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How to Unblock My IP?

Have you ever attempted and failed to gain access to a specific website? You were likely denied access. Almost everyone encounters this at least a few times during their Internet experience. You have undoubtedly heard of it and, more than likely, dealt with it in the past. How many times have you asked yourself: How to unblock my IP?

Yes, IP blocking is what occurs when you encounter this circumstance. Although it may appear more annoying to you, the user, IP blocking is critical to the internet and should spark your attention.

When your IP address is banned, one of two things can happen. The website does not approve of something you did, such as employing bots. Secondly, there are variables outside your control, like your location.

Let’s see first why your IP address is blocked and then ways to unlock it.

Reasons for IP Blocking

As said earlier, IP blocking is vital to the internet, meaning that it can’t function properly without it. You can think of it as an added layer of security to decide who can access a website’s content.

The internet is more than just music, entertainment, and games. There will always be someone trying to do something nefarious, so banning IP addresses is a great way to keep things under control.

The government, security agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations often have data destined exclusively for their students and employees. As a result, banning all external IP addresses minimizes the likelihood of a leak or hackers gaining easy access to sensitive or confidential information.

Many internet firms must deal with fraudulent transactions regularly. IP blocking comes to the rescue, as IPs from specific market regions and countries can be banned if any nefarious behavior is detected.

Blocking Spam and Bots

Websites also receive spam comments. Also, many other things can flood the server with requests. These disruptions cause delayed online service, and, ultimately, the website may crash if the IPs are not banned.

An IP address is similar to a physical address. It can represent your location. IP addresses help create a network path from where you are to the site you are viewing, such as, where you are reading this article. Access to websites or the contents of websites that are not relevant to your location is blocked through your computer’s IP address.

Traffic is beneficial, but when it gets excessive, it may cause a website to crash in the blink of an eye. For this reason, websites block IP addresses. However, blocking legitimate customers is a loss for the company.

How to Unblock My IP?

Now that you have seen the many reasons for the necessity to block IPs, there is a chance you would like to unblock yourself for a variety of reasons. For instance, you want to watch a stream but they have blocked your country. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure.

An IP address works similarly to a traditional address when determining your location, so all you need to do is update it. By altering your IP address, you may change your location. By doing so, you will be able to watch that stream.

So, you can unblock your IP by hiding it behind another IP. There are a few techniques to conceal your IP address, that unique number allocated to your computer’s network connection.

Proxy Servers

You can use a proxy server to re-route your connection through a distant server. Using free proxies to conceal your IP address comes with hazards. While some may slow down your internet connection, others will run on hacked PCs and may be illegal in some places. Not to mention the risk of getting your personal data disclosed.

Using proxies maintained by a reputable provider is a safer option. Check out our list of reliable proxy providers before deciding on one. Use a proxy service for high-speed bandwidth, usability, access to prohibited websites, and the opportunity to select the nation and city in which you appear.


You can choose from hundreds of VPN providers. Many of them are dubious or of low quality. VPNs require membership as well as a software download. Hackers use this approach to hide. The VPN conceals your IP address before visiting a website or using an online service via several link nodes.

Tor Browser

All over the world, people use Tor to search for and buy things, as well as interact with individuals who have limited Internet access. Tor Browser is a free software tool that allows you to browse the web anonymously. This free procedure is wrapped with heavy-duty encryption, ensuring that your data is secure and private.

You can see Tor as a network of computers linked to the Internet at its most basic level. When you request a website, it routs your application via numerous computers before the webpage appears in your browser. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the origin of the request.

Public WiFi

An IP address does not follow you around. You can temporarily hide your IP address by connecting to the WiFi at a coffee shop, bookshop, or hotel lobby. You will be utilizing their network’s IP address for as long as you are connected to the internet.

However, other parties may intercept your Internet activities without your knowledge. Maybe the chances are slim. Nevertheless, avoid making online transactions or checking your bank account while enjoying your Mochaccino.


Proxy servers are the best way to remain anonymous on the Internet. Purchasing a residential proxy server may be the best option for you and your anonymity. A proxy server can even help to improve the security of corporate networks. Administrators, for example, can set the network to prevent employees from accessing harmful websites.

I hope I managed to answer your question: How to unblock my IP address? Now read everything you need to know about proxies and never be afraid of IP blocks and bans ever again.