain anonymous on the internet? Do you use proxies? Are you instantly identified as using a proxy? How can you make the proxy anonymous? All of these are important questions with easy solutions. Let’s figure out how to use Whoer to cover your tracks when using proxies.

How are you detected?

After connecting through a proxy, you must always check your anonymity using Whoer. The fiercest anonymity’s enemy is DNS leakage. This reveals your DNS and your real country and location.

Going to Whoer, you will find your anonymity level in percent. If your anonymity level is low, click the percent rating to find out why. Afterward, a list appears with security and anonymity notifications. Also, there are recommendations on how to address the existing problems and increase your anonymity level.

Don’t forget that your browser stores your movements, including websites, searches, purchases, and so on. Websites can get these and use them for analytics and marketing. Therefore, make sure you have the DO NOT TRACK feature turned on in your browser. This feature is an HTTP header that allows you to prevent third parties to track your traffic.

What is Whoer?

In other words, Whoer is a useful tool to check your anonymity level and how you are detected when using proxies. Also, it offers very good recommendations on how to resolve these issues. Therefore, Whoer is a must-have tool for those in need to remain 100{0ea70239b4f80fb0dde8e0a7cdec0fb05cc83fe4df2221e7c597cb8e2fcca9ef} anonymous.

Why your real DNS is visible when IP is changed?

The Whoer service checks the anonymity level, your IP, and your DNS. There are cases when you are using a proxy, but the connection is not done through the proxy provider’s DNS.

When you are making a request, it is sent through the proxy provider’s DNS. But, if the response is not received in 2 seconds, then the request goes through the DNS closest to you. Thus, your actual location is revealed.

We can easily solve this problem. But why treat the symptoms when we can treat the cause? A low-quality internet connection is causing the delay in the response from the proxy provider’s DNS. A premium proxy with high-speed response time makes this issue obsolete.


Now you know how to check your online anonymity and what causes your proxy to be detected. As you may see, a trusted high-quality provider can be the solution for mainly all proxy-related problems. It is time to stop going crazy and making tweaks to your proxy setup. Firstly, check the problem and solve it like a pro.

If you are still having problems regarding your anonymity, use Whoer to cover your tracks when using proxies. We hope that this article will help you find the perfect solution to increase your security and anonymization process.

Don’t forget to check the reviews of other proxy’s users and see if they had similar problems and how they’ve solved them. Also, write your own review to help others.